Veteran's Day

Taking a cue from Enigma's blog Watergate Summer I think we should all take a moment to reflect on this day, and what it means.

To some, peace above all else is a mantra. It is my philosophy that unfortunately this is something that can't happen. Ideally it would be wonderful, but taking into consideration the inherent duality of human kind - and indeed, all creatures big or small on this planet, the need for force is sometimes inevitable. This is why I do support the troops (contrary to popular right wing beliefs) and this is why I do respect Veterans.

The men and women who have put their lives on the line for the protection of their country - and more importantly their fellow humans, their loved ones, their neighbors, friends and co-workers - are a noble group.

However, and this is a big however, the act of force is something that should be considered gravely and seriously. The right to protect oneself, and one's country is inalienable in my opinion. That is why I understand the need, and certainly the honor in serving one's country. The "big however" comes into play with regards to the use of said service. To defend, to protect is honorable. To bully or for gain is not.

In my profile the random question is "How is an ankle unlike a consequence?" My answer, "You can break an ankle." This is a life lesson learned in a silly question. Every choice yields consequences, every action, the possibility of repercussions. Unlike a bone, what's done is done and cannot be broken. It cannot be reset, it cannot be fixed. There are no casts or band aids that can repair or fix the result of one's actions. So it behooves those in the position to decide which consequences, and what repercussions we will face to think soundly and clearly.

That responsibility however, resides squarely on the shoulders of our government. Not our soldiers.

So lets not talk of war anymore today. Lets simply thank the brave men and woman around the world, who have stood up to fight whatever battles they faced during their lifetimes and service.

Hopefully, this world won't make too many more Veterans, as honorable as the title is, it it comes with a hefty price tag.


Aaron A. said...

Thanks for stopping by.
Great blog, I'll add you to my blogroll.

It was a funny feeling, another occupied Veteran's Day.

Ned Swing said...

And I thought you was an anarchist! Wtf -- the "responsibility" for ending the war does not lie with the government. Ok, maybe on a metaphysical level it does, but our esteemed rulers don't do shit unless they're made to or can make a few quid off it. Ending war, now and forever, rests in the hands of soldiers and lower classes.

We need to start fighting for ourselves, not our rulers, and that means internationalism. Fuck patriotism, fuck nationalism.

Lets take Veterans Day to remember the moments when soldiers stepped up and did their duty as men -- when they revolted, turned their guns the other way, and gave the middle finger to our rulers. The GI insurrection during the Vietnam War, etc.

Anok said...

Hey Ned, good to see ya! As an Anarchist in a non-Anarchist society, I have to take a hard look at reality whenever necessary. My ideals are great - for me. Unfortunately I don't live in a society that agrees with me all that much.

Although I was referring to the responsibility of our leaders to make cautious, informed decisions about war and foreign policy before it gets to this point - I totally agree with you. If, and only if we could function, right now, as an Anarchist society though.

Our current culture of American society has become so entitled, so fattened, and so mentally lazy at times that even if the lower classes and soldiers turned around and stood up for what is right, the rest of the lot would be at a loss with regards to how to live without a parental authority figure telling them how to live.

Eh, but thats just me.

Look for future rants about that though, and it may clear up my opinion better than I am right now. I've got a few in draft mode for the moment....

Anon-Paranoid said...

Our brave soldiers are giving there souls up for what they believe is doing the right thing.

Our leaders don't give a shit about them as we find out on a daily basis.

They all need to be dropped right in the middle of Iraq with no weapons and see how they fare. Not so well I think.

God Bless.

Anok said...

Heh... Thats what my husband keeps saying....they want a war? Let them fight it.

Anonymous said...

Thats a silly attitude. First off, good men and women from both America and Iraq are getting slaughtered. Second off, I don't agree with your negative attitude towards society.

The American people have both the intelligence and the power to make their own way without the ruling class. Modern industry is a testament to the strength of the working class - it is workers who operate, build, design, think-up and improve industry. If we can do that, we can certainly coordinate ourselves in a Cooperative Commonwealth!

Towards an international union of humankind

- Ned Swing