Cool Tunes for Tonight

Chemical Brothers featuring Beth Orton - Where Do I Begin?

I love this song, I have loved it for a long time. I would crank this in my car and belt along with the very sultry Orton - trying to match her vocal style - relieving all the stress of the day or week. Although generally speaking I'm not allowed to listen to Chemical Brothers when I'm driving (I turn into a lead-foot lassie!) I still popped the CD in every now and again. But only on back roads so I wouldn't get a speeding ticket!

Another great Chemical Brothers and Beth Orton trio, Alive Alone I don't know what the video is of, I just wanted the music!


PoliShifter said...

Great Tunes

an average patriot said...

I see preparing for martial law. It will be worse than that but you know I agree. Just wanted to make sure you got my response to your comment. Stay in touch!
an average patriot said...
This war will be the worst ever and not survivable by most. That is part of the plan! I wrote A manifesto to the World a few years back and I do have to update it because I switched computers and everything and have not stopped to update enything as Bush is speeding up his destruction as his time is running short.
I will send it to you if you want. It is 100% right on but I only send it to those that can handle the truth.
Anyway I won't get carried away now because this is a very long subject.
I have a coupe of sons who are lifers, one EOD another flying and if they survive Bush's wars I tell them they are better off than us. They are part of the plan for the future.
We no longer matter! You better fear Blackwater and those FEMA concentration camps. We are the enemy as we oppose Bush's new order. He needs so called terrorists to fuel his plan.
Anyway in the end as you see, the military and the Government will be protected and together start over from scratch on a smaller scale.
What no one seems to care about is that this planet will not be able to sustain life so that makes you think end of days but not quite.
Anyway, I don't know what Meh is but you are not off topic. You are right on! You happen to be talking to a survivalist.
I need nothing and can get by on the same.Another very long subject! You might laugh but I trained my sons as kids to make a place to live under ground and they have built some amazing places.
I always grew my own food and raised and butchered all my own meat so I have the knowledge when needed. When I got out of the service in the 70s I was asked to go to California to start a commune but didn't. Oh well!
You and your brain keep making those connections and stay in touch. We will all need ourselves someday I firmly believe and it is not far off.

an average patriot said...

I just noticed Polishifter so we are in good company. I trust you converse with Larry and Anon amongst others.