Palin's Speech at the RNC

I tried to type out the whole speech as best I could, but unfortunately I can only type so fast. I did manage to get most of it.

My critiques before you read it; The speech was lengthy, and not overly informative. There was no meat on policies, or she plans to enact them. There was about 15-20 minutes of the speech dedicated to her being a Hockey Mom, and her doting on her family, and being a proud mommy. I had to wonder if a male candidate could have gotten away with such a speech, and still come across looking strong, and competent, and like the type of candidate who can handle both young children, and the vice presidency. Oh, I forgot, I can't question her gender. But the McCain campaign can use her gender to garner the sympathy votes. The rest of the speech consisted mainly of Obama bashing, McCain war hero stories, and a brief overview of things you could look forward to. Oh, and of course, fear mongering.

The comments in parenthesis are my own thoughts and observations as I was listening to the speech. Here it is, typos and all:

Palin Speaks:

Mr chairmean delegates and fellow citizens I would be honored to accept your nomination as VP o fthe US. I accept the call to help the nomoine fr presidnet to drvea ddefend America. I ceept the privileged of serviong with a man who has coe through muharder mission and knows how tough fights are won, the next president of the US McCain!.

It was just a year ago when all the eperts in Washington counted ou tour nominee with their usual servitude they told uas all was lost. He said he would rather lose na election than se ehi sc ountyr lose awar but te pollstes ad the pundits overlooked the caliber o fthe man himself, the detmrinition of McCain.

The voters kne btter an dmaybe trhats becaie they realize there s atie for politics and a time to put our coutry first. Our nominee for president is a true profile for courga,e he wore te uniform for his country for 22 years and refused ot break ranks with our soldier isn Iraq who have victory in their sights. NAd as a mother of one of those troops, (missed)

I just one of many monms who will say an extra prayer for the troops going in harms way My nephew casey also enlisted. We are so proud they enlisted and of all the men and women in uniform.

(the sonmouthe “I might be going) So trak is the eldest of five, two boys, three girls. My strong and kind hearted daughter,s Bristol, Willow and Piper. And we wee so blesse din April we welcomed our perfectly beautiful boy named trig. You know for the inside no family ever seems tyicpal. Our family has the same ups and down, the same challenges and same joys, Children with special needs inspire a spceaicl need, needs special love.

To the family of special needs children all acrss this country. You sought o make ti splace a better place for your sons and daughter. I pledge you will have an advocate in the whitehouse. And todd is astory all by himself, lifelonf fisherman, and works in the oils fields, and union. World champoiin snow machine racer. We met in high school two decades and five children later he’ sstill my guy. (woud a man have gotten away with this speech?)

My mom and da both worked ta the elementary school inmy town. This is America every woman can walk through every dorr of opportunity, they’re here tonight! I am so proud to be their daughter! Long ago a young farmer and a
Haberdasher from Missouri followed an unlikely path to the vice presidency. We grow good poepl ein our small towns. I grew up with those people. Theiyre the ones that do the hardest work in the is country, they love this country on good times and ba,d and are always proud of America.

I had to the privilege o f growing in a small town, and signe dup for the PTA. I lovethos ehockey momes, the difference between a soccer mom and a pitbull? Lipstick.

(that’s great)

So I signe dup for the pTA because I wanted to make my kids education even better. When I ran for mayor I didn’t need special interests because I knew those voters. Seince others look down on those experiences. Let me explain what th job ivolves.

I guess a small town mayor is sort of like acommunity organizer except you h ave actual responsibilities. I might add that in small towns we don’t quite know what to make of a candidate something about guns and religions.

As for my running mate you can be certain wherever he goes and whoever is listening, McCain is the same man. Well I’m not amember o fthe permanent political estabishment and I;veleathe rned quicly in these last few days if you aren’t a member of the eleite the media looks down on you.

(duh, no experience,no respect)

hers a little news flash, for those reorters and commentarors I’m going to washingtom to serve the greta people of this country!

(God I hope not)

americans expect us to go to washingto for the right reasons politics isn’t just a game of comepteing instrests, it’s to challenge the status quo to leave this nation better than we found it.

No one expects us all to agree on everything but we are expected to I pledge to carry theis spirit as VP of the US.

Suddenly I realized and relently reform did sit well with powerbrokers. We shook things up in short order we put the govenrmen int our state back on the side o the people.

I came ot office promising major ethics reform. It is the law. I got a rid of a few things in the office that citizens didn’t need to pay for. The luxury jet was over the top.

I put in ebay

I love to drive myself to work and I thought we could muddle through without the governors personal chef.

I came to office proising to control spending by veto if necessary. MccCian alos promises to use the power of veto in the the best interest o the people. It works. Ou r state budget is under contor and I have protected the tax payer in nearly half amill in vetoes. We suspended fuel tax, end abuses of earmark spending by congress I told congress thanks but no thanks to the bridge to no where (LIAR!) when oig went up drastically I sent the revenue back to the people of Alaska.

And dispite fierce opposition form oil lobbyists we broke their monopoly on power. Toi end control of our state and return it to the people.

I ought to bting about the largets private infrastructure to the state. Th pipline ot lead America to energy independence.

That pipeline when the last section is laid will lead America away frm dangerous foreign powers. The staes could not be higher.
And families cannot throw more and more of their paychecks to gas. We cannot leave ourseves at the mercy of foreign suppliers.

To convfromt the threta of iran to cut off 1/5 o fthe world supplies, or other countries oil supplies Americans we need to produce more of our won oil and take it from a gal who knows the no Th slope of Alaska, we’ve got lots of it.

The fact that drilling won’t solve every problem is not excuse ot do nothing at akll.

Starting in January we’re gonna lay mor epolines and and move forward onalternative sources. We need American sources and resources, we need American energy produced by American workers (OBAMA arelayd said this)

And no I’venoticed a pattern with our opponent.

There is much to like, but listening to him speak it’s easy to forget who’s wrote two memoirs but hasn’t written any laws.

Thi I man who can give an entire speech about war but never use the word victory expect about his own campaign But when the cloud of rhetoric is passed, when the stadium lights go out, when that happens what exactly is our ooponents plan? After he’s done truning back te water.o

The answer is to make bigger government. To leave amrica open in a dangerous world. Victory in iraq is in siht and he want sto foefeit, terorrtsist threaten us. Terrorists plot to cause catastrophic harm on America, and he’s worried about reading them theuir rights (right wing talking gpoints)

Government is to big he want sto grow it. He want sto spend more, he wants to raise taxes,Tax increases are in the fine print. The dem nominee plans to raise taxes (uhm, no).

My sister heather and her husband just built a service station open for business.How are they gonna be better off if taxes go up.

(Note to Palin, read the policies before you criticize)

her es how I look at the choice Americans face. Some candidate use change to promote theio career, some use their career sto promote change. (change form what? Not from Bush)

they are the ones whose names appear on laws and landmark reforms, not just on buttons.

Among politicians there is the idealism of speech making. And there is the idealism who actually do great things.

Their the ones who are good for more than talk, to serve and defend America. His record of reform explains why so many lobbyists fought the prospect of a mCCain presidency. He doesn’t run with the Washington heard. A leder whos not looking for afight but inst afraid of one either.

Harry reid, the do nothing senate, he no tlong ago summe dup his felelings, I can’t stand NccIan. Perhaps no accolade is better this week than we know we’ve chosen the right man. (so hatred is a good sign?)

Clearly what the leder was driving at ws he can’t stand up to McCain. Clearly that’s why we should put him in the whitehouse.

The American presdiencey isn’t about a journey of personal discovery. This world of threats and dangers, it’s not just a community it doesn’t need an organizer, and though the say they are fighting for you. There is only onem an in this election who has ever really fought for you.

There is only one man who has ever really faught for you in places were vioctoiry means survival.

In our day politicians have readily shared tales of adversity of theius man served and suffered for this country. It’s a long way from a cell in Hanoi to the ovla office. That is the journey he will have made.

To the most powerful office he would bring the compassion that comes from once have been powerlsess. The special confidence o fthoise who have seen evil,a nd seen how evil is overcome.

A fellow prisoner of war, a man naed tom of ohio tom mow realls looking trough apin hole through hi scell dorr as mccain was led down the hallway. When mccain suffled back from interrogation, he’d flash a grin and a thumbs up as if to say were going to pull through this. That is the kind of man we need to see us theough the next four years.

The first seosn a giftes speaker can indpire with his gistef wors but for a lifetime mccain has indpired with his deed.s If character is the meacseur,e and hoe the tehme and change the goal join our couase, alect a great man as the next presiden o fteh US!


Alex Mcone said...

Were the typo's intentional ? Kinda threw me off.

But no matter what you say she's still hot. (goes dreamy)

enrapturedmind said...

As soon as she said ... Terrorists plot to cause catastrophic harm on America, and he’s worried about reading them their rights i had to turn the Tv off. Couldn't take it anymore.

Anok said...

The entire McCain campaign is based on fear mongering, which is to be expected. Palin played into, and, in my opinion, embodies the "crazy zealous gun totin' American" that gives normal US citizens a bad name.

The message I got from her, and other's speeches was clear, "Be afraid, terrorism, Hockey mom good, Obama bad, Obama = terrorism, McCain/Palin = safe America".


And yes, sorry about the typos, they were to intentional, although my lack of editing before posting was due to sheer laziness.