Much Ado About Nothing....

Well, actually, there isn't even much ado about nothing, there's just....nothing! As my cold medication is wearing off, and my nose is Rudolph red, I am slowly preparing for "Super Tuesday". I have lists to make, and food stuffs to prepare...set the alarm clock for an alarmingly early 4 am, and it's hi-ho, hi-ho, off to the polls I go!

Tell me, does it scare you that an Anarchist is running polling places during a primary?

Muhwahahaha! Actually, it should come as a relief for all my lefty leaning blogging friends out there. Why? Because I have an inherent mistrust of the election process, I have no inclination or support for any of the candidates, Democrat or Republican, I have a quick temper, and I am borderline obsessive compulsive. That means that I have absolutely no desire to tamper with anything, and if I find someone who does, I'll bite them until they cry. Furthermore, nothing gets past me, because I keep impeccable notes of all goings on while the polling place is open.

Good for lefties, bad for neo-cons. There will be no cheating while I'm on duty!

I also make sure that all paper trails are kept, just in case. (I even made our registrar watch the Diebold hacking on youtube!).

So thats that, and when I am back to full speed I'll will back to post deep, thoughtful posts. In the meantime, I'm having fun making up quotes for a dildo, over on The Offended Blogger

Have a good night and remember, if you don't like your choices, vote "None of the above"!


Anonymous said...

What has the country come to....Anok in charge of elections! Well I guess my guys don't stand a chance. :)

Just stopping in to say hi. Did...did I just see that you called "Willy" a dildo? (gasp)...why I never....how could you? Betrayal!!! :) :)

techfun said...

Glad to see a passionate third party is watching!

Claire said...

Willy is not a dildo!!! He is a funny 'non' sex toy :(


Anok said...

Oh poo, sorry Claire, Kdawg!

Techfun...thats exactly what I was thinkin'.

Hey, someone has to pay attention!

theoffendedblogger said...

A well trained ninja such as yourself should recognize a real dildo versus willy! :p

Either way, he is fun to play with woot! :)

Fran said...

Kick ass at the polls Anok. Show up in full ninja garb-- or better yet-- wear a Burka! Oh the fun you could have.
A *WAR MONGERS SUCK* tee shirt would be a nice fashion statement too.
You are the "Guido" of the the polling place.... nuthin goes wrong on my watch-- kapish?

Anon-Paranoid said...


Its nice to know that you'll be keeping them all honest.

God Bless.

an average patriot said...

allright Anok!
I was thinking 4:am why? That's pretty cool. I have to laugh, you'll keep them honest! You tell us all about it.

Anok said...

Well, Super Tuesday is all done.

I am exhausted. It was a long day, but smooth. We really had no problems at all - aside from needing to change voter laws (and I told the voters to write and get those laws changed too! Which I probably shouldn't have done, but who cares?)

I kept 'em honest alright.

Actually we had a horrible turnout. One would think that for a presidential primary, more voters would come out and vote.

Now when November rolls around, everyone is going to complain about the lack of choice. Well, didya participate in the pre-election choice process?! No?

Shut it then!

Well, that may be a little harsh....I am a little tired.

I will blog later.