> Insert Mother's Day Post here. <

Well, I was supposed to do a Mother's Day post yesterday, but I was too busy being a mother. So, you'll get my Mother's Day well wishes today even it is a day late, and a dollar short.

Mother's Day originally in the US was about mothers protesting the brutality of war, and has been transformed into a true commercial hallmark holiday. What a shame.

But for all the mothers out there who do oppose brutality and unnecessary wars, I applaud your vigilance. For those mothers out there braying for war and supporting brutality on behalf of the US, put your flowers down and think about what it is you are celebrating.


machinehuman said...

It's the sad truth, like many other holidays Mother's Day has been transformed into a hallmark. Happy (late too) Mother's Day. You honored the tradition.

Anok said...

Thanks, man!