Call to all Anarchists!

Not just to Anarchists, but to anyone who cares.

Right now we have the unique ability to use the economic and social decline to initiate real change. I propose that we use a combination of resources - one being legal lawsuits to hold greedy CEO's and executives responsible for the decades of greed that has caused poverty, pain, and perhaps even funded wars to further advance US imperialistic goals.

The other of, course, would be to take it to the streets.

If we want to undo the damages of capitalism, if we want to let the government know that the US has overstepped her bounds and the line of decency for too many years - Now is the time to do it.

Who is with me?

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in organizing a collaborative effort. You may leave a message here, in the comment section, e mail me through my profile, or you can find me on blogcatalog.

In the meantime, watch, and enjoy:


Anonymous said...

Not at all interested in joining you, but I do have a question or two.

I can guess the answer, but what in specific would you replace capitalism with?

When you say, 'take it to the streets', do you mean simple protest or are we talking about the typical lefty and anarchist protest; meaning property damage and violence?

Jesse said...

I take it your somewhat optimism toward the Obama administration has worn off?

Regardless, you know what's up. Let's get this done and make sure these are the last years people are turned into wage slaves and victims of class.

Into the streets indeed.

AetiusRomulous said...

I an not an Anarchist. At least I'm pretty sure I'm not. It very well could be that I play for the other team. Regardless I completely share your view that we are entering a crucible where finally, after a generation, there may be an opportunity to actually step into history. I'm pretty excited about it I must say.

More than willing to be involved in any group of people who are willing to closely examine their own theory and Philosophy, and work intelligently towards crafting practicle solutions...wherever they may lead.

When you get your shit together drop me a note - really willing to work hard and think seriously.

Noarch said...

Beautiful video!!! Being all the way here up in canada it would be kind of hard taking it up the streets with you. But I could set up something around here at the same time. Kind of a across the border thing you know?
Snow no snow, ill be takin' it up the streets round here.

Melinda said...

Obama seems to be headed in the right direction--and I don't see bringing lawsuits against the greedy bastards on Wall Street or protesting (taking it to the streets) is a statement against him. It's a statement against the waste that is STILL continuing on WS--wasting 18 BILLION in bonuses when every day Americans are becoming homeless. Why not have those bastards take that 18 BILLION and give it to the American people. It's our money, after all.

I am with you, Anok. I have had it up to my ears.


Anok said...

Warnick *yawn*

Jesse I was hoping you'd stop by! actually, my excitement about Obama is what is making me so optimistic that we can actually do something this time around.

Think about this, we took to the streets during the Bushco admin, right? It was necessary but ineffectual. Nothing changed, really.

This time though - I'm thinking we can begin change towards a path that will set us up in the right direction. I'm stewing on a post right now to better explain what it is I'm thinking, so hold tight, I'll get it out eventually :D

Aetius There is a little Anarchist in everyone ;) I'm completely excited to talk about the possibilities and opportunities that we have right now. Like I mentioned to Jesse, I'm working on a post to better explain what I'm thinking - please stop back in, or share your blog posts on the matter.

Dialogue is key.

Noarch - Bro, you and the Mrs can come down here for a visit! Hell, that would be fun and I wouldn't make you sing at all. ;) I don't think anything would be occurring in the next few weeks, but i will definitely keep you in the loop.

Melinda Yes, that's exactly what I'm thinking. I think this administration will serve as an asset to real dialogue and progress - rather than a hindrance and threat like Bushco.

Thanks for stopping in everyone - feel free to w hip up your own ideas. We need to really think about a course of action, and set list of goals.

Corporate accountability? Yes.
Government accountability? Yes.

We need to focus on what we can do to foster the development we need so we can get on the right track, and, as Jesse said - stop wage slavery, as well as stopping US capitalistic imperialism.

With cooperation and time, we can do this!

Mikhail said...

Very interested in Direct Action anywhere. please email me at blackstarsandredstripes@gmail.com
I would love to talk to you about anything (including some DA).



Kelly W. Patterson said...

We're starting to get some things moving here in Vegas.

Re: Warnick - We would replace capitalism with an actual free market instead of the incestious, Government subsidized, organized crime network that exists today. And taking it to the streets means many thing, but it rarely means property damage and violence until the cops show up and attack those who are attempting to exercise their rights.

Anok said...

Mikhail, I've added you to my contacts. I'll be in touch!

Kelly - Ha, I can't believe you answered Warnick's questions. I didn't have the patience at the moment. :D I'd love to hear about what's going down in Vegas...

Kyt Dotson said...

I agree wholeheartedly about more accountability. It seems relevant and obvious that a great deal of corruption not spurned by the current market is a product of a lack of accountability of both government oversight, bailouts, compensation/subsidies, and also a lack of any sort of responsibility heavy on the heads of corporations.

It is egregiously difficult to make large entities responsible for their actions. Moneyladen juggernaughts -- including the governing bodies -- often just roll over the very people they're made up of. Even when obvious harm can be demonstrated yet priorities seem to slip away from that harm and instead rest on imaginary harms directed at those entities.

Ramble ramble. If not total reformation, then at least more accountability is key.

Anok said...

Kyt, I think there's something to the idea of civil lawsuits being scarier for the juggernauts. (Awesome word, by the way).

I think if we can threaten the financial aspect, while showing public support for, essentially their heads on silver platters - they might cave.

Pentad said...

Damn you YELL loud!! hehe

hmmmmm...maybe, maybe. What do specifically have in mind?

Anok said...

Pentad, I am thinking about using a multi-front tactic to address the inherent problems with out current system.

1) Use civil lawsuits to get the attention of corporations. Now this may mean that only shareholders receive the immediate benefit of such a lawsuit (financial compensation) however it would push the industry to change from a manager's capitalism, to owners capitalism. Think about this, right now the managers, producers etc.. run the show, and shareholders are often left out in the cold. Anyone can be a shareholder, ergo the shareholders are a better representation of "the people".

It's a step in the right direction, and, would get the attention of the companies.

2) Popular opinion and civil actions aimed at the government and their regulatory legislation regarding companies. If the lawsuit is successful, then we have the wiggle room to push for better regulatory guidelines, and, ask for the power of companies to be put back into the hands of the people.

A pseudo reappropriation of the means of production, as it were. We could take it a step further by asking for stricter guidelines all around regarding how corporations conduct business.

I asked my husband this:

Who runs the country? The government.
Who runs the government? The corporations, essentially. (They have the greatest effect on how our government does business)

So if we take power of the corporations, then we have essentially taken back our country. On two fronts, at that.

AetiusRomulous said...

Anok. You are trying to do something. Too few people are.

Food for thought as you work your way through this;

Governments are local, economies are global. Corpoartions are global.

Most are beavering away, boxing economic shadows from within their politic, when the issues are much, much bigger. Nibbling at the table cloth and never getting to the feast.

Corporations, their role in the creation of wealth, and way they fit in the International Global Financial Architecture....it's somewhere in there methinks.

Dave Dubya said...

I would suggest an organized campaign of pressure applied to the corporate advertisers on Fox and other right-wing media.

If enough people send the message of boycotting a business, their behavior changes. Look at the "Terrorist headwear" of Rachel Ray's Dunkin' Donuts ad. The Reich Wingers do it. So can we.

Apart from lawsuits, that may be the only way to get their attention. When money talks, they listen; especially if it's a significant amount of consumers' money.

It would seem to be the preferred method by those of us too old or disabled to march in the streets.

Tremendous influence can be wielded from our chairs by the phone and computer.

The numbers are there, but serious motivational and organizational efforts need to be made.

Dave Dubya said...

"Terrorist head scarf" is what I think they called it.

Kelly W. Patterson said...

I've been a bit busy, so I didn't have chance to answer earlier, but we are starting to get some things off the ground here in Vegas. For a little over 6 months we've been hosting A-cafes where we bring local Anarchists together, facilitate planning, and expose interested people to Anarchism (and dispel the myths). Since then we've gotten the local Food Not Bombs chapter, which had been pretty much shut down by some local laws making it illegal to feed homeless people (they've since been overturned as unconstitutional) restarted and we're looking to expand our associated services. Also, me and a few local fellow workers are trying to get a branch of the Industrial Workers of the World started in Vegas. I personally would like to eventually get a panhandlers local started much the IWW did in Ottawa to address some of the issues facing the local homeless population here.

There is alot of merit to pursuing lawsuits against the government and/or companies because it hits them where it counts. Companies are in business to make money and if you go after their pocket book it gets their attention. You have to make sure you have a good lawyer who is sympathetic to the cause and willing to go the whole way though, because the government also runs the courts and most of the time the deck is going to be stacked against you.

Properly organized boycotts can also be a powerful tool. Proof of that is the progress the ICW has made for tomato harvesters in the past few years, largely due to targeted boycotts.

There really are alot of options available for people with imagination. Not the least f which is simply removing yourself from the economy, by lowering your cost of living and finding alternative methods of income. This also makes it easier to live outside of the government's influences.

Kelly W. Patterson said...

Oh and as far as our friend Warnick goes, sometimes it's good to respond to ignorance. In the process of correcting their silliness you can reach someone who might just be misinformed.

Anok said...

Excellent Kelly - sounds like you guys have some good stuff going over there.

Everything here is so loosely affiliated that it's much harder to organize - so we wind up piggybacking on other groups. (Still spreading the word, though)

I can't believe they tried to outlaw feeding the homeless...what were they thinking?!

Kelly W. Patterson said...

Well, they created that law specifically to get rid of Food Not Bombs. It was a real shady law too. It's actual text stated that it was illegal to "publicly feed anybody that a reasonable person could conclude was poor." Right now we're still fighting them, because once that law was overturned they started closing the parks FNB was using to feed people. Also they've tried to require permits for any gatherings over 24 people and just general intimidation. Alot of homeless people can be driven away just by the pressence of police in the area and they use that to their advantage.

There are alot of larger issues involved, though. If you really analyze government sponsored welfare programs they are actually designed to make people dependent on the government. They give you just enough to sustain yourself and keep you from marching on the Whitehouse and they create a complicated system to keep you occupied chasing that little morsel of cheese at the end of the maze. When you are busy just trying to survive, it's hard to worry about what they are upto.

The other issue, which is the larger issue in regards to FNB is that the government wants everything running through them or their approved channels, because they don't want people to realize that they can make it without them. That's why anytime you start to build a community outside of the government they will do what they can to destroy it. They don't want people to figure out that they can do it own their own.

We do our share of piggybacking BTW. We support any cause that is in alignment with our own ideals, even if it isn't an actual Anarchist group. You have to build allies, especially when you haven't reached the point where you can stand on your own.

Anonymous said...

I think the anarchist currency circulating around has some merit. (See http://sites.google.com/site/bartercoins). It will starve the beast to death quickly and painlessly (to us.) Tackling the State in other ways can be risky.