Observational Shorts:

These are the types of things that run through my mind on a daily basis. Particularly as reactions to things I see, hear, or read as I go about my day.

Social Observations:
On Feminism:

Telling a woman of sound mind and free will what she can or cannot do with her able body is counter intuitive to the feminist movement, particularly with regards to the sexual liberation aspect of the movement.

Insisting that a woman cover her body out of modesty, and telling her to cover her body so she we won't be "objectified" nets the same result: A bunch of women running around under mounds of clothing so that she becomes ashamed of her body and sexuality because someone, somewhere, said she should.

On Alien Astronauts:
Skeptics who smarmily and smugly dismiss the hypothesis of intelligent life on another planet with the technology to travel in space seem to be forgetting their commonly shared belief that quasi-intelligent life forms with the ability and desire for space travel evolved from the primordial ooze right here, on Earth. Clearly if it can happen here, it can happen somewhere else, too. Also dismissing the notion that they may be smarter than us is equally damning, because really, how hard is it to outsmart most people on the planet? Not very.

On American Carnivores:
If humans were meant to consume as much meat as the average "Red Blooded" American claims, than the carnivorous Neanderthal would have out lived the Omnivorous Cro magnon. And your ass wouldn't take up two whole seats.

On Vegans:
Not contributing to abusive factory farming is a noble cause, however I guarantee you that the moment you feel a hunger pain after being stranded in a fairly desolate area, not only would you consume meat, but your co-survivors might start looking tasty, too.

On Celebutards:
Just a word of advice, be preemptive and go to rehab before you flash the world, puke on the paparazzi, or lose custody of your kids. Prevention is key!

Political Observations:
On Propaganda:
Political, social, religious; there are more than enough reasons to oppose what is happening in the world without having to make up false facts and wild accusations about whatever it is you oppose. So stop it.

On (The New) Republican Party:
They want limited government regarding labor, religion, free speech and guns so long as you don't try to unionize, practice any religion other than Christianity, say something they don't want to hear, all while having legal access to a gun, because then you're an anti-American communist terrorist. And if you're gay, forget it, they want the government to swoop into your bedroom and deport you from their peaceful, gun-toting, gay-bashing, Christian Country.

On Democrats:
Compromise will never get you more than half-way to your intended goal. Particularly when the other team is playing by a different set of rules.

On libertarians:
Libertarianism, otherwise known as what Republicanism used to be.

On Anarchism
It is extremely difficult for a group based on decentralization to get organized enough to initiate the change they want to create.

On Anarcho-Capitalism:
One question, If you have a capitalist economy with no government, laws, economic regulations or central planning, who prints and distributes the currency?

On Independents:
Here's a thought, if you got your apathetic asses off the proverbial fence you could potentially release the two party strangle-hold of incompetence on this country by forming a viable third party.

On "Free Range" Capitalism:
If competition keeps companies operating in a fair, ethical way, then why do the most competitive companies have their products made by foreign children in foreign sweatshops while they build their pseudo-monopolies at home?

If companies always pay fair market wages, why do they complain about a minimum wage standard? It couldn't be because they'd like to pay their employees less than a living wage, could it?

Religious Observations:
On Creationism:
Why does the bible depict Adam and Eve as modern day humans when we know the first humans to walk the Earth were nothing like modern day humans? Were Neanderthals and Cro magnons just a test run?

Why doesn't the bible tell us how, when, and why God created the dinosaurs? Furthermore if the Earth is only 6,000 years old, how on Earth would humans not only survive living simultaneously with dinosaurs, but also survive whatever made them extinct?

Scientific discoveries, laws, and theories are unreliable, untrustworthy, atheism promoting works with a strong anti-God bias, unless said scientific discovery might prove a story, person, timeline or event from the bible to be at least remotely plausible. Then it becomes irrefutable fact that proves creationsim.

On Intelligent Design:
If we were designed by an intelligent creator who gave everything a purpose and thought everything through, how do you explain birds with wings who can't fly? Why do humans have organs for urination, defecation, and procreation all within two inches of each other, thus promoting bacterial infections by the simple and necessary act of trying to propagate the species? That doesn't seem very intelligent to me...

Explain the platypus.

On Christianity:
If more Christians practiced what Jesus preached, the world would be a much nicer place to live in. Converting people would also be easier, too.

On Ultra-Right Leaning Conservative Christians:
Jesus preached that if you surrender your will and self completely to one, ultimate, absolute authority figure who tells you exactly what you can and cannot do at any given time in his kingdom then you will be rewarded with a Utopian Earth, with a complete lack of death, pain, struggle, violence, poverty and you will always get whatever you need just by asking the higher authority you have sworn your allegiance to. You will just have to face the fact that Jesus was a Communist.

On Extreme Religions and Cults:
Does it worry anyone else that a person's increased faith in an extreme religion or cult is directly proportionate to the amount of guns they hoard?

On Judaism:
American Jews are rather quiet and reserved, and I have yet to work up the breasticular fortitude to ask them questions like: What do you really think about Christianity? How do you know you're God's chosen people? Why do you wear those curly-q sideburns?

On Paganism and Witchcraft:
Watching "The Craft" and "Charmed" Until your eyes bleed does not make you a Pagan or a Witch. And no, you can't orb.

On Buddhism:
Why are the majority of American Buddhists that I've met either very weird, or very angry?

No, doing yoga and tai-chi does not make you a Buddhist.

I need to add a few.
Parental Observations:

On Your Child's Right To Privacy:
It is much harder to get drunk, high, pregnant, or build a bomb in your basement when your parents are constantly crawling up your ass.

Perhaps if parents invaded their child's privacy more often, fewer kids would shoot their schoolmates during class.