America The Great - Ha

So I was having a fairly heated discussion this morning, with a person whom I care for a great deal, about politics. It started out innocent enough, talking about political mouth-pieces and their shenanigans. It quickly took a turn for the worse however, when we went outside of the shock-jock arena and into foreign policy and war.

I won't get into details for right now, but lets just say this much - after facts and opinions were aired, and my dearly loved, yet argumentative debater decided there was nothing left to really defend the State of The Nation at its current point - the argument degraded into the

"America is an influential international superpower and the World can't live without America and its decisions and the rest of the World is crap and full of wimps yadda yadda yadda We are the superpower...yadda yadda yadda...the World can't do squat without us and always comes crying to America for help blah blah blah...."

Maybe I'm remembering history incorrectly here - but America, as the economic globalization, capitalistic and military superpower is still a relatively new phenomenon....yes? The World got along just fine before America, and I'm sure it would do just fine without America. I'm quite certain that America isn't God's Gift to the World and the World's Only Salvation.

But thats not really why I was writing this blurb. I couldn't help but realize that this argument - one I've heard often - comes from a person who's only news source is the local paper. This person also stated that the government is privy to information that we are not, and so we can't form solid opinions unless we have all the facts.

Think about that for a second

Its not a dig - but it is a good point to understand that when information is so limited - so too is he mindset and opinion of the person reading it.

Perhaps this is a major problem to the seeming lack of outrage from a portion of population- perhaps I'm a little slow on the uptake with regards to this. But I just can't understand how people put so much faith into one little source - when there is a world of sources out there to look at! Granted, looking at so many sources can create conflict within one's own opinion and thoughts - but I think that only when you have all the facts can the truth be clear.

That said, and with regards to the idea that all the classified information that our government is using to wage a war on other countries - all I can say is that we may not have the exact information that has been classified however, when you have so many conflicting reports and stories you can be sure that the classified information probably isn't on the up and up. Too much misinformation for the public smacks of cover-ups and bad doings...not of anything that I can think of that would justify the deconstruction of the Constitution, the suspension of Habeas Corpus, and the unprovoked attack and occupation of another country and plans to do it again.

Maybe its just me though.


Anon-Paranoid said...

That's the whole problem anok...

No one wants to believe that our government would do the things it is doing.

They can not or refuse to see what's before their very eyes and hear what's being said even when they hear it with their own ears.

That reminds me of a line I heard in a movie. It is something like "Right or wrong he's my President".

My only thought to that is your wrong and your Presidents wrong.

That is not what America is or what made America great. Only when and if the people wake up can we even attempt to get our country and Constitution back.

God Bless.

PoliShifter said...

We're indoctrinated from a young age to sing patriotic songs, pledge allegiance to the flag, and believe in the idealism of America.

I love American and consider myself a patriot, but you have to be naive, blind, and frankly a little bit stupid to think the United States is beyond reproach.

Our history is a checkered past of atrocities and shady dealings. Fact is fact and cannot be denied.

This nonsense preemptive strike doctrine, the shoot first ask questions later, and don't negotiate with anyone will bury us.

Bush can say America doesn't torture all he wants, but it doesn't make it any more true.

Americans have forgotten their basic freedoms and gladly give them away in order to avoid confrontation.

I never thougt I would see the day when a President would say he has the right to spy on anyone he wants without a warrant and Congress would just yawn and go along with him.

You can always have your friend take a look at this and see if they can comprehend that financial ruin is upon America and if we continue down the Conservative NeoCon path of voodoo economics it won't be long before America is no longer number one.

the Left Paw aka Heather said...

I think the problem is far more than symptomatic of patriotism though, and i have also sought to understand exactly why it is that so many are so willing to trust in a president that has less than proven himself trustworthy. In my latest blog I talk about my latest discovery, and it seriously explains A LOT about this mystery!