Bush Promises to Veto Omnibus Bill

From an article in USA Today:

"WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House on Saturday threatened to veto a massive spending bill being assembled by congressional Democrats, saying it's unacceptable to add billions of dollars to domestic programs.

The White House has not seen details of the $500 billion-plus measure — which senior Democrats are constructing behind closed doors — but reacted to it based on media accounts."

Go figure, our Master and Commander wants to veto a bill he hasn't even read yet. Why? because the $11 billion dollars in question are going to Americans, and not warmongering. Read on:

"The White House statement came after The Washington Post reported Saturday that the Senate's top Republican, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, supports the idea of allowing domestic spending increases if Democrats support $70 billion or so in war funding.[...]The Saturday development signals Republicans will play hardball to try to scale back the additional domestic spending. Still, many Republicans, especially the pragmatists who populate the appropriations committees, see Bush's budget as too stringent, and it's commonly assumed that Bush will ultimately agree to some additional spending as the price for obtaining war funds."

I'm sure we can all see just how seasoned, adult, and mature our government has become over the years. While Americans are now dealing with a recession, struggling to keep "Food on their families", and wondering how they will afford medical care, our government has fallen into a tit for tat game with our tax dollars.

If you give me what I want, I'll think about helping your constituents out a little.

What, has America turned into gang-land? Bribery and blackmail? Oh! Dumb me, Thats whats been going on for years now...sorry for my memory lapse. I cna't afford my mental medication any more *wink wink*.

Really though, the problem starts with us. Yes, our government is full of two-faced, back-stabbing, greedy prats - however our own activities or non action has brought this upon ourselves. Just read what some have said about this:

"I have always made my own way, never taken anything free from the gov. I bet I pay more taxes than your total salary. Furthermore, who said we should hand the money that we are throwing away in Iraq to the do nothings in America. How about if it just sits in the treasury and draws interest for a rainy day."

How compassionate, I'm overwhelmed by it. Yes, single mothers (many of whom may be single mothers at the hands of the war in Iraq, by the way), poor grandmothers, babies, and the recently laid off, and suicide ridden unemployed Veterans are all "do nothings" and deserve nothing at all from our government.

If our government, and our society didn't worship the all mighty dollar and its partner in crime capitalism, and their cousin privatization, our friends and neighbors might actually have the chance to do it all on their own, without any help from the government. However, our administration has done this, caused this mess or at least allowed it to happen - therefore they should be responsible for fixing it. Idiots that are so blind, so greedy, and so entitled as this guy here have probably never had a rough day in their life.

Or perhaps they have, but they are so desperate to cling to the American Dream that they must use wealth and entitlement to put themselves above others in the caste system we aren't supposed to notice exists.

"Poor people are all do nothings" and "Immigrants are the cause of all our crime and problems" and "Muslims, Pagans, and Heathens are the reason for the rest of our problems"

Sound familiar? Its the underlying platform rhetoric of the current administration and the wealthy elite that pay for their elections.

Wake up America!

P.S. Jim, I hope your like this graphic better LOL!


an average patriot said...

Anok I'm sorry! it pisses me off the lying childish ignorance of those idiots. It's obvious to a fool how they have robbed the bank and incurred more debt than every President combined.
It is sickening1 I was listening to one of the Repigs Bad mouthing the Dems saying they were trying to be fiscally responsable and Dems were adding $11 billion in unneeded expenses.
They keep friggen getting away with it. When the commentator kept trying to bring up Bush's trillions in debt the idiot kept cutting him off and saying we're at war.
Thats no excuse and certainly no excuse for not taking care of the people or the country.
Changing societal and world order through fighting their forever war is all that matters to them.

an average patriot said...

Anok that comic is great! Too bad it doesn't say except for Bush's illegals they must be served free. Sick isn't it?

an average patriot said...

Anok I'm telling you that picture is a great improvement. I am typing this and I have that idiot looking at me. Frightening I tell you!

Fran said...

How long will *We the People* let this go on for?
How do you envision a revolution to make the needed changes? What's it going to take to make it stop?
Yes, there is a madmad @ the helm, but does that relieve us of the responsibility to stop him?
We can't even get Congress to move ahead w Impeachment, yet they went ahead w impeachment proceedings for Clinton over a sex scandal? Bush still has over 400 days left in office. I don't even want to think about how much damage he can do in that time.

Anok said...

Jim, you know I agree with you!

Fran, you're asking great questions. I'll try to answer them, although some I admit to simply being at a loss for a resolution.

How do you envision a revolution to make the needed changes?

There are a few ways, none of which I am entirely sure will work. Legal aspects, which include bombarding our representatives with requests for things like Impeachment, change, and etc...This, so far is not working.
Then there is full scale revolution - starting with protests and probably ending in violence and strict Martial Law. If it comes to this, then it comes to it. I think this would certainly inspire change, but at what cost?
I think remaining unified, and facing off with our own government in a solid movement with a combination of legal revolutionary tactics, and less than legal tactics would be the best bet. Unfortunately with the rights that have been removed from us so far...any route to change has been made incredibly rocky.

Yes, there is a madmad @ the helm, but does that relieve us of the responsibility to stop him?

Absolutely not! But like your previous question, the issue is "how will we?" not "should we?"

Unfortunately for us - this path we are on has been paved not just by this administration, but by many before it. Knowingly or unknowingly our previous presidents and representatives have made choices that gave this administration the kind of power - and blind citizens! - it needs to go ahead and do what ever the hell it wants to.

I think the only reason it has gone this far is because Americans have been riding a wave of Patriotism so long we've forgotten how to get off long enough to asses whether or not we are riding the right wave at all. This country has been actively engaged in so many wars and conflicts that we simply don't know how to live without it. Questioning anyone or anything is and always has been a societal faux-pas that no one seems to want to make, with a few exceptions. (This war, Vietnam).

We need to educate, collaborate, and activate!

Renegade Eye said...

The Democrats don't even have a political program.

You can go sometimes 20 years and have no fundamental change, then events can occur, and 20 years is capsulized in one day.

there used to be two ruling parties in Venezuela, and Chavez's wasn't one of them.

an average patriot said...

I just remembered where I got that pictue. Incase you din't see my reply to you here you go. Dusty turned me onto this. I know you'll like them. The worried shrimp

enigma4ever said...

this is another painful issue- the sob signed his veto today....I am so lucky that my son is covered through his dad.....but if he wasn't I would indeed need the program...and would make too much to qualify...what a joke....frightening...homeless sky high....VETS with PTSD on the street.. 49 million without care.....Okay I am going to go watch PINK singing Dear MrPresdient so I can feel better...thanks for all that you do...