Punishment Of The Masses

I will not oppose Bush
I will not disobey my government
I will not question authority

When a country goes to war it is the poor who are hit hardest, and give far more than the elite, in many ways. The poor to lower middle class make up the majority of enlisted military personnel, the guys and gals in the streets risking life and limb for their country. The poor are almost always the first to be hit financially as well. During war time citizens are often asked to sacrifice something for their country, if its not life or limb, its money. Inflation from war budgets also typically hurt this class of people the hardest - when their pocketbooks are already low, increasing costs from wars and greedy corporate controlled governments just keep on taking and taking.

The poor also suffer the worst abuse and neglect in many countries when the government begins abusing powers it was never supposed to have.

Its no surprise then, that it is the poor and lower middle class citizens who object the loudest when a government gets out of control, or war breaks out.

In light of recent events, Bush vetoing Health Insurance For Children, Bush vetoing Energy Assistance For the Poor, Bush vetoing the Omnibus bill as I mentioned in an earlier post...Bush vetoing the SCHIP bill many months ago etc...

The intention is becoming clearer by the moment. This is a punishment. A punishment of the masses for not supporting his illegal actions. What better way to quiet the noise makers than to take away their ability to live or support themselves? Take away health, heat and other socially progressive bills, and hopefully you've scared them badly enough to shut up, and accept the ideologies of its ruling class.

Again, isn't this a form of terrorism?

Didn't this happen in Germany?


In other news, I have been sucked into myspace group debates (I always do...) but the apathy and ignorance is just as shocking and appalling to me as always. You'd think I would be used to it by now. I'm not, and have busied myself doing some "missionary" work of my own, if you will. This consists of nothing more than blowing off some steam while simultaneously being a massive thorn in people's sides....but its still fun.

If you have about an hour to kill, I suggest watching Naomi Wolf talk about her new book The End of America. Its a 47 minute video, plus i figure you'll need a few minutes afterward to catch your breath.

Do enjoy it, and when I am not so tired, I will get that blog round up up in a post of its own.


sonia said...

, I suggest watching Naomi Wolf talk about her new book The End of America,

I suggest watching (or reading) Naomi KLEIN's "Shock Therapy". She is saying PRECISELY THE OPPOSITE of what Wolf is saying.

Wolf's theory is pure garbage. It's Klein who's got it 100% right. And most leftists are too dumb to even understand the direct contradictions between both theories...

Renegade Eye said...

Naomi Wolf is clueless about fascism. She is fronting for Democrats.

Fascism involves the total annihilation of the workers and revolutionary movement. It is used by capitalism, at certain times under special conditions.

Fascism is not a rightist government, or even a military dictatorship.

Your post let the Democrats off the hook. Their programs stand for nothing, and should be opposed.

Trotsky understood fascism, and opposed Hitler 10 years before Churchill. Find out what fascism is really.

an average patriot said...

Hey anok
This war is different! This time they started it we are fighting while they are stealing us blind in many different respects. This is to their benefit and the average Americans demise and it will get a lot worse. I'll shut up!

Anok said...

Sonia, if Klein is saying just the opposite of Wolfe, then of course the ideologies are contradictory. (duh) No one is "too stupid" to see it - we are simply in disagreement. However, I'll take a gander at it later, and let you know what I think.

Ren, while you and I agree on many subjects - on this we disagree. The origin of Fascism started with Mussolini, a far - very far right winger. It annihilates the idea of individualism to the point where even a democracy was too far left for him. It is all about the State. I'm pretty sure I wrote about that somewhere.....I'll find it and link it. If not, I'll look through my notes - we can compare and contrast.

Jim, no need to shut up at all! Keep 'em coming!

Anok said...

Found it! it was over on Stop the Second Holocaust.

All Too Familiar

Its a compare/contrast of this administration and Mussolini's Fascist Party.

Anok said...

Sonia, I have taken a very precursory glance at the summary of Klein's book - and it seems to me that they are on the same wave - although wolf tends to talk (er, write) on a more general basis, and Klein speaks specifically of economics, capitalism and globalization, as well as disorientation techniques used by governments to make more money, and convince a people to give up what it rightfully owns.

These ideas go hand in hand with Fascism, and dictatorship. From an excerpt:

At the most chaotic juncture in Iraq’s civil war, a new law is unveiled that would allow Shell and BP to claim the country’s vast oil reserves…. Immediately following September 11, the Bush Administration quietly out-sources the running of the “War on Terror” to Halliburton and Blackwater…. After a tsunami wipes out the coasts of Southeast Asia, the pristine beaches are auctioned off to tourist resorts.... New Orleans’s residents, scattered from Hurricane Katrina, discover that their public housing, hospitals and schools will never be reopened…. These events are examples of “the shock doctrine”: using the public’s disorientation following massive collective shocks – wars, terrorist attacks, or natural disasters -- to achieve control by imposing economic shock therapy. Sometimes, when the first two shocks don’t succeed in wiping out resistance, a third shock is employed: the electrode in the prison cell or the Taser gun on the streets.

Bush has used this, Hitler used this, terrorists use this, Dictators use this......Its step one, frankly. Dictatorship 101, chapter one, page one.

What are your opinions about this, specifically?

Renegade Eye said...

However distasteful Bush is, the US is not heading toward fascism.

Everything he did, was met with legal opposition. You can vote, demonstrate and blog. You are allowed to form third parties.

Historically fascism requires a demoralized working class, armies of petit-bourgeoise and lumpen thugs. Fascism entails total annihilation of the working class and revolutionary movement.

Mussolini was fascist true. What is the point?

It's very important to understand what is, and what is not fascist. In Germany the Stalinist Communist Party called the Social-Democrats fascists. That helped Hitler, a real fascist to come to power.

sonia said...


They are contradictory. Naomi Klein claims, correctly, that people are more likely to accept dictatorship after a huge traumatic event. Katrina and tsumami are valid, but trivial examples. Better examples would be the defeat in World War I leading to Communist dictatorship in Russia, and the Great Depression leading to the Nazi dictatorship in Germany.

Naomi Wolf is claiming precisely the opposite. She says that in order to impose dictatorship, you need to do it gradually, step by step, sneaking one dictatorial measure after another while everybody's sleeping.

The difference of opinion between Naomi Klein and Naomi Wolf isn't merely theoretical. Their arguments determine how society will defend its rights. Those who believe Naomi Wolf's arguments, will push for anarchy, civil disobedience, and chaos, falsely believing that only agressive actions will sufficiently awaken the ordinary people to fight back against oppression. But those who believe Naomi Klein's arguments (like me), know that anarchy, civil disobedience and chaos will only profit the oppressors, by traumatizing ordinary citizens and making them seek salvation in Hitlers and Stalins of the future.

I wrote about it more extensively in this post.

Anok said...

Ren, Sonia - I feel a disagreement coming on! However, I would really like a chance to read the book - and I'll need more time to comment to both of you than I have right now - so hold those thoughts, because I do have a pretty strong opinion on the matter....and I'd love to debate them.

But not tonight.