Riddle Me This

My mother and I are political opposites, and we end up getting into a great deal of fights about politics and religion. However, every now and again she has moments of clarity, and actually makes sense.

In a conversation the other day we were discussing the Clinton Obama primary quagmire that has been unfolding for the last ten or so states. With each passing primary, the fight gets nastier, dirtier, and just down right aggressive. The problem here, that I see, is that Clinton is a seasoned politician. She knows the ins and outs of political mudslinging, and campaign debauchery. Whereas Obama is still fairly wet behind the ears with regards to the kinds of primary based hostilities he has been struggling to stay afloat in.

So here is the theory, one that my mother came up with, and I had a hard time arguing....it makes sense, actually.

If McCain wins the election he is a one term president. He is too old to run for a second term, leaving the next presidential election wide open with no incumbent to hamper the process.

If Obama wins, he will run for a second term - this is important, so remember that.

Clinton began losing ground to Obama in a way that made her, and others, fairly certain that she wasn't going to last very long in the primaries. But wait! Over 300,000 republicans miraculously changed affiliation just in time for the primaries in their respective states, and Clinton began gaining ground again. You see, after Coulter and Limbaugh both mentioned that McCain stood a better chance against Clinton than Obama, there was a huge push to keep Clinton in the running.

This worked out to Clinton's advantage, for two reasons. One, there is a chance she could get the nomination, and actually beat McCain. Two, it allowed to her to stay in the running long enough to damage Obama's reputation so badly that if he got the nomination, the country may be turn away from him, electing McCain, a one term president instead of Obama, a strong two term president.

If McCain wins, Clinton will have another shot at the presidency, using this primary as her platform for the next time around. "See? You should have supported me, without division, and not an inexperienced candidate like Obama. Had you elected me McCain wouldn't have won, and we wouldn't be in XYZ situation." It's a strategy that would garner huge amounts of support for her. She would be a shoo-in for the democratic nomination.

But if Obama wins, she will not have her chance, as she will be too old to make the bid.

In summary? Clinton is dividing the Democratic party, and destroying Obama's presidential reputation on purpose as a set up so that she can either win this time, or next time, and become the great uniter. Either way, she's in like Flynn. It's a sneaky kind of strategy, but the way the Clintons operate, I can't help but think that it's something she is capable of.

So tell me, do you think it will work?


SSB said...

I have primaries next week! I'm excited! This is my first opportunity to vote for a woman. I think eventually Hillary will get it.

Ruinous Right said...

Good one Anok!

I'm really not sure that's her strategy, but it does have some logic behind it. I wasn't supporting Hillary in the early days because although I think she would make a good President, I thought she would be too much of a lightning rod for the right. Now, I truly dislike her due to the way she has run her campaign.

timethief said...

IMO there's a great deal of logic behind the strategy you have rolled out. Thanks for taking the time to explain it so clearly.

Don Lewis said...

Either, Or, or Anyway:

"Come and meet the new boss;
same as the old boss..."

(The Who (1971) "Won't be fooled again.")

Daniel Owen said...

exactly, Don.

an average patriot said...

I don't think it will work. I think the reality of her underhandedness and disingenuousness is starting to dawn on enough to make a difference!
I do think Limbaugh's campaign to get Repug's to switch and vote for Hillary did make a difference but I have faith in Obama. Hillary will not quit any way you look at it and I do think her and Bill both have damaged the party.
I have to pray people aren't as stupid as they say they are by saying they will vote for McCain if their candidate does not win.
I look forward to Obama getting the nomination and only hope he does not get assassinated. Think about that! With what happened with MLK, R and JFK, along with Kent which was ignored yesterday I am very concerned about the near future. Think about the repercussions.
Anyway Repugs want Hillary because they will defeat her and you can see the complicit MSM doing there end. I have to wonder how the right is going to steal the election this time?
Steal it they will and God knows McCain will dwarf Bush and finish this mess! I firmly believe there is no way in hell the abusive powers Bush has largely stolen will be allowed in Dem hands!

Anonymous said...

Hillary started this campaign at the top of my list. She's now at the bottom. I'm so disappointed that she waged such a dirty campaign.

Yes, I think she's dividing the party -- and doesn't care about it either.

I HOPE it doesn't work. I HOPE Americans are through electing leaders based on who slings mud best.

Tamera said...

Damn, Woman! When you shouted NOW, I jumped.

Yay, Mom! This makes sense. Now, ask Mom what she thinks about the revival of Hilary in 4 years...and, will she be running against Huckabee??? 'Cause there's talk that he stayed in as long as he did to stay fresh in the minds of the people next time around.

AmmoBob said...

Moms often surprise us with their ability to see things in a certain light.

Although I do not agree 100% percent with her strategy, I do think she sees the real Hillary. An evil, conniving witch, hell bent on becoming the President at any cost.

You know, if she is your political opposite, then her and I would probably agree on a lot more than just this strategy… ;-)

Renegade Eye said...

It doesn't sound too anarchist that analysis.

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Let us not give up on clinton yet ok

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Daniel Owen said...

average patriot -- Make no mistake, Obama is 100 percent the establishment candidate. I suspect even more so than Clinton or McCain.

renegade Trot -- Yer mum!

an average patriot said...

I think Obama is the right one for us and the best out there that is why I am afraid he doesn't have a chance but we can hope.