Just for tonight

I was going to write a long post, but I have been waiting to post this cartoon up for some time, and so with blogger's block, I will simply give you my view, as it were.

{Clicking on the image should give you a larger view}


kdawg68 said...

Whoa...that's pretty freaky. Like Dan Akroyd in Coneheads or something. :)

pixabella said...

lol thats funny. I just did a cartoon about elephant culling in South Africa if you want to see it

theoffendedblogger said...

So you can read, write AND draw?!

Holy smokes, you are going to take over the world hehe. :p

Anok said...

LOL Kdawg - yup, it IS freaky!

Pixa - I would love to see it, send me a link!

Chelle....you wanna take over the world with me?

FriedClyde said...

Anok, your work is wonderful keep at it. If you could inverse the colors of your blog it would help me read without having to highlight the text!