Must Read Post by Enigma4Ever

Are We Losing Our Humanity?

Enigma has a way with words - and a great deal of compassion for others. This story - the story of Carol Ann Gotbaum is haunting, and terrifying. Please take the time to read it through carefully.

Here are a few articles and videos that I found to go along with Enigma's Post.

Think long and hard folks. Someone commented on Enigma's Post about a Police State - and I agree. Remember everybody, October 22nd is Protest Police Brutality Day - Stand up Ladies and Gentlemen, Stand Up and Stand Proud - to defend our rights not to die handcuffed in a detention room at the hands of excessive force and lack of common sense or decency.

CNN Video

Husband says kindness might have saved wife at airport

Autopsy Conducted in Carol Anne Gotbaum's Mysterious Death in Handcuffs

Daily News Video


Anonymous said...

A civilization is judged by how it treats its weak and its helpless.

enigma4ever said...

Wow that is so true Anony....

Now back to you ANok...thank you..thank you for caring and for sharing her story. and for the links...

Anok said...

No problem Enigma.

Anony - I agree with you. I was thinking of a quote that would fit this story well. I can't remember who said it originally,

"We must all fear Evil men. But there is another Evil which we must fear most - and that is the indifference of good men."

I know its said in Boondock Saints - but I think its a quote from someone else originally.