Time for a Break

OK, fellow bloggers, Blogcatalog friends, and readers I have good and bad news.

Which do you want first? The good news? OK:

I have an opportunity to showcase my artwork for potential buyers and commissions. This is awesome news for me.

The bad news however...

This means for the next month or so I will be forced to seriously limit my time online. Not only to I have to collect, frame, or properly present what I already have, but finish and create new pieces. Much like crack, the blogging communities I love so much are either all or nothing. So, I am not MIA, but I will be scarce. Unless I Get my work done quickly - which isn't likely.

For now, however I leave you with a Blood for Blood - Wasted youth this is a live version in Baltimore and it is TAME compared to the Blood for Blood shows and Punk n' Hardcore shows I've been to in Baltimore. But it's still good shit. (For a clearer version of the music and words, check the second video out). Why is this song relevant to me?It's what I used to blare out of my car while tearing down the back roads after particularly brutal thesis reviews. It is my anthem from my senior year in art school - it's what I moshed to, it's what I bashed heads to, it's what I drank to, it's what I sculpted to. It's how I unwound. Instead of licking my wounds like a pitiful kitten I would scream this at the top of my lungs, in my car, until I felt better.

Yes, I have serious lung power!

What the hell, why not. Since I'm going down memory lane anyway, here's some Anti-Heroes Carte Blanche for Chaos:

Dropkick Murphys, playing Amazing Grace - and yes, the bagpipes used to drive my fellow seniors batty in the studios. But I didn't care.

And of course, my favorite, Utah Phillips, singing, "The bum on the plush".

Wait, one more Utah Phillips, Ani Difranco mix. This music - is so haunting. I did my best work listing to this album - "The past didn't go anywhere" this sang is called Bridges".


Dave Dubya said...

Hey, Anok!

I am so freakin happy for you!!!

Claire said...

That sounds like awesome news!

Hopefully it wasn't meeting me that has sent you running to the hills, I am not that scary!

Try and keep us (me) posted and how you are doing :)

OpinionStreams said...

Congratulations Anok! I wish you much success.