America as I see it.

I've taken some time this week, while I was sick to do a lot of watching, reading, listening and observing of our country, our government, and our citizens. First I should state, again, that I am not a 100% Anarchist. In this country I am willing to make exceptions and compromises to a true Anarchist state of being because I full well understand that A) not everyone here is an Anarchist, and B) our country couldn't handle Anarchy in its ideal form right now, or anywhere near the distant future. We simply are not ready for it. That said, I have been formulating harder ideas and ideals about how our government should change, and what should be done to alleviate the problems in our country.

First and foremost the full restoration of Constitutional Rights to each and every citizen is of the utmost importance to the rebuilding of our country. We must prevent the progression to a Fascist and Totalitarian State at all costs.

Second, the separation of Federal rights and State rights. Some things should be regulated on a state by state basis, other things, in my opinion should be federally regulated for the protection of the citizens. (Keeping in mind of course, that civil rights are still a top priority in all matters of governance). There are things that all citizens in this country require to live. Housing, Healthcare, Food, and Energy/Utilities are the main ingredients for the health and well being of our country and every person in it. These areas should, no need to be regulated on a Federal level. The prices should be regulated to stay fair, and access needs to be made available for every citizen. Whether the government decides to simply regulate prices and practices, or go into a full scale Socialist style regulation of provisions for every single person by the government on a sliding scale - it needs to be done. It needs to be done now. Other issues such as wage gaps, minimum wages, employment practices, laws and the like can be regulated by the states on an individual state level. But I do think that there should be a wage cap! Even staunch Capitalists of yesteryear are warning us about the dangerous route Capitalism has taken in the last century. No longer is it about a free economy, it is now about the almighty dollar above everything, and everyone else. Wage gaps between workers and CEO's are staggering, and growing wider. The exponential wealth of a very few while everyone else is getting poorer by the minute is astounding, and this is all directly related to the type of Capitalism we now have, as well as the industries we now use as the major form of making money.

Bring back neighborhoods. I was watching a republican debate the other night and Alan Keyes actually said something I agree with. Every neighborhood should take care of its own problems on a local level, with people from the neighborhood. People like Justices of the Peace could and should handle disputes between local people to alleviate congested courts, and promote fairness in the justice system. I would add that police patrolling neighborhoods should be from that specific neighborhood, local businesses should be allowed to pop up, and people need to use them!

In this manner, the people in each neighborhood would be taking care of each other. There would (or should) be less abuse of power and unjust criminalization of citizens based on bigotry and prejudices. I firmly believe that the sleepy bedroom communities that created suburbia hell have destroyed the very fabric of what a community should be.

To wrap this up I would state that our elected officials need to be reminded, in no uncertain terms that they are public servants. WE are their bosses, and we will not tolerate the kind of actions taken against American Citizens like the ones for the better part of the Bush Administration.

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