September 15, 2007 March against the War Machine

I am currently scouring YouTube and other sites for news on the protests in DC this week. The usual suspects with regards to our typical "infotainment" channels have covered the march as little as possible, and of course as biased as possible. I love how the Faux News states there were only 5,000 protesters. If you look at videos of the actual march, you will see that it is a physical impossibility for there to have been only 5,000 people marching. Mass Rally and March, 1 of 2 and Mass rally and March 2 of 2. By many counts of protesters who were there, the numbers are rising as high as 500,000. I don't know if thats true or not, but the pictures are pretty darn impressive.

Thank the Gods for YouTube. If you just watched the news you'd think there were all of 1,000 anti-war protesters and bazillions of pro-war protesters. Which, by the way, were sorely outnumbered by some counts of 100 - 1 or more. You can see how sparse the pro-war mongers the "Flock of seagulls" Gathering of Eagles were in this video here. There are what? Two or three of them spread out every three to five feet along the fence? Wow. Great turn out guys. Then you look at an entire width of a street jam packed with anti-war protesters as far as the eye can see....ahhh! What a sight to behold.

Another interesting note of interest if you look at this video ANSWER arrests you will notice something odd. Not only are there protesters as far as the eye can see, but while the police are arresting them, they are saying you "must disband". What? Really? A legal protest must disband? No, they weren't attempting to silence a protest there. You will also note that when more "vigorous" arrests were made, the police would form circles around the arresting officers so that A) they blocked the view of the cameras, and B) the peaceful protesters wouldn't be inspired to knock that flimsy excuse for a barrier down, and take over the capital.

I was rather disappointed that the latter didn't happen. There were enough protesters to take on the police; mace, tear gas, rubber bullets and all. I guess they wanted to keep it peaceful though. Civil disobedience as it were is done a particular way and rioting over the police just isn't in the protester's handbook. Oh well. Perhaps us more violent Anarchist types need to get together in mass numbers, unannounced so that coward Bush doesn't have enough time to run away to Camp David to avoid all the "unpleasantness" of the protests and calls for HIS impeachment, like he did on Saturday. I bet Cheney was hiding under a bed somewhere with wet underpants.

More to come on this subject folks, more to come as more filters on to the ever more popular internet. Please note, the photo shown in this post is not from the Sept. 15th protest. It was just so nifty and summed up the idea behind it all so well, I felt I must post it.


Larry said...

Robert Rouse of Left of Centrist attended and was impressed with the turnout.

Demeur said...

I didn't see any of the protests on the network (MSM) news. Had to check out bloggers' sites to see photos and storys.
Thanks for stopping by the site and the comment. Keep spreading the word. Time is getting short and I'm hoping to enlist the support of the unions, A + B list bloggers and anyone else who will listen. Remember people are dying and things must change. And with this method you won't be arrested.

Anok said...

Thanks for commenting guys. Demeur, I am spreading the word like wildfire. Some of the people I know work for small family owned businesses though, and won't take the day off. Which I understand. The Mom and Pop places aren't responsible for a lot of the problems. Its Corporate America that is. I'm trying to get in contact with some local unions to get them in on it. We'll see how it goes.

Larry, thanks for the update. I was pretty impressed with the turnout too!