Changing our way of Life

Tonight I have been revisiting the H.R. 1955/S.1959 bill and something occurred to me. Something very, very worrisome and saddening occurred to me. I am about to post something that many may not notice, think about, agree with or even expect coming from someone from the likes of myself.

I want you to think back to the words spoken by Bush, after the September 11th attacks. And I want you to really think about them for one second.

"The terrorists hate our freedoms [.....] they want to change our way of life"

The government, as well as many Americans have repeated the notion that the terrorists want to take this country down from the inside.

I have been looking over paperwork, releases, bills, acts, and motions, court cases, documents and all manner of issues that most of us "lefty bloggers" have been talking about. I want to address some of the bills, but not in this post. Suffice it to say that most of what our government, paired with Homeland Security has done and acts, bills and other legislation passed by Congress - has been to increase our security, by decreasing our freedoms.

Does anyone see where this is going?

Is anybody even listening?

Real ID, Thought Crime, Disarmament, Martial Law, Emergency Rule, color coded Security warnings.....

"They hate our freedoms [...] they want to change our way of life"

Recession, ill health because of no health care, can't afford oil for heating, production, or transportation....

"They hate our freedoms [...] they want to change our way of life"

Is anyone familiar with reverse psychology? As parents, we use it to get our children to do what we want them to do. We make them believe that they have thought of the idea all on their own. As adults, it is a form of manipulation used to subtly coerce other adults to act in manners they would otherwise disagree with, or outright refuse. It makes people do things. It forces people to act before considering, or in spite of, the consequences it may bring.

Do you see where this is going now?

Our government reacted immediately to the terrorist acts, and further threats of terror by reigning in the very freedoms they were trying to protect.

The government has done exactly what the terrorists said they would do.

I don't know if it was intentional, I don't know if this was masterminded, however our government - the inside of our country - has;

Taken away our freedoms [...] and changed our way of life

It seems to me, that the terrorists are winning this war, and they haven't lifted a finger.


Anonymous said...

I'm sick and tired of this stuff. HR 1955 is the end of America. What kind of people do we have in Washington anyway? We need some American's in Washington not these war crazy anti-Americans. The most American American I've ever come to know is running for President right now and his name is Ron Paul. If you care about keeping your liberties and your freedoms, you'd be best to spread the word. www.ronpaul2008.com

Anok said...

Did you know that both Ron Paul and Denis Kucinich were two out of six representatives who voted against H. R. 1955?

The only think that I disagree with though, is that voting for anyone right now won't amount to a hill of beans. This bill has already passed the house, went into the senate, and now resides in the greasy hands of the Department of Homeland Security.

Bush is creating contracts and permanent resolutions that new president's can't undo....

I will write more about this, in depth. I don't know who you are Anony, but do come back and lend your opinions. Thanks for stopping by.

hank said...

Anok, You're right on target. This whole issue evolves around thought control, and the Government wants to do the controlling. Individuals who can think for them selves are a threat and will be dealt as threats.

Why would 404 vote for this HR 1955 Bill? Fill in that blank yourself. And keep it to yourself.


an average patriot said...

The terrorists hate our freedoms they want to change our way of life" the terrorists want to take this country down from the inside. I think you know it is Bush who hates our freedom and has actively been tearing down our America to replace it with his versiuon. Fighting terrorism is merely the excuse to be able to steal total control over us and implement his new sosietal, middle east, and world order.
He is well on his way. I believe you have read some of my stories on this. You know for a fact Democrats are complicit in this too. It will be interesting to see what you come up with. It gets a lot worse as you will see soon! Take care!

an average patriot said...

Just section 889B ought to scare you. `(3) The Internet has aided in facilitating violent radicalization, ideologically based violence, and the homegrown terrorism process in the United States by providing access to broad and constant streams of terrorist-related propaganda to United States citizens.

Anyone or anything against Bush's underhanded goals is the enemy. Guess what...

Anok said...

Jim, I agree that section - as well as the rest of it in conjunction with the dept. of homeland security documents is very alarming.

But the thought that occurred to me when I wrote this wasn't about how horrible our government is right now (or how ignorant).....

It was about the irony that in our knee jerk reaction to the terrorist attacks, we did and are still doing, exactly what we didn't want the terrorists to do. Taking away our freedoms, and changing our way of life.

The president and V.P. may well be the horrible people we have expected them to be (and I agree their policies are proving that) but I can't help but wonder that the rest of the government - the entire house and senate...they can't all be evil. They wouldn't have voted for that bill if;

A) there had been any debate about it, instead of ramming it through for a vote and
B) They thought about it for five seconds and realized that what they were doing, was playing into terrorists hands - and exacting the very fear and repression they were trying to prevent.

Do you think that if someone went before the senate and simply said; "Stop passing acts that make terrorists happy" they would stop and think about it for a moment? It was the very fact that the act passed almost unanimously that made go "Whoaaaa........wait up just a minute....."

It's mind boggling, they can't all be that stupid! I think the problem is that everyone is just to afraid to state the obvious, they are afraid to tell the emperor that he is naked.

Hank, thanks for stopping by! Yup, it's come down to Orwellian logic. There are a lot of petitions online right now - that you can sign, or other resources to contact the senate and let them know you oppose this act. right now it's in the hands of of homeland security, so we may never have the chance to oppose it outright...keep your fingers crossed.