Neo-con's Words Betray Their Intentions

It occurred to me yesterday when I was listening to Laura Ingraham (yes, you heard that right) that it is painfully obvious that Neo-cons do not want peace in this world. This might sound out of bounds, off the cuff, or just plain out there. It isn't, and it isn't an attack on political positions based only on position.

Think about this, Bin Laden's son wants to be a peace ambassador between the world and al-Quaida. This is news, at least in my not-so-humble opinion, this is important news. We have a man, willing to break free from his father's organization, in search of peace and cooperation. His wife is right, he may be the only man remotely capable of being a liaison between his father, and the rest of the world. Children have a way of doing that.

So during the radio show, this topic came up. I was expecting her to bash him, state it was impossible, state that he was a liar, something. I was expecting at least a critique of some sort to the proposition of peace talks with a terrorist organization. However, if the tone of the pundits is a clue to the direction their favorite party is going, we are in serious trouble. What was her response to this news? She said:

"If he wants to be a peace ambassador, he needs to cut his hair, he looks dirty". Then repeated the sentiment that she hated his hair.

His hair.

Not exactly at the top of my list of comments to make about the situation. But there you have it, when an offer of peace talk comes up, pundits discuss their disappointment with appearance.

Good Gracious.


Naj said...


Bolton's telling Isrealis: "dudes, Bush's chickening out, go bomb Ian yourselves!"

Dave Dubya said...

Pre-judging someone by their hair length has been inbred into these righties. I hope their daughters all marry Rastas and Hippies.

an average patriot said...

Hi Anok
I have to tell you, I liked his hair and I was impressed by his feelings and his demeaner! Many here can learn from him. As for the Neocons you know they want war. They have to have war to further their cause of making money and implementing their new order.

Anok said...

Naj, you got that right! although I don't think Bush is chickening out, he's just looking for another way in...

Dave Dubya, I hope they marry punk rock Anarchists! With loads of tattoos, piercings, and dreaded mohawks - just like I did!

Jim, you're on the money. At the very least the US should be looking seriously at this guy...we need a way out, and he would be a good place to start. Of course, then the US would have to take a long hard look in the mirror, and the lines and wrinkles of craggy old policy makers will come back to haunt us. Their decisions, some made a long time ago, have come up and it's time to pay the piper.

They'll be wishing that all they had to worry about were dreads....

sonia said...

it is painfully obvious that Neo-cons do not want peace in this world.

Neither do I. I will be for peace where every tyrant is hanged, and every oppressive regime becomes democratic. But until then, war is the only effective way of overthrowing tyranny.

Anok said...

Sonia, that doesn't make any sense....you will only be for peace if war is involved? Is that what you're saying? Or you're not for peace...only war?

If there was a way to negotiate peace and end the terrific suffering of the world without war, you would be against that?