RNC, Protests, Riots?

It seems as if things are getting dicey on the streets near the Exell center for the RNC. I am reporting this from the messages of someone who is there, these are not my words or observations.as

A few minutes ago, the police bum rushed protesters, and sent them running, used gas on them, and started to surround a group of protesters. A vehicle was deployed from the rear, into the group.

12 arrests were made just moments ago. Susan from Uptake w with them, many others have been arrested.

I will post updates.

Police have barricaded protester sin, but insist they disperse.

Protesters seem to be linking up together, matching the police's actions?

This is happening near John Ireland Blvd(?) and 12th and cedar.

Update, riot police have shown up at 12th and cedar, protesters asked to head north or "other measures will be used". Possible use of tear gas towards protesters at other end of barricaded bridge, Uptakers are pulling back, and press passes are no longer guarantee of safety, 20-30 reported arrests so far...

police are preventing media from filing reports, leaving, mounted police have arrived,

Crowd is singing about a fascist state.

Police are saying there is a bomb on the bridge, the crowd in laughing...

Protesters are trying to move down I-94, so far protesters have been peaceful, cops have not.

Gas and concussion now being used. tear gas, and flash bombs are being used. Cop radio reports "We are not equipped o deal with the crowd"

protesters are being surrounded near the Sears center, more flash bombs and gas is being used. Lots of undercover cops everywhere.

One officer spotted with an M-16

Clash on the university, smoke bombs being thrown at protesters, media.

Trying to get away, sounds like Fallujah.

Cops heard yelling, "we've got them DAMN FASCISTS!"
People screaming Where do we go? gas being thrown right at protesrers.

Snow plows are clearing Marion

Fire bombs!

Firebombs! They grabbed me and said move!"

hitting us over and over. Split us up firing flashbangs into other group

A friend emails: "isn't using snowplows to block peaceful protesters the mn nice version of tiananmen square?"

crowd mostly scattered. They are firing grenades at individuals

Reporters form the Daily Planet and the Uptake in custody at Ramsey County detention center

Are we no longer Americans? Are we no longer people?

"It's all happening in the Sears parking lot right now"

i'm just putting in reports, none of this is me, this is all people on the ground.

is natl media covering this?? THIS IS A BIG FUCKING DEAL

police calling for more masks! They are gassing he small peacful crowd. More flashbangs.

Uptakers minus Corrine and friend in car and safe in sears parking lot. Attempting to get to the office.

Ppl are told to go on bridge..everyone is afraid if they do they will be arrested

Hurt? Get to 14 and Jackson we've got tons of people ready for decontamination

Oliver still unaccounted for. If you see tall blonde guy in blue uptake shirt please tweet. Retweet plz

the horses are coming down the hill, this is worse than Seattle.

ortland Indymedia journalist gassed outside police line, tear gas THICK inside police line

pigz throw concussion grenades, people throw back rocks

Protesters are now fighting back. First reports of violence now.

well, response to violence. i'm going to shutup, too much going on

these poor people. Flash bangs , bikes presui g running victims. Bastards!

Marion & St. Anthony in St Paul, medics fear arrest. Legal observers needed on Marion Street bridge now!

Everyone on bridge..trapped. They continue to throw gas and smoke

"...Police trying to disperse crowd. Protesters tried to get as far as University. Police didn't want that. So now it's a random horde..."

Everyone on bridge sitting down..hands on head

still firing gas and flash bangs at people on bridge

Explosions all around. Gas or flashbangs? In car in sears parking lot. One woman chased tackled and arrested on bike in front of us.

early sparyed. "everyone on that bridge is going to jail" - cop that nearly sparued me for asking directions.

legal hotline number 651.356.8635

uptakers told to run

they got out of the car, and they are running

So now they aren't in a car, and are just running around. Great.

11th and st. joseph: swat team has shop up with tear gas guns aimed. request LOs and media now!

PDX IMC: Portland Indymedia journalist gassed again, tear gas thick. Very few, if any, ways out

hundreds of cops decending

people are reporting being gassed multiple times right now, heavy thick gas

651.356.8635 651.356.8635 651.356.8635 651.356.8635

"get out of the fucking car and run" from riot cop to us

nIndy's Paul Demko is among 400 people on the Marion St. bridge over 94; police say anyone on the bridge is under arrest.

The UpTake says bomb squad is on John Ireland bridge.

cops, swat, horses, bikes, hundreds here, we're fucked.

people there keep asking over and over, is the news covering this.

Arrest teams are approaching seated protesters on Marion bridge. Resisters are told they'll be met with force.

Ordered to get the fuck out of the car and run. Gathered with uptakers and friendlies on north side of sears parking lot. Safe for now?

They are searching the uptakes car

ok scared now.

people on the bridge twitter back their fear. legal observers, press, get to st. anthony and marion

reporter says 150 more being arrested.

surrounded by cops, riot, squad, horse, you name it

14 and Jackson if you need help from tear gas pepper

@knucklesthedog you did bail just in time. Get safe, city is on lockdown. Go to 14th and jackson if you need help from tear gas pepper spray

I've been reporting for 2 weeks. I'm just some random dude that loves democracy. After this, I go back to tweeting what i ate for breakfast?

The car the uptakers were in is surrounded by cops

"The reporters down there have nerves of steel. They were running in and saying 'Let us in! We're press.'

MnIndy's Paul Demko is among 400 people on the Marion St. bridge over 94; police say anyone on the bridge is under arrest

wcco.com is going to have raw video of the flash bangs and tear gas

PDX IMC: 100+ people on marion bridge detained, plastic handcuffed face down, 1 by 1 being loaded up Cops:"If on bridge, not going home"

It looks like there was also violence on at the RNC previously this week, as reported by Rachel at Planet Waves (Thats me not an update)

i didn't see safe messages from everyone, so i assume some twitters are face down on the bridge right now being sent to jail

6 nlg legal observers being detained #RNC0

jail vigil will need many more bodies, especially considering tonight's police terror. stand up for friends now! rncjailvigil@riseup.net

democracy now had producers on the bridge. so they might be arrested too

3 empty police busses headings towards mass arrest on marion. mass arrest appears likely

wcco has the raw video up of police firing tear gas, but it's passworded. blah

kstp5 (ABC) has live video of action in Sears parking lot.

at Marion street bridge. 3 commercial buses (2 metro trans marked police route) just arrived, assuming for transport.

they are all in plastic cuffs face down.

theuptake Mike McIntee LIVE as he attempts to leave the convention center for the office. http://www.theuptake.org

tactical teams in vans staged at south corner of sears bldg. Mvmnt inside but no idea what.

fox9 broadcasting now

Fresh video of tear gas, flash bangs, arrests: LINK

creepysleepy explaining what happened LINK

4 additional vans with tactical in se corner. Thanks to living water for keeping crowd hydrated.

i want to say one more time. The police told protesters they could march. Then cornered them on the bridge. It was a direct lie.

I'm not surprised. I just want it very clear to people. The cops said march, and then cornered everyone on the bridge.

It looks like things are slowing down. I will post updates. Please, please contact the media a bout this. Make sure it is covered.

Fox News covers protests, gets gassed themselves.

there are protesters in the convention hall. CSpan is putting them on camera

anyone in there right now should protest during his speech.

"The Uptake: Get Out of The Fucking Car and Run!"

Rage against the machine video from the RNC:

Activities have slowed down, although apparently some protesters got inside the convention, and protested.

Metro Transit Buses have been taken to the bridge to move all the people arrested to undisclosed location #rnc08

just showed the tweet feed. I was on there. They are not mentioning the protests outside. #rnc08

WCCOBreaking New video of arrests including one of one of our photojournalists arrested on the bridge.

CNN doesn't report the majority of what happened. #rnc08

Zero love for SPPD tonight. Watch WCCO's videos, and tell me who the terrorists are. VIDEO

tell everyone you can what happened. Then they can ignore you and not care at least knowing.

yes. The daily show blog said there was no violence. That's because the guy reporting left instead of following the story.


Shirley said...

That's really frightning.

Anok said...

Yes, it is. Spread the word, this kind of shit needs coverage, OK?

Mark said...

Strange how none of this is in the news. I guess all their resources are committed to the show inside the building. Unfortunate really, though there is always Democracy Now the next day. Not usually my show, but the only one that covers such things in detail.

Oh wait, it is in the local paper, just updated minutes ago: http://www.startribune.com/politics/national/conventions/27869459.html?elr=KArksLckD8EQDUoaEyqyP4O:DW3ckUiD3aPc:_Yyc:aULPQL7PQLanchO7DiUX

Mark said...

Just in case that link got mangled, here's the report in the Star Tribune again.

Anok said...

Thanks mark for the link.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the updates, I'll keep refreshing for more. My son called from one of the bridges about 90 minutes ago. I expect he was arrested. He pretty much described it as you did. They were instructed by the police to go onto the bridge as if that was the way out of being arrested if they complied. So much for MN Nice!
Nice Lie.
Update- another call, they are singing "We will all be arrested when they come". They have been told they will all be arrested but they have not gotten to him yet.

Anok said...

Oh wow! Please keep us updated! And I take no credit for the updates, the twittering tweet guy over on Twitter was taking in all of the correspondence, I just put it out here to get exposure.

PLEASE let us know what is happening if you get any more phone calls.

Anonymous said...

He was making the call surreptiously, so I doubt to hear more until they are freed. I will let you know if I do though. I found you with a google search. good job! Wish I knew how to find stuff on twitter. I tried yesterday, but this 60s revolutionary hasnt got twitter untwittered yet.

Anok said...

No kidding? You found me on Google? Sweet. :)

There are news reports trickling out now, CNN, Twin Cities, Fox News, and some others. I just posted another video...

Anonymous said...

Anok- here is Reuter's story on the bridge.
I saw the violence-at-the-rnc duscussion but could not post there. You handle yourself well.

Pentad said...