Moveon's Ad Really Twisted Some Political Panties.

I was shocked today when I turned on the local infotainment channel and realized I was watching a debate about MoveOn.org's ad in the paper about Petraeus. Unbeknownst to me our government actually wasted time voting on an amendment to condemn the ad. All this blither blather about attacking the General's character and hurting the General's feelings swirled around in my head fro a few moments and I really thought I was going to be sick.

I say, call it like you see it. Its an ad, in a paper. Thats freedom of speech my friend deal with it. The government just can't handle it though. Truth be told the democrats fell over themselves pretty much to make everyone else happy about this too. Clinton didn't, and I commend her for that. Obama said what I was thinking - that his lack of vote was in protest over this ridiculous witch hunt.

Now the debate is whether or not MoveOn.org made a mistake in attacking a General, and not the President. I say they hit the nail on the head. Bush certainly deserves the insults he gets, but so too, does Petraeus. He is a full grown man able to make his own decisions about what is going on - and he chose to tow the party line, rather than to speak in honesty.

That is a betrayal. It betrays the citizens of the United States, it betrays the military, the men and women dieing for this President's war, it betrays the Gold Star families out there.

Petraeus had a choice, and he made it. MoveOn.org had an ad that let him and everyone else know in no uncertain terms that we were watching carefully and that we would judge him for his report. And judge we did. This is not an issue however, that should be used to waste the government's time and our resources.

Its just another smokescreen, just another wagging of the dog. And of course, yet another attack on freedom of speech.

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