O'Reilly Blasts Bloggers, Teen Pranks President, and Romney, Huckabee Have Faith Wars.

So much has happened lately!

Bill O'Reilly in is usual dim witted rhetoric out did himself on Faux News just yesterday, stating that "people who read left - wing blogs are devil worshipers" Maybe it's just me, but I'm always amused when I watch a party in their death throes. The more mouth-pieces like O'Reilly that strike out, the better off we are, in my opinion.

The popular opinion of the right wing fascist wannabes isn't all that popular anymore it seems. Hold one while I shed a few tears...OK, all done.

An Icelandic teen, it's being reported, got himself the phone number to President Bush's private White House line...and called it. Reportedly he pretended to be the president of Iceland, and left Bush a message. The teen was visited by authorities, rather than by Bush shortly thereafter. He refuses to say where he got the number. Had Bush actually answered the phone, I wonder if the teen could have fooled him into believing he really was the president of Iceland.

Five bucks says he could have.

Huckabee and Romney are battling for the souls of primary voters in Iowa as we speak. The Episcopalian and the Mormon and dueling it out for best "Christian Leader" although Huckabee is using the "Christian Leader" religion card while Romney is still trying to convince folks that Mormonism is not a cult.

Either way - I think with current xenophobic statements being flung by the likes of the most vocal supporters of Rebuplican candidates...religion will be used, once again, to corrupt and enslave strengthen our country.


an average patriot said...

Man Anok
Clicking on your site and seeing Oreilly's homely puss sure was scary. I have to tell you that I am sorry to say I am an ex mormon and they are Christians and not a cult though they are too strict for me.
after watching Oprah stumping for Obama I have to say "if there are elections" Obama will be the next President but man, you know how I feel about that. Take care!

Anok said...

Ha! I knew that would get someone's attention LOL. I know Mormonism isn't a cult - I don't think my snark came off quite right in the post....Its the idea that people are so ignorant to everything that they do consider it a cult that I was getting at. Well, that and the fact that no one should be worried about whether it is a cult or not a cult - but rather who the person is that is practicing it, and can they separate religion from politics if they are in a position of serious power.

My sarcasm hits an all time high sometimes when I see people bringing up all manner of talking points....and loads of questions - but they are not bringing up the stuff that really needs to be brought into the limelight.

I have known a few Mormons, as friends. I didn't find their religion to be good or bad really - I didnt' care as long as they were happy practicing it.

Its way to strict for me as well, then again I'm a Pagan - so go figure on that one LOL.

Larry said...

I have never worshipped devils even though I regularly read left wing blogs.

Perhaps the speaker of that quote could be viewed as the devil himself, since he spews round the clock hate.

Larry said...

Check out this link to a site of what the Republican Party and Bill O'Reilly really represent:

Republican Sex Offenders

Servant said...

Define cult! I dare ya. How is it that Mormons get a pass on the cult label but not us devil worshippers? Who found their Bible under a barn? Hmmmmmmm?

Mormonism a cult and so are all the organized religions, based on how gullible you have to be to join. The only thing that distinguishes a ordinary cult from any other belief system is how thick the carpet is in the administrator's office. If the parishioners are well heeled, it's not a cult.

Anok said...

Larry, I had read an excerpt from one of O'Reilly's books - and the material was definitely questionable in my opinion. Over at SGT Kokesh's blog he has a list of of Republican sex offenders - so yeah, I'm hearin' ya on that one!

Servant - "cult" on the most general broad basis could be used to define any group that requires membership, and follows a doctrine. It's not limited to religion. However, when people use the word "cult" they are not inferring a general definition, but rather a specific type of group, always with a negative connotation. I have been mixed up with, and escaped a true "cult" in this sense. If you would like to hear about my experience, I'd be more than happy to share it with you. In the meantime, I'll give you the generally accepted criteria for a "cult" in its negative, specific use.

1)Members - members of cults are sought out, and particular people are preyed upon. The poor, disillusioned, depressed, emotionally defunct, abused etc...cults tend not to go after massively confident, successful or morally aggressive people. Thats not to say that otherwise happy people don't get mixed up in them, but they typically come out of curiosity, and have not been "recruited".

2)Membership - membership in a cult is exclusive, secretive, and isolated. Members are forced to cut ties with any person in their life who may have a vested interest in the individual's well being. Family members, friends or loved ones are the main roadblock to the cults ultimate objective, and must be removed from the equation. Members with problematic loved ones, or who refuse to cut all ties can be met with threats of violence, or overt violence to gain control. (To the member, the "outsider" or both)

3)Indoctrination - Once all ties have been cut, the cult leaders can now manipulate and coerce the individual into believing ideologies that they would otherwise object to. Whether its mass suicide pacts, murder, illegal acts of a non violent nature, drug use, illicit sex, abdication of rights etc...doesn't matter - typically however, the ideologies are not of a beneficial nature. (to the individual, the ideologies may benefit the "leader")

4)total control - once they have been indoctrinated, the cult then requires its members to act on the ideologies, on behalf of the group. This is an important criteria, because often times cults require its members to engage in illegal, harmful or violent activities. This is where the idea of "cult" seriously strays from the general definition. The individual also abdicates ALL rights to the group leader(s). You can't sneeze without their approval.

5)escape - getting out of a cult is risky business. If you are in the early stages of "membership" it can be easier to leave versus if you have been fully indoctrinated. Once you have stepped over the line into full fledged member you have been witness to damaging information, and you pose a threat to the group. Thats why you are asked to engage in illegal activities. To incriminate them means you incriminate yourself. (like a gang, which could be considered a cult). Leaving in the early stages can still be tough. Harassment turns into stalking, turns into harassment of friends and loved ones, the harassment can turn violent.

Many people consider religious groups like Mormonism to be cult, but it really doesn't fit the definition. They have membership, but you are not isolated from friends and family, they have a doctrine that is strict, but it does not exert total control over one's life. Mormons do not force its members into illegal or harmful activities. In fact, they are asked to abstain from harmful substances and behaviors. Mormons do not employ or condone violence at any time.

Some Mormons have some questionable practices with regards to marriage, but as a whole this is not widely accepted behavior, and is not required of its members.

I hope that helps you clear up what is, and isn't a cult! Also, in my opinion, satanists are not a cult. It is Occult, not A cult.

an average patriot said...

Anok just checking in. I'm not kidding opening your site and having Oreilly's face come up is downright frightening. Can't wait till you put up a new poost!

Anonymous said...

That is why I love Keith Olbermann.. because he always points out the lies coming from Fox and Bill O.

Love Missy

Anok said...

Jim, a new post is up!

Missy - yup, we agree!