Straying From "The Norm"

Tonight I would like to stray from my normal topic of politics and delve into the topic of abortion. I'm a pretty passionate gal when it comes to children, parenting, and reproductive rights. Right off the bat I will tell you my mantra about abortion - I am pro-choice. However, I wouldn't advise anyone to actually get an abortion unless the situation was dire. So, I promote the ability to choose it, but I don't recommend it.

That said, my rant tonight is about the screaming pro-lifers that get under my skin. I'm not talking about the average Joe or Jody who disagrees with abortion - but the real screamy, whiney pro-lifers who seek to take viable reproductive rights away from women for "The chiiiilldrennn".

Let me start by stating that people cry and whine, scream, kick and bite to fight for the life of a child while in utero - but don't do squat to help children once they're out of the womb. The people who stand outside clinics or write scathing letters online about the horrible women who kill their babies - who say nothing when a parent neglects, abuses, or murders their child. In that case its just "Oh, they were bad parents" or "They should have had counseling", or "It should be left up to the police". But had that parent chose to abort the same child they were going to kill or maim, then "They are going to burn in hell!"

The problem really however, is that no one seems to want to look at the real problem. All the time and energy wasted on shunning abortion could be spent on a solution to the real problem.

The real problem is unwanted pregnancies, not abortion. Abortion is the symptom. In order to honestly stop abortions from occurring, one must stop unwanted pregnancies from occurring. If all pregnancies were wanted you would not only drastically lower the number of abortions (some non elective abortions due to medical problems will still occur), but you would also probably decrease the amount of child abuse and neglect too. (Not all, because some people really are just sick - and no matter how badly they wanted that baby, they would probably hurt it).

So all this whining, and no solution in sight. I'll tell you what you need to do to solve the problem.

A) Better education. Sexual education, regular education. The higher the education of an individual is the less likely that the person will engage in high-risk behaviors. Furthermore, they will be educated and smart about pregnancy and disease prevention, so when they finally do want to engage in sex, they'll do it the smart way. Real education about family planning, child rearing, and parenting should start in high school. No mambsy-pambsy crap either. The real deal, dirty diapers - all nighters with a colicky baby, fights about the budget, baby care or housework with a spouse, meal planning, dealing with nasty utility companies and inlaws! You can't forget the inlaws.

B) Viable parent-child programs designed to actually help parents become good parents. Starting before pregnancy, during he family planning stage. Many women simply fear that they will be beyond bad mothers, or that they will kill the baby or act the way their own dysfunctional parents did, or that their current lifestyle will harm the baby and feel that they have no way out of the situation. Programs that are either free or very low cost so it is accessible, shun-free, and productive will ease these fears, and give women real answers to real fears and real solutions to real problems.

C) Proper counseling for scared mothers-to-be. Counseling sessions designed to outline tangible solutions for the scared reluctant mother-to-be. People willing to show her that adoption programs are working and viable, or that there are programs and help centers should she decide to keep the baby. Feasible solutions.

D) Better economy. I'm sure this is on everyone's wish-list. 'Nuff said.

E) Better childcare solutions for mothers who want/need to return to work. I'm sure there are a great many women out there who simply don't feel they have access to the kinds of programs that would allow them to properly care for their children, and earn an income.

I really could go on - but I think that one of the most important aspects of a solution to the real problem is that people need to Stop Shunning Women who have found themselves in the precarious position of an unwanted pregnancy.

Stop focusing on abortion, and start focusing on women.
Stop whining, and do something about it!


And thats what I have to say about that.


RickB said...

You are going to hate me for this link, but it is worth watching to see -
1. notice they are men.
2. they are only tenuosuly connected to reality.
3. terrorism much? Yet no paramilitary police attack them, how strange.


The number of emotions you go through watching it are staggering.

Renegade Eye said...

Even reactionary women want to have the right to abortion.

Liberals and conservatives use the issue for votes and fundraising.

Anok said...

I only went through one or two emotions - Anger, to exasperation, back to anger to "Oh will you shut the freak up already? LOL.

The commentary is great though, did you catch the "Is a really really really late term abortion still on the table?" priceless.

But yeah, all men "killin' in the name 'uh jeebus" and supporting a CARDINAL SIN, in the name of their Gawd.

These are the kinds of asshats that oppose abortion because a woman's place is barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen - for like ten years straight.

RickB said...

Ten years? And no chain to the kitchen sink, what are you some kind of commie feminazi? (it's amazing that term exists, the male hegemony so alarmed at equality they liken if to nazism, jeebus!)

Anok said...

Ren, Just....yup. I agree.

Rick, you're killin' me!