Some thoughts about Politics, Patterns and Blink

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After reading Anon-Paranoids blog post today Some Random Thoughts I had a few random thoughts of my own.

Thoughts about patterns in behavior, similarities to historical events, and why there are people out there who can't seem to make the connection between what is happening today, what has happened in the past, and what it means for our future. I have heard so many times - too many to count now - the outcry about the Bush/ Nazi Germany comparison. Too many people say "Where are the concentration camps?" Or, "If this was Nazi Germany you would have been killed already for writing you blog posts." Etc. (The same ideas are also spewed with regards to comparisons or cries of fascism.) I think to myself "Can't you see it? Why aren't you getting it? Are you that blind, or just stupid?"

But I don't think these people are either. Not really anyway. Thee is a book called Blink, and its main focus is rapid cognition - that is to say the snap judgments we make. See the link above for more details. However, this idea comes into play a great deal when talking about politics. It explains a lot when a person can't or seemingly refuses to look at the pattern of behavior and go for a ride on the Logic Train.

Some people "get it" right away, others may never "get it" no matter how many times they look it over. I keep repeating the word "pattern" here very purposefully. Patterns play a huge role in cognitive skills, in fact we routinely test our children on their ability to recognize a series of items as a pattern, and then test them to see if they can logically deduce what item, if any, will come next.

That plays well into the pattern of politics, doesn't it? Just take a look at the blogs being posted on a daily basis. People are starting to say "Wait a minute...." they are beginning to realize that if the President does A,B and C then its possible for him to do D,E,F and G, and that leaves the door wide open for X,Y and Z to be the end result.

Unfortunately in this case, X, Y and Z are not going to end with "Won't you come and play with me?"

So if you have been debating back and forth with someone who seems to refuse the idea that we have many bumps in the road coming at us in the future, and you feel like you're talking to a refrigerator, don't worry. The fact is, The light will go on, the light will go off, but they won't do anything beyond whats already built into them. You can tie it all back to cognitive abilities plus a dash of upbringing and ostrich syndrome.

As for the naysayers about Bush Nazi comparisons, if I hear "Where are the concentration camps?" one more time I'll scream. Why?

Because Hitler's Nazi Germany didn't spring up over night you dolts. There was a period of time, much like in this country, where people slowly and unknowingly lost rights and powers and freedoms, and by the time they realized it, it was too late and then the concentration camps began springing up. The German people didn't go to sleep happy and free only to wake up in a camp the very next day.

Those are my thoughts for the day. Take 'em or leave 'em.


Larry said...

Good post.

It looks to be inevitable that Bush will attack Iran, which will destroy the U.S economy.

Maybe that is the agenda, then Martial Law can be installed, and the Bush monarachy will reign supreme.

Larry said...

Check out this list of why Bush shouldn't attack Iran:

Earl's Place

Anok said...

Thanks Larry. I've enjoyed your insight on other blogs for a little while now.

That said, it is my opinion that it isn't so much the bankrupting of the US that will be the deciding factor helping Georgie Boy secure his reign - but rather the instigation of another attack on American soil. In the 2007 National Defense Authorization Act Bush overturned the Posse Comitatus Act (section 1042) of 1878. That is the martial law that everyone is talking about - in order for it to be used we need to suffer another act of terrorism on US soil - like September 11th.

Attacking Iran should do the trick.

Then of course, we will be at the mercy of a government that already fails to give a rat's ass about our health, welfare and well being.

enigma4ever said...

well..I guess now I really am depressed....sigh..the post was great..very insightful and sad...I think the fact that Bush has destroyed so many laws and liberties, and the Consititution...it means that we are on for a much rought longer ride than anyone could have anticipated....and Bush should be compared to Hitler- many of these tactics were his first....

I wanted to thank you for the comments over on Watergate Summer...it has been a very strange week...but thank you

Anok said...

Gee Enigma - I didn't mean to make you depressed! I was hoping the fridge comment would get a chuckle...at least.

Otherwise, no problem. I find your blog to a rather nice place to dwell. I tend to go there when I'm all wound up - so I can calm down a bit.

Coffee Messiah said...

An interesting read. While on the road, I noticed your recent comment.
Thanks for stopping by! I will respond tomorrow.

Yes, an interesting read and it boggles the mind that so many, especially here in the midwest, simply don't think anything's changing or going to change! ; (

an average patriot said...

I have to tell you, I just found out about you after you commented on my site but I see my friends are ahead of me. I have to tell you Anon is right on but it is even worse if you can believe that.
I just wanted to make sure you got my reply to Larry's comment as id addresses yours too.
an average patriot said...
I just checked out the list on earls place. people just do not get it. Aside from Paraguay not being far enough away which of course is true. People do not get it, Bush does not work for us or care about our America.
He talks to and works for God. He is trying to bring about the End of Days and to a large degree will succeed.
Looking at Earls list I have to agree that it is much worse than that but Bush is on his own agenda. This is all a success to him. You have read my stuff. Bush has to create total disorder, create war, and replace the old order with his new order and I specified in Bush Uncovered years ago but I have never been able to get enough people to realize it.
You know, I really have to laugh! I said China could have put an end to all this by calling in Bush's debt but are letting him hang us. Also, this is not all about oil as most think.
That is only a very small part of this. It is all about the money as people should realize by now. Look at the defense Industry, that and the stock market is all Bush cares about as he prosecutes his new order.
Long ago I said Bush has to plan on defeating China in the end of his Forever War and erasing our debt. Everything is going according to plan for Bush. This is still just beginning and Bush is the happiest person on the planet. Unbelievable. I don't know what else to say right now.

Anok said...

Coffee Messiah, thank you for stopping in! I agree - but it isn't just limited to the Midwest, I assure you.

An Average Patriot, you are right on the money my friend. Truth be told I don't even think it would take China calling in its debt (although that would do the trick alright)- all that needs to happen is for the global currency to change from American dollars to the Euro. The Euro is gold backed, whereas our money is no longer backed by anything really.

If that happens, we're screwed with a capital S.