Be Connected

I've been going through Youtube videos tonight, viewing music, stumbling videos. I've focused mainly on "throwbacks" tonight. Songs that I haven't heard in a while. In true Youtube fashion, one click lead to another and stumbled across Mosh by Eminem.

Now, I remember the first time I heard this song. I hadn't been overly impressed by the infamous Slim Shady up to that point. But I heard this song, and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Then I watched the video.

It was early 2004, I was feeling rebellious. I had already been through some very life changing experiences, and my eyes had been opened by that point. I watched the video, that infectious beat, those lyrics cut like a serrated six foot sword, he was wielding his talent in a way that made me feel connected.

Granted, the fact that the characters in the video look like a little blac bloc army certainly helped. Until that point, I felt relatively isolated in my anger towards the establishment. This opened up a chasm of hope, and an unnerving boldness in my heart.

Bush is out of office. And despite the past, the country did unite for a period time, more so than we could have ever hoped for. Although we didn't unite under the banner of supporting our government, we united none the less.

Thugs and Anarchists, rappers and punk bands, regular folks and fringe elements, activists and veterans, young and old - solidarity.

Now we have a new administration. We do have the ability to hope from what we've seen thus far. We can still remain united, we can still implement change. We can still bridge the gaps of generations, genre's, race and gender.

Let's not lose that.

Watch the video, and reflect on our ability to engage in real solidarity:


Buddha said...

I think you have captured the mood of the majority of the American people.
We are all tensely watching for something to change, for a sign, for a ray of hope.
We are on the verge of a catastrophic depression.
Can we avoid it?
I don’t know but
it will take more than positive thinking and songs.

Kelly W. Patterson said...

That's a great song and vid.

Anok said...

Buddha, thanks, I agree - it will take more than just inspiration.

Kelly - I know, isn't it? Thanks for stopping in.

Noarch said...

I really hope that this solidarity continues. When it goes bad everyone wants to unite, most of my "friends" come around when the money is low. But as soon as it gets better (for them) nobody's around and my front porch is like a ghost town.
Still, these past years have openend some more eyes and one of the best things we can do (Which by the way you're doing right now) is to not let them forget.
Keep uo the fight :D

The Acolyte Tao said...

I really still think there is nothing different between any Presidents besides George Washington, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln. I think the rest are still puppets to their elitist groups and international bankers. Meh, just my opinion though.

Anok said...

Noarch, that's what I'm trying to do - remember that there is work to be done. Actually I think I am more excited about it now, though.

Acolyte - thanks for coming by! While I do agree to an extent, I will say that at the moment, Obama is different.

Let's see if he can stay different.

winfried sobottka said...

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Dear Sisters and Brothers, please use all Your means to spread my call for help, and please give Your own best: Only in true Community we are able to fight down the Devil and to open holy Gates on Earth for mankind, but in true Community we will get that both!

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Winfried Sobottka, a speaker of German Anarchists in FRG and Austria and a member of United Anarchists.

jb said...

Anok....ok I haven't seen that in a long time. You got to give youtube there dues, for being able to sadate us all into watching ,surfing and filling us with more shit.

Is this it..is this what we've become a youtude watching world. Your new prez has a youtude thing going on, a myspace and you name it.

I'm confused about all this and really, I don't know what to say or think.

You keep fighting the good fight but I feel that, even with change we are up against something bigger then even the prez denies to look at.

And by the way, I hate slim shaddy...he shouldn't be given a voice. What has he given us but bitches and whores, and music that treats women like objects or sluts..... really is he a good example or role model for what us...mmmmm..I think not. Soory I know your up against alot of bullshit but I've been wearing my helmet for awhile now. Take good care and sorry about slim shaddy I can't take him.


Anok said...

JB, it's alright, man. I just post the youtube vids because I like people to see what I'm listening to or watching sometimes. I find the stuff inspirational.

What are we doing? I dunno about you, but I've been thinking, planning, trying to find solutions. I write when my head gets full.