"Give me your son, Ma'am" TSA agents took a woman's son from her.

Over at "Bottle's up" Nic, the author, recounts her horrifying encounter with TSA agents at the airport, where they took her son from her - even if only briefly - over a pacifier clip. Please go read her story, and give her some support.

Both mother and child are safe at home, now.

From the post:

My worst nightmare took place yesterday. Worse than events that have taken place and that I have survived in my short 28 years of living. Worse than my wildest of dreams could conjure.

My son was taken from me.


My son was taken from me by the TSA agents at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport yesterday.


Bob said...

Good day. Bob here from the TSA Bog Team.

Please see our Videos & Response to “TSA Agents Took My Son” http://bit.ly/7QsA6


Anok said...

Yes Bob I saw the video, thanks. I left a comment regarding the fact that you could not see the woman's face, could not identify the airport nor the area in the airport, and the missing tattoos on her lower arm in the video as glaring errors in the TSA's judgment concerning whether or not people ought to believe the video response simply because the TSA posted it.

I find it also disingenuous that TSA would put up a video so quickly after an official complaint has been filed - as most if not all legal claims of that nature usually require examination where videos etc.. are not released prior to the court's or lawyer's advice or consent to do so.

This is not the first alarming complaint against the TSA in the last few years, people are not likely to simply take a fuzzy video and the TSA's word for it. If the woman has recanted her story, then I will pull this post. Otherwise I stand by her word.

Anonymous said...

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Sarah said...

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