This is the Disintegration of Our Country

People who are opposed to criticisms of the war resort to personally attacking Veterans for experiencing depression and other post war symptoms. That Vet would be my husband. From Drinking Liberally in New Milford

In the comment section. I will simply cut and paste the comments, as they are, in sequential order.

Me: I just left a comment about this subject over at an average american patriot.

I watch my husband carefully for the signs, always now.

The "you wouldn't understand" retort gets me every time. Although I don't fully understand, I'm sure I could be somewhat sympathetic - so this is an issue close to my heart.

cPalm: If i went over to a foreign land, lived like an animal, was prepared to offer the ultimate sacrifice for my God and Country, and then returned home to hear the pessimistic, disrespectful, feminizing jargon that spews from the likes of people such as yourself - I too would shoot myself, square in the face.

Me: You don't like my opinions? Then attack my opinions, but I'll be damned if people crack jokes about Veterans committing suicide.

Let me enlighten you asshole, my husband is an Iraq Veteran Against the War - he too spews the "pessimistic garbage" that I spew. In fact he is the very reason I began "spewing my garbage" all over my blog. My support of him, and his opinions through my own has helped him in his healing process. Being vocal about what is going on and trying to do something about it is one of very few things that has got him on the right track.

Maybe if you grew a spine, and went over there, you'd actually know what you were talking about. As it stands, you are seriously uninformed about the link of depression, PTSD, DU and this war.

But if you think suicide is funny, maybe you should try the punchline on yourself sometime.

Because I sure as hell don't think its funny. And I sure as hell don't think that any one who has a loved one suffering from depression or PTSD, both of which my husband has, plus possible DU contamination from this God damned war thinks its funny.

You're awfully brave to insult a VETERAN and his WIFE online, randomly on a forum about a damn serious subject, when you don't have the balls to go over there yourself and expose yourself to the physical and psychological dangers.

But hey, you're more than happy to send more people off to do it for you, aren't you?

Tell me, am I over reacting here?


enigma4ever said...

No good woman- you are not over-reacting , you are educating someone that is ignorant and cruel...you are speaking the truth about PTSD and the VETS...sadly this country has turned to shit in many ways- it is strange how the right wingers are so dangerous- more dangerous than any terrorists...why? because they lack Humanity....

I am so sorry about this- you and your husband have both served our Country- you deserve praise and support and compassion...

and you know if this slimebag ever came over to the Enigma Cafe driveling such slime I would have to remove his sorry ass from the premises toot-sweet- there is no reason for VETS and their families to be so disrespected- but sadly this idiots of the Bushco regime have been schooled and empowered to hurt so many...I am so sorry...
many many hugs...

stop by the Enigma Cafe or watergate...you and your hub are loved and supported...always...namaste.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Just so you don't miss my response:

"Wow cPalm... It is clear where you stand. "Fuck the vets" is all you got for them.

Anok, I am sorry that my Blog seems to be getting over run by a couple of wingnuts that seem to have an idiotic Ayn Rand attitude. ("I got mine - now fuck you all")

All the dimwad wants to do is drop a link in the comments in the hopes that someone will pay attention to his sad little Blog."

I say... Giv'em hell! And you are more polite in your responses than I would ever be.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I should add that I really do hope your husband will be ok.

Anonymous said...

You know, My brother just came home from Iraq for some R & R and is home until the end of the month before being shipped back over there.

There are a lot of guys who actually try to kill themselves over it. I don't think you are over reacting.

I just wish people who said shit like this would grow the balls to enlist and see what it is like for themselves.

Love Missy

an average patriot said...

you are right on track and speaking well for you, your husband, and all of us that love our America not Bush's. A couple of my sons are in and out of Iraq, Afganistan, and war zones never mentioned.
I am sickened when ignorant children make believe they are adults and criticize those that actually live the horrible reality bush has created today and for the future.
I have had right wing fools who never had to face reality say shit like epalm about my sons. You can only have that attitude if you do not have a clue and like the chief idiot, should keep your idiocy to yourself!
My thoughts are with you and your husband and I reiterate wonderful enigma's feelings.

Naj said...


"feminizing jargon that spews from the likes of people such as yourself "

Enigma, time to prepare the psychotherapist's report!

War-lovers are genetically deficient!

"Feminizing Jargon" ... you shoudl have asked the asshole if he popped out of his dad!

an average patriot said...

I am going through the news right now. In light of what we have been discussing look at this it is digusting. Fighting the VA after horrific injury
I am disgusted!

RickB said...

Hey Anok, sorry to read about this, no you're not overreacting, that commenter deserved a good smackdown. There are always people who fight tooth and nail to avoid awareness of the consequences of war lest it get in the way of their need for some kind of perverted validation through war. What your husband has done, to live through/with his illnesses and join IVAW is immensely braver than most (and has great awareness and honesty) and your support must be a big factor/help in that. It's always hard saying the King has no clothes and in war you get accused of treason for it... by naked idiots wondering why it's so cold and where their wallet went, Al Qeada did it!

Anok said...

I want to thank everyone for their kind words. I try to maintain a certain amount of patience and restraint in online forums, particularly on other people's blogs....but I do have a temper, and the subject at hand happens to be right close to my "big red ugly button".

Its good to know that I didn't completely overreact, in the eyes of others.