Same Old Battle, Different Century

It occurred to me the other day, after having read numerous scathing remarks about Muslims, Islam, and watching a "Battle training video" for Christians, that the Crusades never ended.

There is an age old battle being waged, still.

Christianity, versus Islam. In recent history the outspoken citizens of this country have attempted to remind us, time and time again, that this is a Christian country. Regardless of one's personal opinion on the truth of that statement, it is in fact what many believe to be true. And so, for many, it is the truth.

Rewind for a moment to the eleventh century, a time when pilgrimages to the holy land for Christians were ever increasing, and tension between "The Church" or Christians, and anyone else, particularly "The Infidels" or Muslims (also referred to at times, as "Mohammedan") were intensifying.

As most know, the battle to control the holy lands in the Middle East is nothing new, in fact it's a down right ancient tradition of sorts. As the territories in the vicinity are seen as religiously important places, and the further importance of these places has become known to the world via Big Oil, it certainly makes sense that war is ever present.

However, for those of us who question the motives of the US in the Middle East, if we consistently focus on oil, and not the religious connotations, we could be missing a piece of the puzzle, no? What if, just what if, there are still religious intentions running as a sub current to the modern day warfare so seemingly secular raging on today?

Is it hard to believe that religious warfare could be the cause of so much strife in the Middle East, and that the US is party to it?

Thats not to say that this is a main cause of war today, not even our invasion into Iraq. There is this gut feeling however, that perhaps it is a subconscious effort. I still can't help but think about the battle cries that Christianity is our nation's religion, and that our country is Christian, and how we need to be good Christians in this country, and create laws that reflect that, and furthermore the pairing of our expansion into other pats of the world as a symbol of "witnessing" in a Christian manner...

Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself.


Tamera said...

A scary thought, Anok. Yet, I have entertained it a few times myself. I liked this post!

Anok said...

Thanks! Its something that just dawned on me one day...a different perspective to the whole Iraq war debacle.

Rafael said...

The Otre Mere failed then, I doubt it will succeed now.

an average patriot said...

Bush will not admit it but this is a battle between Christianity and Islam. Even at the outset he made the stupid mistake of calling the so called war against terrorism a crusade.
Muslim outrage made him change his verbage but only those behind what Bush is doing will deny the fact that this is a crusade!

Pam Hoffman said...

'Officially,' this isn't even a war...

As for the idea of this area still being in turmoil, years ago, I picked up a 1950s book by Phyllis Schaffly (sp?) and started reading.

It read like the daily newspaper! I was stunned.

I think that there is just something about that particular area of the world. It has a build up of psychic energy which isn't being relieved.

Once the oil is gone, maybe we should ship all the residents out and maintain that entire region as a museum...

Just my 2cents,

Pam Hoffman

p.s. my alternate thoughts on the matter - send all _____ (religious group (you can fill in the blank)) off-world on their own Colony. of course, i think all industry should be up there too - this is a garden planet, shouldn't we maintain it as such???

Anok said...

LOL Pam, thanks for stopping by! Yes, I do wonder what would happen to the area if all the natural resources were gone. Would the religious aspect keep the warfare going?