Peace and Violence - An Open Thread

First, some thoughts on the duality of peace and violence - then, I'd like to see some open discussion about it.

In every human there is an inherent juxtaposition of peaceful behavior, and aggressive behavior. This is typically called "flight or fight". Where the point of balance lies for the respective behaviors in every individual varies as greatly as the number of people on this planet. To be certain however, the duality exists in each and everyone of us regardless of the biological makeup, personal creed, or doctrine of the individual.

As equally varied are the reasons stated in the social strata or activist arena for a greater amount of support for one camp over another. One person who typically opposes violence may support, or even engage in overt acts of aggression if the situation warrants it. Self defense, or protection of a loved one comes to mind. Conversely, an aggressive person may support the cause for peace during a time period when violence is seemingly the only solution.

I would hope that most people choose not to paint themselves into a corner by supporting aggression or peace by matter of rote behavior. I would like to think that people act as their conscience dictates, or simply put, use critical thinking. That said, we all know that there are still far too many people in the world who do not listen to their conscience at all.

The question however, can violence really produce peace? Can peace really solve violence?

In my opinion, there are some situations where violence can yield peace, and peace can stop violence. Sometimes turning the tables on a violent person, in defense of oneself, could and should theoretically help change the mindset of the violent person. A schoolyard bully who finally has someone stand up to him or her and maybe even, get a punch in the nose may just be the swift kick in the rear that he or she needs to change his or her behavior.

On the other hand, sometimes doing that can provoke a long line of retaliation, a battle of "tit for tat" if you will. In that situation, a peaceful resolution would work best.

In conclusion, it is in my opinion that each and every person should think critically about what possible types of behavior could become the end result of your own, and choose peace or violence based on future repercussions or results, and not strict dogma.

What about your opinions?

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