Bush Has Prevented More Terrorist Attacks!

Now, this is a phrase, commonly uttered by those still supporting the Bush administrations actions, by those who are outwardly condemning Obama's administration, and by those who truly believe that we are under terrorist siege.

And it irritates me to no end.

Has it not occurred to anyone still using the "he's kept us safe from terrorists" argument that only one terrorist attack was ever needed? Think about this, the attacks on September 11th set the stage for a wildly different America. One attack, while emotionally horrid and shocking, turned this country upside down, and set into motion the very demise of this country. Which of course was the goal, wasn't it?

One attack, just one, was the spark that created a flame that has all but devoured this country. Granted! There are other factors at play with regards to our economic system etc...it was the terrorist attacks that led to the downward spiral.

Regardless of one's opinions about why we were attacked, and I mean the root cause, (generally regarded by us far out lefties as bad foreign policy and turning a blind eye towards atrocities and supporting brutal dictators so long as it greased our economic wheels) the over all effect was successful, was it not?

A while ago I wrote a bit about this in a post called Changing our way of life.

I want you to think back to the words spoken by Bush, after the September 11th attacks. And I want you to really think about them for one second.

"The terrorists hate our freedoms [.....] they want to change our way of life"

The government, as well as many Americans have repeated the notion that the terrorists want to take this country down from the inside.

Now here we are, it's 2009, and Rome is falling to pieces.

After and because of the attacks our country has fallen into a state of divisive politics, strong arm militarism, economic woes and internal chaos that haven't been felt here since the Civil War. Martial law, spying on citizens, conspiracy theories hitting the mainstream. Hello!

The cost of the war in Iraq has caused so much economic damage here, the war in Iraq, the call to arms against terrorism in the way that we did, the use of torture and suspension of rights, the willful rejection of the Geneva convention, the airing of the country's dirty laundry...these things have ruined our international reputation, ruined our economy, ruined any semblance of unity within the country...

Citizens are still using the threat of terrorist attacks to justify all manner of things that go against our constitution, our laws, international treaties...

One attack caused this.

I've got news for those who continue to believe that Bush et al has prevented terrorist attacks. There was never going to be more than one. Becasue one was all that was needed to tear down the military and capitalist structure of this country.

Mind you, I'm not crying over the failures of capitalism, I expected that to happen anyway. But the failures have been pushed to the very limits due to the attacks. In any case, I silently scream every time I hear or read "But he kept us saaaaafffeee!". No he didn't, he walked right into the trap.


Now Obama is left to clean up the mess, and while I'm hopeful that he can, I'm doubtful hat it will be enough.


Anonymous said...

Right on! I still can't believe there is anyone left in America that can possibly say George W. Bush did anything good for this country. (I do have one in my family though--yikes!)

I sincerely wish President Obama well. He's got a hell of a lot of undoing to do. Peace. :)

Houseonahill said...

The movement has begun.

We must stay strong as President Obama attempts to unravel this mess.

I applaud him going on Al-Arabiya where he denounced all the "terror" rhetoric.

Now we, while the President is publicly making the statements, must email our legislators to let them know we are tired of the language as well, especially from the SCARED conservatives who are really beginning to make me tick me off! Great post!!

Anonymous said...

Bush is a mad man. Poor Obama, he'll inherit all the waste of Bush.

Anok said...

I agree with all of you! Ahhh, it feels good to get this all off my chest.

earthtoholly said...

Hi Anok.

"Bush Has Prevented More Terrorist Attacks!" just by moving his arse out of the White House, I think. And the US has terrorized itself with its rampant greed. Don't know if foreign terrorists could've done a better job at it.

earthtoholly said...

p.s. Peace and good will to President Obama has he tries to help dig us out of this mess...

Anonymous said...

No one counts the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis and the tens of thousands of US citizens maimed and killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11 when they praise the Bush administration for keeping us safe. Bush's war in Iraq and the mishandling of the conflict in Afghanistan has resulted in far worse loss to this country than the destruction of the WTC. If the deaths/maimings/other harm from Iraq and Afghanistan had occurred in a shorter span of time, like the span of time in the WTC attacks, no one would think the price was justified, regardless of the so-called gains from these actions.

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Anonymous said...

What is most frightening to me is the American media and figure heads like Giuliani, Hannity, O'Reilly that continues to spew pure lies and fabrications to large public audiences - under the guise of being credible 'news commentators'.

Somehow if you ignore facts, incite fear and hatred. Question without logic and make wild accusations based only on the freedom to say it, you can get your own 'news program' on Fox News and your own coast to coast radio show.

What frightens me next is the sheep who obviously can't think for themselves, or don't want to think for themselves who are
indeed a movement of labotomized american masses swayed by and focused on and invaded mind and body snatched swarms of flesh puppets being marched straight to hell hand in hand, fed these lies and ignoring reality.

The absolute insanity of it catching the rest of us sane people in a net of fear and chaos. Fear of no hope, fear of no solution.

This is a sad day for the noble ideas given to freedom of speech.
But a great day for Pharmaceutical companies trippling their profits on the treatment of depression and anxiety.

I'm Canadian, and listening to the crap that I hear on the news from the US makes me want to buy a gun.

soju said...

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