Global Conflict, The New American Dream

As we are looking forward to electing a new president to lead our country further down the rabbit hole, world events are spinning at evolutionary speeds. Most disturbing as of late is the term "nuclear weapon" being tossed about so recklessly. Bush is using it, Putin is using it, Iran wants nuclear power and the world seems to be taking sides.

First, lets take a look at the souring relationship between the US and Russia. While Putin and Bush maintain that their international friendship is healthy and cooperative, there are tell tale signs that this marriage is about to have an annulment. While the US is spanking Russia for poor treatment of protesters and a rigged election, Putin is slapping back with accusations that the West was trying to interfere with those elections, as well as accusing the US of aggression with regards to the new missile defense system set to be built in the Czech Republic, or Poland. Putin describes the U.S.'s strategic move as being similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis, at least on technical terms. He questions US intentions about placement, and states that he fears it would neutralize Russia, and do very little in the way of preventing an attack from Iran. In the 43rd Munich Conference on Security policy this past February, Putin lashed out at the US, stating that the monopolar world created after the fall of the Soviet Union has done far more damage to the world, creating more armed conflict and casualties than it did to promote aid and peace.

Putin also seems to be worried that the US and NATO westward expansion is provocative at best. Although Russia has joined with NATO, the relationship there seems to be waining.

Lets take a closer look however, at the meaning behind all of this. Putin may be a many things, but one thing he is not, is foolish. Having been the head of the KGB, he has had ample time to work with, and understand the workings of, the CIA. Even after private talks with Bush, treaties, conferences, and international policy and peace talks, Putin is backing away from the US, suspicious of US intentions. In an article from North County Times Putin calls his critics "foreign funded jackals" while accusing the West of interfering with Russian politics in the same breath. If anyone has read Confessions of an Economic Hitman the word "jackal" sends up red flags immediately, and I doubt that the word was something merely lost in translation.

Meanwhile, Russia has sent in it's fifth shipment of fuel to Iran, in the newly constructed nuclear plant. According to China Daily, these deliveries have been a point of contention between Russia and the US. Some have even stated that the US sanctions and threats against Iran had slowed down payment, thus construction of the plant, which angered Russia.

Russia has close economic ties with Iran, as does China. Both countries have come out in favor of Iran, and against the US, and even the UN, wielding great veto power in the counsel meetings.

What does it all mean? It would seem to me, the casual observer, that a very keen Putin is playing a carefully considered chess game, while Bush in the US is darting around a checkers board, leapfrogging over as many barriers as possible, all just so he can say "king me!". As the world watches this particular drama unfold, the threats of nuclear weapons, World War Three seems eminent. The more the US goes after Iran, and perceptively speaking, Russia, the more countries start taking sides.

Gorbachev was quoted supporting Putin's sentiments about the monopolar problem the world now has, with Russia's once heavy influence fizzling under the US economic and energy dependent pressure weighing down on them.

It would seem to me that provoking Russia now would be akin to poking a hibernating bear. Or, to put it in terms Bush can understand, a bad idea, Joe. If China were to get in the mix, I think we would be in very serious trouble.

Unfortunately for us, even a new president won't be able to stop a Russian backlash if Bush gets his way, and makes permanent changes to our country, or our international standing.

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RickB said...

And India, excuse the blog pimp-
India, Russia & China Fail To Renew Their Bush Fan Club Membership
Although old time colonial power the UK are keen to seduce them to our side.

Larry said...

It may have started out inch by inch we are moving toward World War III, but by the time Bush leaves office it will have already started.

Daniel Owen said...

Good stuff, anok. I like your blog. You don't fall into the idiotic left-right paradigm.

Anok said...

RickB you pimp you....glad to see you, no worries.

Larry, we agree - as always

Daniel, thanks for stopping by! I've left presents for you on your blog.

sonia said...

So Putin is helping the Iranian regime. It will only make it easier for the West once the mullahs are finally overthrown by the angry Iranian people.

Russians are already hated across Eastern Europe and Caucasus. Now, they will be hated by Iranians as well.

Supporting oppressive government might be smart in a short-term, but in a long term it's always better to support the opposition.

Anok said...

The economic ties between Russia, China, and Iran are indispensable right now. However, from what I've read both China and Russia would side with Iran should the US try to attack, and they are talking of selling them weapons to defend themselves. Iran does not want the US to attack, I think it would be safe to say that goes for the government, and the people (The refugee crisis alone would be staggering).

Why would these ties make Iran hate Russia? Why would it make it easier for the West? I'm just not following your reasoning here....