I'm Baaaack!

I've been having computer problems, so while my 'puter is being fixed, I've wrangled someone's laptop into my service. I feel like I've been offline for too long! Too bad its a Mac, and I'm clueless about Macs, and to top it off I'm trying to figure out the whole laptop thingy. I'll get it eventually. I just hope that I don't lose all of my work on my PC.

In the meantime since I have not had access to the blogosphere, I have had a great deal of time to read, think, kill hundreds of zombies, and draw some political cartoons. As soon as I figure out how to load them onto this laptop we'll be golden. If anyone knows anything about Macs, I'd appreciate the advice.

I hope everyone had Happy Holidays, and a great New Year!

Wishing everyone the best for '08.....and the countdown begins now in earnest!!!


RickB said...

Now you're talking, basically it excels at intuitive experimentation, simple and elegant. Any probs give me a shout. Just try things often they will work, the ergonomics and user interface philosophy are the big difference to windows (well ok not so much since Gates began slavishly copying OS X). And lot's of forums and tips online that don't take a programming degree to understand. Honestly I used to have to work on both for big long difficult creative stuff and at the end of the day with a pc I felt like I had been using a tool. At the end of the day with a mac it was more like having a helpful friend share the tools with me. Plus y'know I keep clicking on viruses but they just won't infect my system, they work so easily on pc's, am I doing something wrong...?

And they cure cancer and enable you to fly...
But the marketing is annoying, Apple are sometimes fairly evil and upfront costs are greater but long term they pay off.

Anok said...

Hey, Yeah, I'm having a problem with screens just disappearing on me. Comment forms, Post forms...sometimes I find that the curser just goes away, and then pops up somewhere else in the field!

Plus I'm using a laptop and none of my plug ins plug into this thing! (Mac and PC incompatibility and all that). Argh!

Its better than nothin' though. I've been feeling very - pent up - without the ability to blog.

an average patriot said...

Hey Anok!
Happy New Year Glad you are back. I wish I could help you but I am yor standard computer illiterate.
I was wondering where you were. I wish you luck with the computer. I lost everything a couple months back myself. It is too bad we are so dependent on these things as they are frequently very frustrating. I was just going off but I will stop. Good luck!

Anon-Paranoid said...

Sorry to hear your pc went belly up.

Thank you for stopping by and for the kind words over my loss.

I hope you had a Happy New Year and just wanted to let you know I left a reply for all instead of answering individually like I normally do. Just don't have it in me at this time.

Take care and...

God Bless.

Rafael said...

Computer problems suck. Came to your place via Technorati. Glad I did so. As for the question in the margins, yes, yes indeed. No party on Boston Harbor now a days.

RickB said...

Ah that's very common, what you have there is a computer possessed by demons, sacrifice a young republican to the old ones at midnight on a crossroads singing Britney Spears 'Toxic' backwards and it should be fine. Yog-Sothoth!

try apple icon (top left) menu- systems preferences and you can adjust cursor behaviour there. speed, track trail, scrolling.

screens disappearing, demons again... also could be you are activating desktop functions and expose (which is really useful once you suss it out makes all open windows shrink- show on the desktop so you can see everything that is open) accidentally so check in prefs there too.
Plug ins? software stuff or actual physical things that plugged in? Printer, scanner? What model of mac is it (apple icon- about this mac)? and the version of mac os?
Also I've found firefox is the best cross platform browser for blogging on mac, older Safari doesn't display composing options correctly although for all else 'tis lovely. IE is...well that's demons again.

Good luck, you have my sympathies I know what it's like using an 'alien' computer without all your own customised thingymajigs. Like learning to walk or read all over again -ish.
I hope your pc is ok, should be fine, the NSA have such good data recovery gear now... I'll write you in Gitmo.