"People Like Us"

Off the subject of politricks for a moment...

Sometimes life is just so darn funny. My husband and I really do, and always have run with a particularly off crowd of people. Its always the fringe element for us. I have a fascination and massive soft spot for Skinheads (NON racist skins), as well as Punks, Rude boys and gals, Youth Crews, Oi folks, Hardcore...even Metal heads. My husband and I had been friends for more than a decade before getting together, and over the years have gained and lost many friends individually and together, most if not all were mutual friends.

The folks we like tend to scare the hell out of people. We're the group out on a Saturday night that part crowds like the Red Sea (OK, not including me because I'm the pipsqueak of the group). We look mean, intimidating, dangerous, up to no good...you name it. We look like the type of people who party non stop, live in squalor and have absolutely zero responsibility.

So on Sundays, I like to get together for a late lunch/early dinner with a couple who we've been friends with for a while now. They're great people, top notch friends who are very understanding, kind and generous. They too however, are the "scary group" LOL. Tattoos and punk or metal clothing you know the drill. So anyway...we began talking about "People Like Us". To look at us, from the outside one would never ever guess or understand what or who we truly are. Or how normal we really are.

So here we are, enjoying fine home made and home-cooked food, made mainly from foods we grew ourselves, on fine china hand collected by my great grandmother pre WWII, complete with a fine Chianti, strong coffee, and fantastic cigars. (Smoked outside, due to kiddo). We are discussing such "punk rock" topics as potty training, homeschooling, cooking and baking tips, hair care tips, and catching up on what all the other "irresponsible" punks are doing and how well their kids are potty training or sleeping through the night. Who's kids are playing with whom, who's in daycare, playgroup etiquette and the like.

When we realized that the people we shied away from due to irresponsible behavior with their children (and other issues) were the very people most considered "normal".

Who'd a thunk it? We are a kind and generous and responsible crowd after all - regardless of looks, religious beliefs or political affiliations. Sitting around thoroughly enjoying our afternoon we contemplated the shock that the average person might endure if they walked in and saw the scene laid out, so nicely on fine linens....

And had ourselves a good, solid chuckle.


PoliShifter said...

Any Dead Kennedys or Subhumans playing in the background? (two of my favorite bands)

Thanks for stopping by earlier. Always nice to meet new faces so to speak.

I think these days things are getting to be less and less shocking. But it depends on the neighborhood I suppose. Original punkers are in their 40's, the grandpas and grandmas are either dirty hippies or disco holdovers.

Some of the 1980's young Republicans have managed to carry the family values mantle into the 21st century after wiping the coke off their nose and claiming their first marriage was just a warm up.

Most people I know have tats and piercings. Even if just (1) of each.

But maybe that's just the people I know, who knows.

To a certain degree it's become fashionable and on some levels that disgusts me but what can you do?

I remember when the first "Alternative" sections appeared in record stores.

I remember when it seemed no one listened to the radio or watched MTV and then all of a sudden the music we listened to started appearinng on MTV and in the record stores. The mainstream co-opted punk and alternative.

I used to work with a guy who was pretty hard core. But he got older, god married, had a kid, and they're great parents. He still dressed the same, acted the same, and behaved the same, except that he parented.

I suppose it does shock some, particulary the fundies.

enigma4ever said...

I love the Dead Kennedys...wow..have not heard them in a long time...I love this post...you made me laugh..thanks..

and thank you for everything that you are out there doing in blogatopia...

Anok said...

Thanks a bunch!

Polishifter - I was not listening to the Dead Kennedys, unfortunately LOL. I'm on a Tom Morrello kick right now. Actually I'm on a an Anarcho-folk kick really. And shhhhh about the age thing, OK? I just realized that my ex will be rounding the 40 year benchmark and I about had a heart attack. It all seems so surreal sometimes LOL!

You know what made me choke on my coffee? Hearing Iggy Pop's Lust for Life on a Carnival Cruise Line Commercial!!!!!!! ACK! Or hearing groups like Metallica on a "classic rock" station. Huh? I see "kids" out and about and they'll look at my jacket and ask questions like "Whats Fear?" "Who is Operation Ivy?" "Whats that stand for?" {Me: "Dead Kennedys"} "Oh, Are they local?"

When did I get old? LOL!!

Enigma - you are most welcome, and I'm glad I could help get a chuckle out of you.

Coffee Messiah said...

I never understood the labels. As Shel Silverstein said: When you turn out the lights, we're all the same! ; )

Anok said...

Coffee Messiah, I agree. But in such a "ply" world, sometimes labels can help us with the pesky character flaw of Obsessive categorization. LOL.

Anok said...

That should have read poly not ply...

Anon-Paranoid said...

Hi anok...
Sorry, not really been online blogging for a while. Looking up some personal info I needed.

I have too admit that I to sometimes make judgments without all the facts. Sometimes when I see people with a ton of tattoos I feel scared.

I know its silly, however the only time you see anyone with them are on the TV and they are generally gang members.

I guess it sort of gives the impression that people with tattoos are all gang members or criminals.

I have only known one or two people with tattoos and you are right of course. They were very good people but if you saw them on the street you might be scared of them.

I too would like to say something about your reply to Time.

I did say that I hope the Lord would call him sooner rather than later. I have known enigma for over a year and if she said he called her Eva Braun than I would believe her over Time any day.

There are times when my emotions run stronger than they should and that was one of them.

I often also say in comments I leave that I pray the Lord forgives me for my sins when that happens. I really don't know if I did or not in that particular instance.

And another funny thing is I went to his sight and he had a post up mentioning enigma, me and I believe the peacetrain also.

The other funny thing is that he had two comments on it.

The first one was Peacechick Mary who until she gave up blogging was a regular reader of mine and always supportive of me. I found it strange that someone who supported me would speak out against me. I do wonder if it was her or not because of that.

The second comment was from betmo who reads me sometimes. Her comments first paragraph looked familiar as if I had read it before. Either as a part of a post she did or in a reply too a comment. So I'm not really sure about that either.

It also seems I see that he is still bothering enigma and she has turned over his threatening emails to the local authorities.

Anyway I consider the subject now closed.

Keep up the good work.

God Bless.

Anok said...

Thanks Anon. I enjoy your page and look forward to when you have the time to write more. As I have posted in the other comment section Time has proven that picking on someone who is kind and gentle is the best he or she can do.

Oh well! I hope all is well with you.