My Letter to MSNBC

In light of television companies deciding for its viewers who ought to be heard from, who is important, and who will ultimately become the party nominee (instead of letting voters decide that) I wrote a nasty-gram to MSNBC. I suggest you do the same. You can e-mail it to: letters@msnbc.com

Here is what I had to say:

I am writing to let MSNBC know that as a voter who wishes to be best informed I am extraordinarily disappointed that the television company/network has taken it upon itself to tell the voters who they would like to hear from during a presidential primary debate.

As long as a candidate is still in the running his or her opinion and political platform should be heard. Not only is that the candidates first amendment right, but the voters have the right to hear from every man or woman running for the presidential slot.

Preventing candidates from participating in debates, an integral part of informing voters about whom they are voting for, inhibits the voting process. You have overtly endorsed the candidates you would like to see, while ultimately telling the voters that the candidates you endorse are the only candidates worth hearing from.

While your company has the right to show what ever programs you deem appropriate, your decision to prevent voters from hearing all of the candidates speak is a disservice to your audience, the country, and the candidates. It is also unpatriotic, and unconstitutional.

I will no longer rely on MSNBC for unbiased news.

Anok, a political junky who is incredibly disappointed.

Not that I think it will change anything, but hey - let 'em read some nasty grams for a while anyway.


an average patriot said...

Congratulations Anok!
I have personally emailed every MSM and Politician so many times it is sickening. I had a sitdown with the relentless liberal last week. One thing I discussed was how I thought writing from the viewpoint of us in the trenches would be a must read but came to the conclusion that no one cares what we think. They just want to continue their personal gain and personal hidden agenda.
email notification for some reason is not working so don't think I'm ignoring you!

Anok said...

No worries, my computer is wonky too - e-mail notifications for both blogger, and myspace.

I realize that this letter won't accomplish much, but it just felt good to do it, know what I mean?

Fran said...

Kudos for sending the WTF-o-gram. NBC blew it. What possessed them to fight this? What is it in theri interest to silence a candidate. For me, it iis like a banned book-- makes it all the more interesting to me. I am going to wtire the bastards myself.

Anok said...

"WTF - o - gram"? All things aside, that is awesome LOL.

Go Fran, Go!