Don't Confuse Me!!

As much as I love to debate, it would seem that either certain topics, or calender cycles render a fraction of the populace incapable of reading, digesting, comprehending, or even acknowledging facts for what they are, facts.

So, as my addiction love for BlogCatalog and obsessive compulsive research grows, I have found a decidedly lovely T-shirt that has a phrase I may have to steal, and use on unsuspecting debaters:

You can get it here.

It might just replace my "Get over it" mantra that I have been using as of late.


Kevin Goodman said...

It's all fun, aye??

Can you believe it took me almost twenty days? every day I woke up and said to my self.

"I got to make a t-shirt"

How on earth did I ever discover BC????

Anok said...

YOU made that? Holy shit, that is fantastic!

You need to make more :D

The more important question, however, is how do you ever get anything accomplished when you're addicted to BC? :D

Renegade Eye said...

I never knew you, not to be up for a debate.

Alex Mcone said...

Sexy. :D Does that come in "male" ?

You've put an idea in my head.

Alex Mcone said...

Dang, I cant do it from India.

Anok said...

Ren, I'm almost always up for a debate - but willful ignorance just makes me angry, and so I'll walk away from it. It's one of very few things I have little tolerance for. It's like talking to a refrigerator. The light goes on, the light goes off, not gonna do anything that isn't built into it. :D

Alex, I'm almost afraid to ask what idea you had.... heh, tell me anyway!

Pentad said...

Oooo! I want one of those. Do they have the male version? My spouse would love it!

Anok said...

You'll have to ask Kevin Goodman, ladies and gentlemen! He is the brain behind that T. There are two more designs on the website, one may be geared towards men.

Kevin, I think you've hit the jackpot!!

Strawberry Swirl said...

Oooo! Me likey. I have to put that on my shirts to get list.

an average patriot said...

If I didn't know any better I would think that is a Republican statement. Sounds typical th their followers!

Kevin Goodman said...

whooo hooo. I've made six dollars in royalties :)

Gabriel said...

I wonder would you like to link with my blog....I am an occasional visitor to yours and would be happy to reciprocate if you informed me as such? Gabriel


harleyblues said...

Hey Anok
I digg that shirt very cool beans!

kevin Goodman said...

Did you ever get any where on the identity problems and your lawyer? Just curious.