It is Confirmed for me

After a very long and frustrating conversation with someone close, I have come to teh conclusion that the only way a person can support the current Republican party ticket is if they:

Ignore the policies and stances on issues they don't agree with,

Ignore the facts about the candidates that have been presented, the legal issues, the voting records and the like,

Skew, misrepresent or completely ignore the platforms and detailed positions of the opposition,

Consistently navigate the conversation away from policy comparisons,

Deny any and all facts about either party, to help them sleep better at night,

Slander the Democratic party, while complaining about how people have rightfully questioned the ethics, lack of platforms and ability of the Republican party.

And quote Fox news relentlessly.

When asked about why they support Palin, the answers have been consistently "She's a nice person, she's well spoken, she has a nice family and she fought Big Oil." The delegates on the floor said it, the delegates from Alaska said it, the person I just finished a conversation with said it too. "She's a nice woman". Fantastic, so what about her qualifications?

Oh, and she's a woman. Who, although has already used her short position of power's influence, no matter how unethical, is better than Clinton, but Clinton engages in too many political games and power plays. But they support her abuse of power, and use of political influence to gain favors and push her own agendas.

Think about that for a second.

The support for McCain is even more vague, based almost solely on "getting the terrorists in Iraq" (that don't exist). The fact that no policies, platforms, or stances on any major issues have been addressed, outlined, or proposed a short eight weeks before election day doesn't seem to matter.

I kid you not, if this country is so stupid as to elect this duo into power, I am leaving the country. I refuse to allow our country to be set up for another four years of Bush policies and, if Palin were to run for president come next term (which she probably would) eight possible years of Palin politics to create a nightmare of a country that my child has to grow up in.

I will not subject my child to the incompetence that is being paraded around dressed up in a suit of patriotism and religion.

And I was called closed minded for calling out incompetence, corruption, and hypocrisy. If that's being closed minded I'll eat my hat.


mtyler77 said...

I can't stand the thought of another four years of failed policies either! We cannot possibly give these two the nod--have we learned *nothing* in the past 8 years??? Christ on a crutch--I am leaving with you!

an average patriot said...

Yhep follow the Nazi order! Every single site I have been on today was on the same train of thought It was like watching a Nazi gathering last night! Horrendous!
Fascist America: It is here, it is now, McCain and Palin are scheduled to further it, and this is no joke!
I turned on the TV at 2:am and was unfortunate enough to hear a bit of Giuliani and Palin. I was horrified as it was so 1938 Germany!
I wanted to post a couple of the most horrific speeches but I thought I better repost something I have posted numerous times as last night proved to me that we will not stop fighting but the Fascist right is going to prevail somehow! That was the 10 steps and 14 threads of Fascism! Unfriggenbelievable!

Lisa McGlaun said...

If someone starts quoting FOX news I just change the subject. I figure I'm not going to get anywhere with them.


Stuck in my head said...

I guess a way to summarize would be that you have to be stupid, right?

The lack of addressing issues is what really gets me. I saw one of them address a reporters questioning of this yesterday and the response was that if McCain fully addressed the issues, it would divide the party and McCain would lose votes.

No shit!

Because he might actually let the brain washed, mind-fucked people know that what he plans to do is not in their interests.

I am so glad all this convention stuff is through. This past week of RNC has made my heart race, which leads to more drinking of wine, but still an inability to sleep adequately due to nightmares of McCain being in my residence and not allowing me to have any freedoms and not letting me get out into the community because community work is useless.

Glad I woke up. Hopefully other people will wake up before November.