At the request of my husband I came across this blog on myspace, he insisted I read it. So I did.

Holy paranoia Batman!

First, there must be some sort of serious misinformation out there that the cold war is still on. Second, I'm not entirely sure that the author, or his readers are clear on how a Democratic Republic actually works. Or the fact that it is actually bi-partisan by design. Third, the - I'm at a loss for words right now, I don't really know how to describe it - the use, misuse, and abuse of illogical information compared with fallacy driven wild abandon of common sense is astounding. I'm boggled. I'm baffled. I'm actually almost speechless. Almost

Now, I'm not here to bash blogs. Thats not my intent. However, every so often one comes across something so...so unbelievable, so out there, so...wild that shaking one's head simply doesn't have enough force to get over what one has just read.

From wild and panicked "the Earth is flat" type passages about how the Democratic party's boss is really moveon.org, to complaints about how the Democrats are no longer trying to act or sound like Republicans, to some guy named Richard who, apparently has convinced this man of the Communist's plan to take over, and coincidentally ruin the world - all the way to the utmost of racist comments like "Obama might still be a Muslim - how dare he run for president!" This man is all over the darned place.

Oh, I forgot, the extreme right-wing fascist party has come to town, under the guise of Patriotism (re: severe nationalism) with the belief that all politicians should be republicans (no more of that bi-partisan crap!) and everyone should be Christians (or, in the words of Ann Coulter, "perfected Jews"), and anyone who dissents is a Communist (regardless of the fact that they may in fact be a Democrat, a Socialist, an Anarchist or anything really but a right wing fascist).

My husband wants to reply to this man, talk some sense into him. My stance is that it can't be done. He's too far gone. If he's convinced that the world is flat there isn't a fact in the world that will convince him otherwise.

On the other hand the blogs are on the older side, and he hasn't blogged in a while - maybe the commie-boogyman he is so afraid of jumped out from his closet and black-bagged him.

Well, its for the best really. I couldn't imagine living in so much fear all the time.

But really, the best way for me to describe my utter incomprehension of people like this is to show a short, profanity ridden scene from Boondock Saints:

Happy fucking Wednesday!


Renegade Eye said...

Not many blogs have as varied commenters as mine. I like seeing how people react to my positions.

I think testing your positions make you stronger.

In addition many on the left onlt talk to leftists, and read left materials. There are some events that if that practice continues, they'll be unprepared to deal with them.

My post tonight on Cuba, shows both good and bad. That is what revolutionaries do.

Anok said...

Oh I agree Ren, I love testing my position out in debate. In fact, some of my friends say I thrive on debate. They aren't entirely wrong.

However, I try not to outright bash the opinions or writings of other bloggers and people. I also try not to enter into a debate that will quickly disintegrate into ad hominem attacks, or just plain foolishness. Its not worth the headache. Choose your battles wisely, I always say.

This guy was just too good to pass up though! I had to mention his blog. I won't comment on it, even if he took the time to respond, which he doesn't, it would quickly enter the downward spiral of insults like "Commie fa**got" and I really don't have the time for that.

I've been reading your blog closely, you certainly do have a varied group of folks. I haven't formed any kind of commentary yet - but once I do, I'll be sure to let you, or the other posters know by jumping right in. I'm a slow starter.

I also have a varied readership, those opposing my views simply tend not to leave comments though. I wish they would come out of lurkdom.

Anyway, thanks for stopping in, I'll be sure to check out your new post.

Servant said...

I can't read the article since I don't participate at myspace. Or maybe it has been moved. ?? Interesting observations about the rhetorical tactics of the right nevertheless. It has the quality of disinformation. It tends to obscure rather than to clarify. It tends to characterize rather than inform. It tends to assert rather than support.

It is the product of ideology rather than original thought. It tends to use copies of original thoughts from someone upstream in the revenue model who has the ability to think.

In fact, the rhetoric of the far right is similar to that of our farthest left. The Communists were also willing to justify the means by the end. Any lie could be justified for the noble cause, and many were.

That's why the rhetoric of the right sounds so backward to most of us on the left. The right know the words have nothing to do with what they believe. Words are mere tools. They see rhetoric as a means toward the end. They can justify the ends but refuse to be held accountable for the means they use to achieve those ends.

They know that "the left" (of which Ren is part no matter how much he doth protest) cannot reconcile evil means with noble ends, therefore they have a tool which we, most of us anyway, are unwilling to pick up.

It has nothing to do with testing ones positions. It is a simple matter of whether you are willing to regard the truth as a means or an end.

PoliShifter said...

There are crazies in the world. The internet is just a reflection of people and there are billions of us, bad to be a few nuts in the batch.

It's hard to say with people like this if they truly believe what they write or if they are just being provacatures.

Some are just doing it for propaganda and don't believe a word they say or write.

Others just like to get a rise out of people and think it's funny; they like to think of themselves as master manipulators of humans they consider to have a low intellect.

And still others are true beleivers and they are very scarey.

I find it typically futile and useless to try to engage them. And depending on who they are and how mad you make them they often seek revenge be it an internet smear campaign, hacking your computer, flooding your inbox with viruses, or in some cases showing up at your door.

I would tread lightly...

Anonymous said...

I love that movie....

love missy

I love reading your blogs too chica. hope the family is well. you really inspire me to write.

Anon-Paranoid said...

I left you a reply to your comment on my last post.

Thanks for thinking of me and caring if I was alright.

God Bless.

Anok said...

Servant - sorry I forgot that myspace blogs can only be read by myspace users. I'll get a few choice snippets up ASAP.

Polishifter, I agree wholeheartedly. Although I do a fairly good job of keeping a low-profile online. That and I'm not all that worried about people showing up on my stoop. I throw them off guard by being nice, and offering coffee. Unless they're psycho, in which case, I can take care of myself ;)

Missy, great to see you! The family is well, and if you're inspired to write, then write dammit!

Anon!!!!!! I was getting worried about you. I hope everything is OK. Thanks for dropping in.