Every now and again I sit back and wonder, in awe about how many people are very, very angry with the US government. I am speaking of US citizens. Sure, everyone has different reasons, but it would seem that at this moment in time, and in the last year leading up to this point, US citizens managed to agree on at least one thing this year, if nothing else.

This government must go for the good of the country.

Although for most, the changing of the guard is good enough. Not for me, obviously, but for most people, it will bring enough change. I wonder what the future will bring...


This video is from last year, but every time I hear this song now, I think about people who have been gathering, protesting, speaking out, I think about all those who may not be doing that but are disgruntled, upset, disappointed, and let down by this administration.

Then I read the comments for videos like this and realize that there really are a few solid idiots left in this world. At least the majority of Americans know the truth now, and realize that this administration has done more damage than can be repaired in the next term. Maybe even in the term after that.

(The song is "Paper Airplanes" by MIA, the comments can be read here.)


Renegade Eye said...

You can't overthrow a government, without theory and program.

It's an international issue. Capitalism is an expansive system.

Alex Mcone said...

I'm not a big fan of the present US administration either.

You should have a new administration that does this:


an average patriot said...

It blows me away that so many are angry but still so many just want to be left alone and do not have a clue and it is reinforced every time i talk to family members. I see people falling for McCain's lying crap and you watch we will be in serious trouble this fall. What has happened twice is going to happen a third time. I want to scream AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

Jesse said...

Marching is certainly not enough.

Anok am I going to see you in the streets of Denver at the DNC?