So Many Videos, So Little Time.

I'm going to be adding tons and tons of videos from YouTube about the September 15th protest to my sidebar, as I find them. There are so many coming out now its just incredible. What great shots and movies. I just need to go through them one by one and make sure I post them correctly. Come back often to see what else I've put up.

But here's a great one everyone should watch, posted by PisceanBeautyy Called Capital Hill Arrests. Before anyone asks - the song is "Paper Planes" by MIA. Its just an infectious groove if I do say so myself.

Warning This is audio crack. It is addictive. Side effects may include the increased desire to drive a low rider while thug sneerin', excessive bobbing of head and/or shoulders, and in the worst cases convulsions reminiscent of crunked up Kid 'N Play moves.


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