Go Keith Go! Olbermann Rips Bush.

Woah - just Woah. Keith Olbermann takes Bush to task over comments he made in an interview. It's in two parts - be sure to watch both. Oh, and drink alert - don't watch this while drinking, I'll not be held responsible for a ruined key board or monitor.

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an average patriot said...

hey Anok!
I was watching these, excellent! I know it wouldn't matter but I wish Bush and others on the right would see this. I was stunned listening to what the ass hole said about Obama while in Israel connecting him to Nazi's while that ass holes grandfather was helping them against the Jews. I am sick of the scum. I wish he would shut up . He is scum and should not even be opening his hole.

Cathy said...

woah is right.


thanks for these. i would not have seen them if not.

Mark Trade ™ said...

Olbermann is my hero!

Thanks for posting these.

DrBurst| College Intention said...

I wonder what those dealing with a death from te war thought. The war is a political move and I htes me to see our leader act ths way.