If You Think The Candidates Are Bad...

Have you taken the time to check out their supporters? It's a political cat-fight out there, and no one seems to have a water gun. Just to post something on the lighter side of politics, I have been lurking about on political forums, newspaper and MSM blogs, and so forth, just to see what supporters have to say about their candidate's progress.

What I have noticed thus far is that the most vocal of supporters are posting wildly with claws out and teeth bared. This can't possibly be a fair representation of the average American citizen, but it certainly is a reflection of the marketing prowess of our current presidential wannabes. The screaming rhetoric is drowning out any possibility of reason being heard.

If this is where our country is headed, if the people who are buying and reselling the sub-par products laid out on the table and postured as the real deal, it's no wonder we are in the mess we're in.


Dave Dubya said...

The word is hysteria. The wild-eyed frenzy of campaign workers and supporters won't let them see beyond their messiah's vision. It's political fundamentalism and both parties are afflicted with it.

As I am fond of saying, the only visible change with the new president will be the new oval office carpet.

As we reach the one year remaining mark in the Reich Regime, I'd like to humbly invite you to celebrate this reverse anniversary, (or would that be "reversary"?) and come listen to my song dedicated to our Biggest Brother. It's also featured in the Freedom Through Music section at Freedom Rants

I'm afraid I'm not tech savvy enough for this to be a video.

Biggest Brother


Anok said...

You said it better Dave, thats for sure! Hysteria and frenzy are certainly the way to describe it.

But what about the china? Don't you think he new first spouse will want new china? Particularly if it's the Billary ticket, I mean, they've already used the old stuff.....