Dancin' With a Demon

I was going to share the cartoons that I have been working on but I can't figure out why the photo I upload continues to be the unedited photo, instead of the one that is properly cropped. I'm so thoroughly frustrated now that I'm not going to put any photos up whatsoever.

So there. (neener neener neener!)

I have much catching up to do now, so much in fact that I am having a heck of a time deciding what to write about. Issues of note range from health-care, doctors bills, insurance companies, to corporate mongering, war mongering, idiots on parade, to the utmost of upsetting news such as assassinations, delayed elections, riots, killings, and so on. My attitude swings widely as of late - from indifferent to outraged. From sad to ecstatic, back to sad again. I've turned debates in my head over and over again so many times that I can no longer think of what I was thinking about in the first place.

This is why I must not stop blogging for too long! I lose valuable information!

The assassination of Bhutto however seems to be at the forefront of my mind as of late - and as I am sure it has been with everyone else. In the back of my mind I knew that the elections, the pomp and circumstance of Musharraf stepping down and playing fair was just a charade. Of course our government will do nothing but put Musharraf in a time out, perhaps he'll get a slap on the wrist for behaving badly - and then we will continue to support him, and his form of government (even in Martial Law) as his country's terrorist sympathizers grow and become strong - and get moving and active - giving us every reason to find another Middle Eastern country to attack.

This is the way the US works. Although the US put on a good show about how Bhutto was the great democratic hope - the US doesn't want other countries to experience democracy. Not real democracy.

Hell, the US doesn't even want US citizens to have democracy.

But they do want everyone to think they are participating in a democracy. They would like us to think that we are "free" and that whatever the government does, it is to protect said freedoms by ensuring our safety against global trouble makers.

The reality of it is that the US, that Bushco and his pack of rabid law makers are probably thrilled to death that they wouldn't have to find a way to stage a coup, get Musharraf back into power (after Bhutto won) and then rationalize their astounding lack of ethical reactions to the situation.

You see, in order for the US to dominate globally, the US cannot allow impoverished and oppressed countries to taste real freedom. Indeed, even the citizens of the great freedom loving US won't be allowed to taste true freedom anymore. To do so would create havoc - at least to the upper echelon of the government. They don't want to embolden anyone who might take away the very bread they have gorged themselves on to the point of fiscal obesity.

For this reason - among many others - I am very disappointed in my country, and the so-called representatives who do nothing more than represent their own interests by kissing the hind-quarters of anyone who might advance their political careers.

We continue to gamble in the political arena only to meet perilous ends in dark, global alleys at the hands of the very demons with whom we dared to dance.

This must stop.


Renegade Eye said...

Once you get used to your Mac, you won't give back that laptop.

The PPP was formed originally as a socialist party. Even with its corrupt leadership, the rank and file were recruited on a basis as anti-privatization, against homelessness and starvation, Mt comrades are in parliment as representing the Marxist wing of the party,

Anok said...

Hey Ren! You know, people keep saying that - but I just had a whole response typed out and it disappeared into thin air, for no reason.(I hadn't struck a key or anything) I can't find it anywhere. The curser goes away, and I can't find it!

Question - wasn't the PPP formed under Bhutto's father? I thought that she had made some changes to the party's platform, and overall ideology.

I could be wrong however.

It doesn't change the fact that the US made support of Bhutto quite public. So not only are we disingenuous, but we're hypocritical at the same time!

Anon-Paranoid said...

See comment I left below in the last thread.

God Bless.

Fran said...

Glad to see you back. Bhutto's murder is tragic for lots of reasons- including she was a powerful woman/leader in a traditionally male dominated culture. this ain;t the kind of equality we are looking for!

Anok said...

Thank you for commenting everyone! Anon, no worries, and no rush - we are here if you need us, but take your time!

Fran, you are right - the assassination has great consequences that reach far beyond the upheaval in Pakistan. I am watching, and waiting.

I have a feeling that the other shoe - no matter how large and stinking - will go unnoticed by most Americans when dropped.