The Political analysys and interviews from the RNC tonight.

This is me, typing about the convention as it is happening. I apologize in advance if it seems choppy. There is some commentary in there that is my own hopefully you can tell the difference.

At the start of the RNC PBS journalists mingled on the floor with delegates asking questions. A few questions asked of one Texas delegate was “What do you like about Palin?”

The delegate answered, “Well, she’s a mom, and she rides a motorcycle, like me.”

“What about her policies?”

“She’s a Christian woman who stands by her family. The Republican Party has standards, you know, everyone has the right to life, and she supports that.”

“So that’s what you like about her policies?”

“No, not for vice president. I don’t think she will have any problems as vice president, I don’t think she’ll have a problem doing the job the president gives her.”

Wow, that’s a great endorsement for Palin. She’s a good choice because she’s a mom, who rides a motorcycle. These people don’t even know what they are supporting.

Delegates from Alaska mirrored those sentiments by stating she was a good person, and supported drilling in ANWR. She has a supposed 80% popularity rating in Alaska, but it bears noting that her constituency is a whopping 70,000 people. Ten thousand people less than the supporters who attended the Obama speech at the DNC. That equals a whopping 56,000 people. Smaller than the average town in the average state. Of course, it bears stating that some reports have come out stating her numbers were drastically lower.

Attack of the left!

From the analyst’s interviews, conservative analysts have complained about how the “leftist talking points have been used to attack Palin” and the “Disgusting tactics used from the other side against Palin” were all so very unfair.

Then again I do feel that conservatives of this ilk find facts to be disgusting. And attacking the party based on those facts are certainly unfair. Heaven forbid should “leftists” use facts and logic to discredit an opponent, unlike the conservatives who use fear, stereotypes, and libelous half-truths to smear their opponent.

The pregnant 17-year-old daughter debacle has been touted and drawn out as unfair and intolerable and brutal abuse by the left from analysts and delegates alike. It’s a hard pill to swallow, to be certain. But it is Palin who opted to out her daughter’s personal business to the entire country, and it is Palin’s stance on birth control and abstinence that makes her out to be the massive hypocrite that she is.

The interview with Cindy McCain netted some interesting results.

It starts off with her stating that the convention was “Fun!” She further goes one to say she was “so proud of her husband for picking such an intelligent, western woman.” She loves that she is from the West.

Mrs. McCain states that Palin was thoroughly vetted, but not interviewed until the night before. Of course, the aides from both Palin and McCain said otherwise.

Mrs. McCain states she “will do wonderful things for the country” and that questions about her ability to perform her duties as vice president with an infant, a teenaged pregnant daughter, plus three other young children is unfair, and insulting. Hillary is pro-choice, while Palin is not, Palin supports creationism in schools, Hillary does not, and Hillary touts 35 years in experience, while Palin does not.

“Don’t the differences between these two women weigh more than the fact that they are both women?”

McCain simply says, “No.” So apparently they really do think we are that stupid.

McCain goes on to say that Palin has plenty of experience; she was on the PTA after all!

Mrs. McCain states that “This ridiculous nonsense must stop, and let’s get straight to the issues” with regards to the brouhaha over Palin’s records and nomination.

Cindy McCain, pay more attention to your husband’s campaign thus far. It has been nothing but mudslinging and “ridiculous nonsense” so much so, that people have been complaining bitterly that they don’t know what his policy stances actually are.

Pot, meet kettle.

Again, they complain that people ask questions and raise issues that actually do effect a female nominee in her situation, but then go on to praise her because she’s a woman, a mother, and a member of the PTA.

If those are the qualifications, I should run.

The PEW reports state that the Republican Party has lost it’s support from a large swath of female voters who no longer identity with the party. The ideologies causing this are the focus on security rather than the economy, health care, and energy, which concern women more so than men. Of course, the consistent anti-feminist stances and anti- choice agendas have something to do with as well.

There are a few key reasons I walked away from the Republican Party. If I hadn’t before, Palin’s nomination would have been the deal breaker for me.

Later on analysts were asked how important tonight would be for Palin. The general consensus is that a controlled environment such as this, with a controlled speech to a crowd of people who already support the nomination will have little real effect or weight on her standings.

She’s considered for McCain to be a high risk, high reward chance for his campaign. Do we really want a gambler for a president?

During the interviews on the floor, the rumors are that they will be on the attack on Obama, and will be looking for the “sympathy backlash” for Palin.

They wouldn’t do that if she were a man, though. Why is it that they can pick and choose when her gender can be used or pointed out in the campaign?

The McCain campaign is trying so very hard for the “maverick” image that they are hoping his nomination for VP will stir things up, and will either be a “Great success, or a spectacular failure”.

I’m thinking she will be a failure to everyone living in reality. It is so transparent to female voters, particularly after Mrs. McCain’s statement about the differences between Palin and Hillary that they simply want her because she is a woman.

And a mom, who was on the PTA. You can’t forget her presidential experience as a mother of five on the PTA. I know women on the PTA who couldn’t run a bake sale, it means nothing, and the incessant pandering and insistence that he female genetalia and catering to other moms at the local school as vice presidential material is what is insulting.

There is consistent talk of her “battling Big Oil” and “Taking on corruption” yet, the federal government owns 80% of the land in Alaska, she has agreed to run oil pipelines for Big Oil, and supports drilling in ANWR. She goes after corruption, as she is enduring her second formal investigation for abuse of power in her short, two year first term as governor, and signs on to a campaign that has corruption written all over it. Any presidential candidate willing to continue the corrupt and illegitimate policies of Bush should be no friend of hers.

But he is.

Palin says the media is going after her because she’s an average hockey mom with no political agenda. Sure, keep telling yourself that the mean leftist media is picking on you because they are jealous.

They believe it’s a media conspiracy to smear her. Don’t the uber conservatives realize that when you spend your time telling everyone how to live their lives, and how infallible and moral you are – it will hurt twice as much as if you simply made a mistake, but were originally a humble person to begin with?

The higher you are, the harder you fall. All of this controversy however, has served to temporarily derail the campaign and it’s focus, and has harmed, not helped the campaign.

The convention is starting.

Luis Fortuno is now discussing the economic problems that we face, and why we should support McCain. He claims McCain will end our dependence on foreign oil, and support alternative fuels. The Lexington project will supposedly reduce our dependence on oil by 2025. Fortuno is a member of congress from Puerto Rico, but has no voting rights, and is not a formal member of congress.

Both Republicans and Democrats are tackling the issue of oil dependence. Both want lower prices, both want less dependence. The difference, in my opinion is that Republicans want it at any cost; Democrats want it so long as it is done ethically.

Owner of EBay Meg Whitman talks about opportunities or lack thereof of women while she was growing up. She is a CEO of a fortune 500 company. The Rep. party understands success comes from the character of its citizens, the strength of truth, and it’s ideals. (Interesting that his supporters are uber wealthy). She states McCain will put his country first as president.

Challenges abroad and at home, the economy is struggling and economic anxiety is everywhere. McCain has heard the concerns of hard working Americans – McCain is not out of touch with Americans. He understands hardships. He and Palin are the real agent of change. More about energy independence, within days of taking office, lifting the ban on offshore drilling.

Money for oil will not go to enemies abroad. (Others have said McCain will keep the country safe).

They will lower your taxes. First 100 days in office, doubling the tax exemption, reduce business taxes, tax incentives to families to buy health insurance. They will simplify the tax code.

She states tat higher taxes waste money with irresponsible spending (how?) he feels governments shouldn’t spend more than it takes in. Funny coming from McSame. Congress will listen to McCain. Principles that are true and enduring, there is no challenge that cannot be overcome with individual freedom.

He wants to encourage fiscal risk taking. He doesn’t want to “punish” wealth, he wants to encourage it. (Re: he wants his upper percent of wealthy friends to keep more money while the dwindling middle class dies off).

(McCain will put the country first. Country above all else? Country above the people in it? Hmmm.)

All this talk of economy brings one thing to mind, inflation is a problem, but stagnant wages coming from companies reporting record profits are the problem. What will he do about that?

From the PEW foundation, the economic issues so far, are showing much higher confidence in the Democratic Party, by voters. The Obama campaign also has a better advantage with regards to tax cuts. Obama is focusing on tax cuts for middle class struggling families and it’s bigger than McCain’s tax cuts, which focuses on wealthy and corporations. (From the analysts).

Are the Republicans being too optimistic about the country and the issues we face? They claim that Obama’s camp is being too pessimistic.

CEO of Hewlett Packard speaks, Carla Fiorina. Speaks to the economy and education. She insinuates that voting for Obama means abdicating decision making to government beauracracies.

McCain is lifelong commitment and a service to reform, Obama is rhetoric and promises. McCain’s life is remarkable, and love for country has been tested. “Appetite for reform” And he “moves our country forward” (yeah, forward into Iran.)

McCain is the leader with courage and resolve to do the tough things, and the character and judgment to do the right things. (You mean like nominating a VP under investigation for abuse of power?)

He believes we should all be able to try for the American dream. (TRY is the important word here).

Hell yeah lady, we’re concerned about keeping our jobs, what do you know about it? Why is he using CEO’s to talk about “economic difficulties” and anxieties? Most of the economic talk is about building up businesses, rather than focusing on the fact that individuals and families can’t afford to start up if they wanted to.

“Access to affordable health care” Ha! She states we’ll be energy independent by 2013. Oops.

“I know John McCain”. Fantastic for you.

He’ll post reviews of government agencies on the internet for us to see. And balance the budget by 2013.

He will not negotiate with brutality, and won’t shrink from calling Evil by its name. Bush 3? Is that you? He values the contribution of women to their homes and families (and his campaign).

With all of these CEO's pulling for him, and the fact that he is super wealthy with multiple homes, I'm wondering how is it that a person like me is supposed to relate to McCain again?

Delegates on the floor, interviews. Huckabee would have been first choice for either president of VP. Palin will be a terrific VP, being a mom is a qualification for VP, and an excellent addition to the executive branch. “She has an executive record, she’s done things”. Another fine endorsement.

Michael Steele, Lt, governor of Maryland. “Are you ready to party?”

Leadership is not tested in good times. We need a leader to the public’s interest, not clamor for the public’s applause. “We need John McCain”. (Like a whole in the head).

Mitt Romney speaks. “ For Decades Washington has been looking to the Eastern elites” If they want Change they need to look to the west!” (Because Texas and Arkansas is in the east?) Gauntanomo terrorists guaranteed right – liberal, stops offshore drilling – liberal, government spending – liberal (since 1980 – which has been dominated by republicans, but whose counting?).

Throw out big government liberals and elect McCain/Palin! (Because Bush a republican, hasn’t pushed big government at all).

Preserve and promote opportunity strengthens the people and economy. Lower taxes, affordable insurance, schools that are free from pornography, and homes blessed with family values (Like Palins’ daughter?) Liberals would replace opportunity with government largess. Grow the ranks tat pay no taxes at all. (When? Who?). It’s time for the party of big ideas, not the party of big brother. (Because the republicans and Palin aren’t trying to force anti-choice and anti-homosexual laws, dictating what we do in our bedrooms and with whom? Because republicans didn’t usher in the Patriot act?).

Oi, Ronald Reagan champion 30 years ago saved our economy. Ha! Stop restricting businesses is the message now.

Radical violent jihad threats – “did you hear democrats talk about that?” Reagan and Bush labeled the axis of evil. Islam is evil, and he will defeat it! (Chants of USA USA! I’m going to vomit)

Republicans will fight to preserve the values that preserve the nation. Will never allow America to retreat in the face of extremism. (Forever war). There was never a day when I was not proud to be an American. (He must be out of touch with the rest of the nation, then. Chants USA USA! More nausea).

*observer’s note, the convention center is not full to capacity, there are many empty seats.

Huckabee is up next.

McCain has the character and stubborn kind of integrity we need in a president. Media reporting has proven tackier than a cosutume change at a madonna concert, he thanks them for unifying the party. (they didn’t do that, Palin’s history did that, for everyone but republicans) We celebrate the milestone of Obama’s nomination, but it is not a symbolic job. (Used Obama’s “It’s about you” motto). McCain offers specific ideas for change. We don’t want things to change – freedom, security and the opportunity to prosper. (note, opportunity, not guarantee)

Obama brought back eurpean ideas (oh, the horror!) to grab more power. (I think Bush did that).

He is tired of hearing how democrats care about the working class, as if rep all grew up with silver spoons. (of course they didn’t they’ve just forgotten their roots). Just insinuated that democrats like to stay poor, and wait for the government to rescue them.

They keep saying McCain doesn’t want to raise taxes – Obama is cutting taxes. What? Oh, and McCain doesn’t want to change the definition of marriage, but he does want to get the government to regulate what women can do with their bodies.

More talk of his military service. Doesn’t anyone remember that McCain did, in fact, talk to the enemy and tell them what they wanted? He went through torture, yet condones it for others.

The school desk story was nice, but a it strange. Veterans are well respected, but they did not earn the kids their school desks. They didn’t go to war for school desks.

*sidde note, there have been about 300 arrests, mostly Anarchists.

Governor of Hawaii speaks “Sarah is a great person, she is genuine, comfortable in her own skin, truly authentic (so is the conundrum on coney island) Sarah will not reinvent herself (so changing all of her views and web pages is, what?) She has integrity and grace.

She delivered a comprehensive speech on energy issues, then went into labor, and (delayed her labor) delivered the baby (she will now desert for the campaign trail). She cut excessive spending, she took on the establishment, a corrupt system a strong ethics reform law (but is being investigated for abuse of power, for the second time in two years) she won her gubentorial bids. (you think?)

Like all governors she is dealing with issues that members of congress talk about. Before serving as governor, she was a mayor, beating the incumbet. I find it reminiscent attacking Sarah’s experience. Being a mayor Is wonderful preperation for governor. (Which is great for a governor, not for VP).

Obama and Biden have zero executive have any exutive experience. (Of course, they have miles of education, and years upon years of experience actually working with congress, and the president, unlike the two term mayor, one term governor Palin).

McCain decided to look north for the VP (no he didn’t, his anager did). She goes on about how you can fit 200 Delawares into Alaska, and they have the same electoral votes. So?

More sexist reasons for voting for her, she’s a woman. His decision to use her makes one thing plain (he was desperate).

A one term governor does not equal experience!!

*Observer’s note, the crowd only really gets worked up when the speaker insults Obama.

Rudy Guilliani speaks (noun, verb, 9/11)

Who are you going to hire? One man dedicated his life to the service, he has passed every test! Everyone knows that McCain is a true American hero. (more war stories). He has proved his commitment with his blood.

On the other hand, you have a gifted man with an ivy league education. He worked in community service. As an organizer (crowd is chanting something) he worked in Chicago politics (boos) then he ran or the legislator, in many votes he didn’t know what to do (he actually opted not to vote for bills he wouldn’t support). The crowd looks like they want blood. More Obama bashing, little McCain substance. He ran for Senate, he was a celebrity senator. (what?) He’s never run a city, or abusiness, (but he probably works with the PTA, and community service organizers, but those credentials don’t apply to him, because he’s a man).

Tough times require strong leaders (like Bush?). We agreed with Biden until he changed his position (Like Palin?). We will be safe in his hands! Our children will be safe in his hands! Our country will be safe in his hands! (fear mongering).

Our opponents would have you believe that this is about change, and the same old thing. There is good change, and bad change (Mcain would be bad change). McCain will lower taxes (for who?) reduce government to strengthen our dollar (for business) expand free trade so we can be competitive, and we can be free of foreign oil! Offshore oil drilling! (How about Obama going towards renewable energy, instead of more drilling?) “drill baby drill”.

(These people are nuts.)

This is the kind of change will increase growth. They will tax us! (Except Obama is cutting taxes) McCain will keep us safe from terrorists AT HOME and abroad. For four days in Denver the liberals were afraid to use the words Islamic Terrorism. (or maybe they were focused on how to help America, and not fear mongering). Oh there it is! 9/11! They deny the greatest threat to America! Terrorism! Be afraid! (of course, the greatest threat to our country is actually a crumbling society, but whatever). The democratic party gave up in Iraq, when they did that, they gave up on America. (Because Iraq has to do with Bin Laden…)

(The real threat to our country are people who couldn’t find the facts with two hands, a flashlight, and amap)

More Obama bashing. Where are the policies that McCain is espousing?

“We are all Georgians!” (the look of confusion on the faces of attendants is priceless, Georgia? Were not from Georgia, I’m from Texas!)

Palin represents a new government. She’s a succesful governor, and the most popular! She has more executive experience than Obama Biden combined!

Maybe they cling to religion in Alaska. (met with a standing ovation, these people are crazy).

Did everyone use the same speech writer?

Maverick! Experience! (I noticed they stopped trying to use judgment to describe Palin, and went back to experience). How dare they question Palin! How dare they! When was the last time they asked a man that question? (When was the last time a man had a newborn with down syndrome and a pregnant teenage daughter in the White house? She obviously hasn’t been spending enough time with her children without the pressures of being VP).

I honestly hope the rest of the people in this country have more common sense than the lemmings in that convention.


Alex Mcone said...

Now this is better.

"Islam is evil" they didn't really say that did they ? That would be suicide right there right then.

I keep thinking about Palin's pregnant daughter. First she has to cope with being a teenage mom, second she has to cope with the entire nation's eyes on her and third she has to cope with the fact that she could be blamed for her mother's defeat. My God. What might be going on behind closed doors at the Palin residence ?

And if there are still people who think the US should stay in Iraq, then these are the people who have no idea what the Middle East is.

Good post, I'd have expected you to attack her and McCain. I feel sorry for the guy. He could have retired a decorated war hero who underwent torture for 5 years but now he's either going to be the guy who lost to Obama or the worst US president ever.

Anok said...

I had a whole response typed out, and I lost it :(

Suffice to say, yup, I agree.

I think the RNC was filled by the remaining 26% of Americans who still support Bush, and think Iraq had hand in 9/11.

Damn that's sad.

When did reason, logic, and common sense become a nuisance to our country?