Do As I Say, Not As I Do

A slow, yet important conversation is happening right now, on an older post in my blog under the Veteran's Day post. Between Ned from Sticks and Stones and myself. Its high time we discussed these sorts of things, in my opinion. Ned has been ribbing and questioning my own political beliefs, and he has every right to. Particularly since I don't subscribe to the stereotypical lefty belief system. I believe as I see fit, and let my conscience dictate the rest. In Ned's words:

Thats a silly attitude. First off, good men and women from both America and Iraq are getting slaughtered. Second off, I don't agree with your negative attitude towards society.

The American people have both the intelligence and the power to make their own way without the ruling class. Modern industry is a testament to the strength of the working class - it is workers who operate, build, design, think-up and improve industry. If we can do that, we can certainly coordinate ourselves in a Cooperative Commonwealth!

Towards an international union of humankind

First, and this is really just a side issue that does need to be addressed, the very first line was in reference (unless I'm mistaken) to my statement that if our government wants a war, then they should fight it themselves. This idea is neither silly, nor a depreciation of human life. In our government, its Authoritarian rule, says "We want this war, now you go die for it." If the politico-Elitists were told in no uncertain terms that they would have to fight the war themselves - and be Leaders rather than Authoritarian pricks, the war would have never been started in the first place. Which, of course, would have spared all of the lives that have been lost thus far, and in the future.

Which was, like, you know....the whole point of saying that.

On to deeper topics of Anarchy, working class, and unification of humankind. I think that right about now is the perfect time to remind folks that while Anarchists have similar ideals or goals as Socialists, and even Communists or other left leaning political ideologies, Anarchy is not, in fact, the same thing as Socialism or its Leftist Bedfellows. The key distinction between them is the fact that Socialism et al are political ideologies, whereas Anarchism is a philosophical ideology. Anarchism as a whole (not on an individual basis) does not exist in a world where governments exist. It can't. Anarchism does not reside on the political spectrum of "Left vs Right", because it does not conform into any political structure - the fact is, politics and government in general are the largest road blocks to an anarchist society.

The whole notion of the unification of a working class is a socialist ideal - not an Anarchist one. In an Anarchist philosophy, "working class" is a polite way of saying "middle to lower caste" and in Anarchism, there are no castes.

That said, stating, as I did, that Americans have become entitled, mentally lazy, and fattened is not to be confused with stupid and powerless. Its not about intelligence, or personal power (in the best sense of the word), it is about desire and passion. The average American citizen - indeed the average citizen in any country - has an incredibly hard time accepting the idea that anarchism could actually work and become a functioning (not chaotic) society.

Ask any person you meet on the streets if they think we could abolish legal systems, law enforcement, government - even management and bosses, while maintaining a successful society. The answer will undoubtedly be "No!" People aren't comfortable with the idea of it. Its not because they are stupid or powerless - oh no - its because they have been indoctrinated from birth to believe that someone, somewhere, must always have power, control or authority over others.

We are also, conveniently, not taught the difference between a Leader, and an Authoritarian. Authoritarians rule with power over others, delegating responsibility, controlling people who aren't "qualified" to make decisions for themselves, Leaders never take control or exert power over others. They teach, freely share wisdom, and inspire others to rise on their own, and to act on their own, or alongside others.

I think it is also important to note that while I may be rather bitter towards certain parts of our society right this very instant - stating that the average citizen isn't ready to accept an Anarchist way of life is not negative. Its honest. Brutally so, but honest none the less. Anarchism requires total personal responsibility, complete personal accountability, and the ability to mediate or work out your own problems, how to conduct your self, and the ability to handle situations where a police officer or lawyer might otherwise be used.

If a person can honestly convince me that in a society that relies on the "It wasn't my fault" mantra can handle to the type of responsibility Anarchism requires, I'll eat my hat.

Not to mention the "fat cat" Elite who really, really don't want Anarchism because it would ruin their social status - and the upper middle class who covet said Elite status enough so that they would never allow it happen, right down to the middle-middle to lower middle class still buying the whole "American Dream" scam.

In the world, right now, and for centuries of history, people have not been allowed or made able to embrace the ideology of Anarchism, in its earnest form. Its not because we can't in the sense that it goes against some unseen genetic encoding - but rather we can't for the same reason humans had a hard time believing that the Earth was round, was not the center of the universe, that women and minorities really are humans worthy of compassion and rights, etc and so on.

Believing something that goes against anything and everything you've ever been taught not just in your life, but for generations of lives isn't easy to do.

Being honest about it is even harder, in my opinion.


Renegade Eye said...

Do you think anarchism can exist in a society that has classes?

Anok said...

It is my opinion that Anarchism, on a very individual level can and does survive within classes. That is to say, someone like myself, people in my group of friends who live our lives in accordance to basic Anarchist principles every single day. The idea can also survive.

What can't survive it a literal Anarchist society at large, because when classes, or castes get involved you immediately have a hierarchy which goes directly against Anarchist ideals.

Does that make any sense or should I have another cuppa joe before blogging? LOL?

an average patriot said...

Anok you are right on and I want to respond to this but I will be back as I have to run out for most of the day. See ya later!

an average patriot said...

I have to link to you to stay in touch daily too when I get off my duff and get things together and under control again. Hope all is well with you and Hubby.

an average patriot said...

okay Anon I got off my duff, we are linked!

Ned Swing said...

Well, I've replied. Anarchism is the forcible abolition of class society from below by the productive class.