The Bin Laden Report

Of course I had to comment on the new video set to be released shortly by Osama Bin Laden, labeled the supposed "Enemy Number One" by our ever so competent government that has failed to continue looking for the man. The blogs are a-buzz about this - even without the full context of what is in the tape. I caught a piece about it tonight on News Hour with Jim Lehrer. It wasn't too bad, the questions were good, but the experts were a little too pro-American for my taste. That is to say neither one addressed the real issues about the apparent about face Bin Laden has taken with his public and political persona. Why is Bin Laden now making statements that are more akin to socialist, Marxist, anarchist or general anti-state ideologies, rather than the usual fundamental drivel?

Where did the focus for anti-capitalist rants come from? The "experts" on News Hour said it had to do with an over all frustration with his leadership of Al Qaida, the (supposed) success of America in Iraq, and most of all, they labeled it as a new recruiting tool. Basically, they are saying he's grasping at straws. I disagree. Although I would certainly agree that the new improved version of Bin Laden is an attempt to cast a wider net to the general public, I also think it is a way to change popular opinion about him from "terrorist" to "freedom fighter". As far as I'm concerned, the only difference between the two depends only on what side you're on.

It could also be a ploy to help further the divide in America, those groups like the Gathering of Eagles, Move America Forward and Michele Malkin's groupies (not to mention our control hungry government) now have all the ammo they need to equate a difference of political opinion with an act of terrorism. Fantastic. I haven't seen anything yet from blogs like Michelle Malkin where these people tend to hang out, but I'm sure it'll come up. The sad part however is when you look through the comments, everyone is worried about his beard. (Although I am relieved to not hear the typical "you're an anti-American libtard" rhetoric so eagerly tossed around from the war mongering groups).

My other theory however, is that if he's been hiding out away from normal day to day society, he may have actually come to embrace the ideals of a non capitalistic society, through experience. This, to me, is interesting.

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In other news, our government is so upset by citizens who are about to protest its actions, they've begun arresting people. Unconstitutional? You betch'ya.

Crooks and Liars


enigma4ever said...

you have such an interesting blog- and I love the post below- excellent...and I really did appreciate your comments over at Crooks&Liars....thanks for remembering that we have a country to save.....

Anok said...

Thanks Enigma, I like your blog as well. Keep checking back, I'm like the mad blogger sometimes. People are having such a hard time taking their head out of the sand to see that our rights really are being taken away. That video on crooks and liars says it all.