I can't stand it!

After watching just a portion - just a portion of the Petreaus report tonight I am outraged and angered and ARGHHHHHHHHH. I'm so upset I can't even remember the names of the representatives right now. I'll edit it in later when my head has cleared.

After Chairman Skelton spoke came a wonderful address by democratic representative to his right - a man who respectfully blasted and discredited disagreed with the General's report on Iraq and stated that it wasn't enough to remove a brigade or two from Iraq, and that the Iraqi's will not stand up on their own if we continue to occupy stay in Iraq. He stated that we must remove the troops and end this war NOW. That is what the majority of congress wants, and that it is what the majority of Americans want. He spoke up for US and for military families who have already sacrifice too much for this exploitation of greed and power lust war.

Then came the republicans to the left of Mr Skelton. Both of them used up most of their time telling the General and Ambassador which representatives said what about them, lambasted the press and anti-war movements and stated that this type of speech should be silenced. SILENCED. The man who spoke first admitted that "I know your report is the truth, I haven't read it, but I know its true." And the woman stated, quite clearly that the anti-war groups like moveon.org, its affiliates and representatives that agree with their political stance are intolerable and should not be allowed to voice this opinion. She demanded apologies for taking out ads about the report in the paper, and insinuating that the Petreaus report was indeed biased and a betrayal of America.

At which point I was so enraged that I broke into a spontaneous and hardcore workout - in between grunts and counts I was heard to be yelling "FASCISM! FASCISM! BLEEEEEP EXPLETIVE! FASCISM! WE CALL IT LIKE WE SEE IT BITCH! BLEEEEP!" The string of obscenities that came out of my mouth has not been heard from the likes of me in years - not since the last time my husband did something so bad that it all just came out, unedited, unapologetically nasty mean and offensive.

After Petreaus' report was over I was so angry to hear Mr. Skelton have members of Code Pink dragged out of the room screaming and he said "War protesters will be prosecuted".

You better bet your sweet rosy red asses that I am preparing for this country to go to hell in a hand-basket and fast.

Fuck all.

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