This is too good to pass up.

Flower delivery: $50
Infidelity and divorce: $500K
Suing the flower company because your wife caught your adulterous ass: Priceless

So this guy cheats on his wife, sends his girlfriend some flowers, and his wife finds out about it. The florist sent a thank you (for doing business with us) card to the man's home. The wife saw it, called for a copy of the receipt and got the proof she needed about her philandering husband.

He says the divorce will cost him too much money, and its all the florists fault. Whats even funnier to me at least, is that if he did get the $1.5 million award he's looking for - his wife still probably have some legal claim to it!

Oi, oi, oi. I'm so glad I'm not that stupid.


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Ned Swing said...


Black mask: $13.99
Glass bottles: $1
Petrol: $10
Rags: $1
Revolution: Priceless

Best wishes,

- Ned Swing