If We Forget About Faeries, Humanity Will Be Lost

Yes, I said faeries, and no I don't mean Tinkerbell. Although if I had a faerie saint, Tinkerbell would be it. What with her particular brand of fire and stubbornness I think we can all learn from the most beloved faerie of all time. But no, I do not intend to create a belief in the tiny winged creatures from our childhood dreams.

Faeries are the bits of magic and whimsy present in our lives every, single, day. They are the weavers of daydreams, the muse of our inspiration, they are the carriers of hope and creators of glee. They are the sunset when the sky is ablaze with color, the moment of awe that stops you dead in your tracks. They embody the sense of true pride - not the false ego based pride we are told we are entitled to - but real pride. That moment of self realization when you feel you will burst at the seams if you don't whoop or leap to release the abundance of energy permeating every fiber of your being.

They are the gentle breeze sent down to calm your anxieties, a ray of light gleaming through the clouds to illuminate your soul. They are the flash of a smile from a dear friend, the glimmer in the eye of a newborn child.

They are the spark of invention, of strength, of will.

When we ignore faerie magic, when we suppress it's existence, when we forget how to believe we open ourselves up to hopelessness and despair. We become vessels for resentment, hatred, and anger. We deny compassion, wisdom, and empathy. We lose our will to create, and to build. We know only then, how to destroy. When the last faerie is forgotten, humanity will be lost. Our souls no more than empty shells.

It is unfortunate that so many today have forgotten about faeries.

But we are the instruments of faerie magic! So buck up you believers of faeries, there's work to be done!


Jenn said...

Why, I could be wrong, but I do believe our black-clad ninja friend might just be an Optimist. :)

I love the little things in life and trying to take them all in. It's what gets me through when the bigger things are really taking their toll.

Anok said...

I think as an Anarchist you almost have to be an optimist. Why else would we constantly be fighting for something better? My optimism is simply tempered with my cynicism at times, that's all. ;)

A moment of faerie magic:
The other day Punky was outside picking the raspberries from the bush. And after eating each one, this little child dressed in the most outrageous outfit felt the need to do a special little dance before going back to find more berries. The sun was a gentle Autumn sun, the weather was cool - it was just perfect and....magic.

That image has helped me in the days since when Punky has been....well like right now, running around terrifying the dog with a hula hoop.

Dave Dubya said...

Myth, magic and mystery are essential to a society. The problem comes when the ruling elite seize and monopolize the narrative to serve their twisted, life-denying agenda.

Nice post.

Anok said...

Precisely, Dave. That's why faeries are so scary to society - they are notoriously rebellious!