Freedom of Speech?

Not likely as the presidential campaign warms up, Candidate and presidential hopeful McCain has already begun trampling on constitutional rights. This election ought to be good.

Watch the video:


Don Lewis said...

Why did Bush's...Sorry McCain's people have this woman removed? For the same reason that Obama's people had the two women in head scarfs removed from behind him in one photo shoot and removed too many non-white faces in another.

They are all the same people and these are all just stage sets. The acquisition of power trumps Human Rights every time.

Ian Thal said...

It's very likely that either the Judge will dismiss the charge, or that the DA's office will choose not to follow through out at the court date-- even if the librarian were to return to the scene and get herself arrested.

Even the police should know that.

Kelly said...

That's really pathetic. They ticketed and escorted that woman because of a sign. You're right, McCain has begun trampling.

an average patriot said...

That was good! I with to hell stuff like this would get out to where it can make a difference. mcDink doesn't want the real truth out as he holds these controlled Town Hall meetings. He wants his lies the new truth to get out so he can continue Bush's Peaceful war mongering agenda!

nuclear boy said...

It isn't like this is new. Every president has had people escorted away in this sort of manner and worse. Every president tramples on 'constitutional rights'.

Pentad said...

HA! Incredible. I loved her "logic" at the end.

Anon-Paranoid said...

Welcome to the Police State brought to you by the Republican Fascist Nazi's.

God Bless.

Dave Dubya said...

This is another reason McCain is going to win. He knows Americans are ignorant of their rights. There will be no backlash over this.

McCain won't even have to be concerned about women with head scarves in the building. They won't be there to begin with.

Soon we will be seeing Bush's "Free speech zones" morphing into "No speech zones".

Freedom will disappear much faster under Republican totalitarianism.

Ignorance is their strength and Americans will provide that commodity in abundance.

The BoBo said...

Now, that's just plain nuts! And..that is why I am no longer a Republican! Freakin dipwads

Anok said...

Don - do you have anything links, that show that Obama did that? I would love to showcase that on my blog as well.

Ian, I agree, it will probably be dismissed. However some court cases in recent times that should have been dismissed have not been. SO I wonder...

Jim, Yup, controlled town hall meetings - isn't that the American way? ;)

Nuclear boy, I agree - but it is getting worse (compared to previous decades of presidential elections).

Pentad - the woman did have a point at the end, you know :D

Anon - I've missed you! And yes, I agree!

Dave, do you honestly think McCain will win? I know some are predicting it due to electoral votes and swing votes...but I still wonder.

Bobo- I actually just breathed a sigh of relief on reading your response. I know you have conservative leanings - so to hear that...phew! Makes me feel a bit better!

Dave Dubya said...

The American public has been conditioned to regard McCain as a "maverick straight-talking war hero". McCain practically has his own entire sycophantic press corps. They must prove "worthy" to ride his bus and plane.

The corporate media will suggest he's just the man to protect us when some national security "incident" is brewed up around September or October.

The media, to boost ratings, are doing its best to present the race as a narrow contest. And if the election does turn out to be a close one, along with the above incident, the Reich will steal it.

They've gotten away with it twice. What's to stop them?

Anon-Paranoid said...


Two Muslim ladies weren't allowed to sit behind the stage by someone on Obama's staff as an event.

He called them and apologized. I do not believe that he would have ordered that and it was a very unfortunate incident to have even happened.

I'll be putting up a new post tomorrow on the abdication of the Congress's authority and powers under the Constitution.

I am beginning to think it is too late to save our country. I sure hope I'm wrong because the alternative is not very good.

God Bless.

an average patriot said...

You aren't wrong and it is coming to a head soon. This is the perfect manufactured storm I wrote on it today. If somehow the election is not stolen again and we get Obama in and keep him alive he is our best bet at the time to deal with what Bush has set in motion. Look forward to your story Bud!

voodooKobra said...

Beep beep! There goes my bullshit detector!

How is it trespassing if it's an event open to the public? Somebody needs to recheck their legal definitions.