World Without Money

Lets take a look now, at the final possible outcome of my little doomsday theory.

If our country has not planned some sort of economic restructuring via dubious means, and is earnestly trying to keep our economy afloat with listless stimulus packages and bloated defense budgets - all unsustainable wealth, with no potential for real growth - what will happen if we tank, regardless of our efforts?

There could be some amount of global scrambling, causing a disorganized type of international outsourcing program that results in a global Feudalism of sorts, the kind that I have already mentioned only not as well planned. Or, the problems could rise up to be the worst-case-scenario situation we are all dreading.

The global alliances are already shifting into uneasy patterns, foreign relations have become strained, like spandex on an elephant. Threats of nuclear weapon charged wars have already been made. Just how little provocation would it take to nudge the tipping point?

Since other financial powerhouse countries did not decouple, as was debated some time ago, if the US economy falters badly enough - so too, will theirs. The debt and deficit and borrowing and lending practices have become so entwined, and overwhelmingly unpaid on a global scale that it is worrisome, because the wealth has been built on nothing sturdier than a house of cards. One good sneeze, and it will come tumbling down. Even if the Euro is stronger than the dollar.

While countries may scramble to resuscitate what is left of the economy eventually it will simply have to come to pass that poverty will be a fact of life. When poverty, particularly poverty in countries accustomed to a certain quality of life, hits home and hard, infighting begins. People will want more help from the government, and the government won't have it. Then, like a loan shark out to get their due, countries will turn on each other, each expecting the payout they deserve to save their country. With interest, of course.

At which point alliances will be broken, new ones will be made, and war will ensue. Countries will turn on each other like panicked rats on a sinking ship.

Most of us are expecting a world war by now, this isn't anything shocking. However it is the economic fallout that we should be looking at now. After World War II, countries were able to rebuild themselves mainly with the help of loans from other countries. In this scenario, other countries won't have the money to loan, and therein lies the real problem.

What will happen after the war?

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Larry said...

I truly believe that in order to install Martial Law, the North American Union and finally the New World Order, then the economy needs to completely collapse and only those few ultra rich who really run/ruin this country will have free reign.

Renegade Eye said...

Since recession and inflation is so much part of a capitalist cycle, it is hard to read what will happen.

Imagine being a Chinese business owner, going through your first capitalist recession.

Dave Dubya said...

With the WTO, World Bank, "free trade agreements" and trans-national global corporate powers, the NWO is essentially already here. When they have a lock on all the national governments, as they do on the US, their job will be done. Expanding binding trade agreements has the same effect as global government. They write international law into them.

I see them allowing the countries to keep their flags and borders to lull them into a sense of national identiy to cling to. Flags are handy to give people something to die for.

Permanant war will be the glue in their grip on the world. That's already here and now. I'm not saying wars will not be expanded, "opportunities" abound.

We are well into the new dark age. We need more people to see the light.

an average patriot said...

Larry is right! Economic collapse is supposed to be the demise of the west and it is an integral part of Bush's new world order collapse and forever war!

Anok said...

Larry, Jim, Dave, I agree.

Ren, thats a good point. Although I would say that there are still signs to look out for. It's like knowing how to predict the weather, yes it is unpredictable to an extent, but there are the big red flags that give the valuable clues as to what will happen next.