Help Yourself to Some Humble Pie.

The news of the day, and the word on the street lately is the big Tea party brouhaha's that developed and manifested on "tax day" this year. All facts, numbers, bills and legislation aside, I don't care that conservatives are protesting. I protest hings I disagree with, so obviously protesting is not an issue for me. What I care about, and find highly amusing is the flaming hypocrisy of the conservative groups at the moment.

Let me elaborate.

Last year, and indeed for the last 6 years at least, I have consistently heard conservatives tell liberals - or any political leaning that was protesting Bush - to "Love it or leave it". More specifically, I and others have been called every name in the book, from anti-semetic, to unpatriotic, America hating, Terrorist sympathizing conspiracy theorist moonbats who hate America, hate freedom, and should go live in a Communist country. I was told, on more than a few occasions that Americans don't question their democratically elected leaders. They stand by them, win or lose. You don't protest, and if you do you're a stinky, hippie, whiner child who's spoiled and rotten and killing the American Dream.

This is what I've heard...for years.

I've also experienced the government backlash of speaking out, that is to say undergoing surveillance, protest ID'ing, harassment, being labeled as "extremeists" for going to protests etc and so forth. I've been reported to the FBI by conservative groups for simply attending a protest. I've been told by conservative groups that the Patriot Act was to "protect Americans" and "What do you expect when you go to a protest you un-American traitors!" in regards to complaints of being ID'ed and cataloged at protests. We (any left leaning protesters in the last 8 years) have been told that we deserve to be labeled as domestic terrorists, violent radicals, and to be listed on the Department of Homeland Security watch lists.

We deserved it, because we had the audacity to speak out against policies we felt were hurting the country, or the people in it.

Now I want you to pause...for just a second here, close your eyes and imagine all of that hatred spewing forth into the air. Now listen to what conservatives are saying now. Notice anything? Yes, you've got it - that's righteous indignation on their part.

Now...now protesting the government is the American thing to do. Revolution, or mentions of it is American tradition. Comparing the democratically elected leader to Hitler - well that's just dandy! Now it's OK to do that. Before though - oh no! Can't do that - that makes you a pinko commie scumbag! But if it's conservatives doing the name calling, I guess it's OK. If it's conservatives doing the protesting, it must be a good cause. if it's conservatives under the watchful eye of the government at protests and being researched, watched, and categorized as extremists - well that's tyranny! It's oppression! It's...it's...

fair play.

I suppose that conservative groups felt invincible to the invasive and broad language legislation they once supported. I suppose that they never - not once - realized it could be used against them. After all, they're perfect Americans, right? No one on the right has ever engaged in extremist activities. (Timothy McVeigh, Glen Beck and Micheal Savage calling for the deaths of liberals and conservative values gunmen spraying "liberal churches" full of bullets *cough* but their poop doesn't stink *choke*).

How dare the US government turn their surveillance on conservatives just for attending protests!!!

Welcome to the club, kids.

Wipe your feet, pay your dues on time, be sure to attend meetings, and don't get ID'ed. I'm sure your friendly neighborhood Anarchist can help you supply your groups with bandannas, balaclavas, and "How not to get ID'ed by the FBI and DHS" handbooks. They'll help you, I'm sure, for the ultra low, one time price of apologetic groveling.

Oh, and don't forget to get your "I hate America" bumper sticker and "Stinky commie hippie" membership card. If you recruit two members, you can get a free "Domestic terrorist" button to wear at protests. The FBI loves those.

So pardon me if I laugh hysterically while the conservatives have their righteous hissy fits over policies that haven't taken place yet, and cash in their stimulus, tax credit, and stimulus rebate checks that they are protesting, and crying about oppressive surveillance and unfair labeling as "extremists".

Karma's a bitch, with a twisted sense of humor.

Oh, and don't forget to help yourself to a steaming hot slice of humble pie before you leave.


Monkey Wrench said...

I can't say I'm with you any more vehemently and sincerely than this:

I'm with you.

Now is the time that the Right-Wingers fly back into patriotic Americana circa 1776. Powdered wigs and revolution, just like those guys that signed the parchment!!

It's a load of fucking hypocritical BULLSHIT. Where are the terrorist labels being thrown at them? Why aren't they domestic terrorists for protesting the current social order?

It's a two-faced coin flipping crock of bullshit and I know it. It irritates me, really to no end. The hypocrisy...it's so rife within the right wingers, the conservatives, the Capitalists, and all the rest. Hypocrisy be damned.

Thanks for blogging, I left you a message thing on your shoutbox on blogcatalog. Try to breath deep, I know this is infuriating.

In solidarity,


Anok said...

I'm actually more amused than frustrated. It'll take a while, but maybe, just maybe, being subjected to the underbelly of the process - falling from the last eight years of "golden party" status to "possible extremists" may have a slow, but unwavering effect of change.

It took me years to understand why this system is broken. it took years, and a lot of hardships, and hard lessons in the gutters of this country to understand that my previous thoughts, opinions, and actions were misinformed, and wrong. And it took a lot of guts to admit that to myself, and others.

I can only hope that they too, will come to realize the same thing.

We can't move forward and initiate anything but the status quo unless people learn through experience, and change their minds and opinions.

Monkey Wrench said...

Well said. It does take a lot of retraining, examination, analysis and introspection to dissolve the idea that Capitalism is good. I mean, why wouldn't it when it's been drilled into our skulls from the minute we leave the womb?

retraining is difficult, but thankfully not impossible. They still can't imprison the mind, and they never will!


Molon Labe said...

You are the perfect example for why this country will self destruct. Right v. Left, Race v. Race. Rich v. Poor.

You and everyone like you keep pointing fingers, and screaming that their rights are being abused, but applauds it and loves the humble pie serving when someone else has to eat it.

When you were subjected to it, it was wrong. Now you are happy that it is being used against the other side.

This just proves that you never had a problem with the constitution and first amendment rights being trampled on. You only have a problem with it when it's used against you.

You are simply one of the hypocrites that are destroying this country. Right, Left or Liberal doesn't matter. You aren’t for the constitution or the unalienable rights; you only believe that they should be unalienable to you.

You are a hypocrite of the worst kind. And although I support the right of anyone to use their right to free speech, I don't support it for people like you, who don't believe in it for everyone.

timethief said...

I would like to politely disagree with the commenter above who has labeled you a hypocrite. I believe know you quite well Anok, and I want to say that we all feel amomentary "just deserts" feelings in situations like this. However, I know you well enough to feel assured that you will not be embracing that feeling for long for three reasons.

Firstly, you are far too mature and intelligent to do do. Secondly, you really care about your country and strongly desire to see positive changes take place. That won't happen IMHO until the right wing faction recognizes that harmony and cooperation in these times of stress is critical to re-creating national pride and unity. And, thirdly you are a cooperator and a community builder.

Thanks for another well researched and well presented read.

lisleman said...

when either side falls back to a love-or-leave-it defense it shows their lack of reason for their position.

I believe we benefit from a level of law and order but our diversity of views is our strength. Our system always needs improving.

thanks for your post

Sylvie said...

"Karma's a bitch, with a twisted sense of humor."

Ain't that the truth.

These teabaggers (who apparently don't understand what that term means) have no idea what they're really protesting. They're like a bunch of five-year-olds acting up because daddy's out of town. The education system failed them miserably. They obviously can't do math, and have no idea what the Boston Tea Party was about.

I actually pity most of them, they're frightened, self-obsessed little idiots being used as pawns in a much larger game. They're kept so dumb and drunk on fear and rage that they can't see their own prison, let alone beyond it.

I don't like the fact that they're being subject to unnecessary surveillance anymore than I liked it when the anti-war protesters were. However, maybe the shoe on the other foot will teach why we don't want these kinds of laws, ever.

I wish they would put the intelligence powder in the water, kind of like the lead in the pipes that makes people stupid and violent.

Anok said...

Molon Labe - you are an idiot with low levels of reading comprehension. Try reading what I wrote again, and see if you can figure it out. Let me give you a hint...it's about the blatant hypocrisy of the newly found conservatives. Everything you just said to me, you SHOULD be saying to a a conservative, who actually acts that way, but with your level of IQ.

TT - thanks, I don't think the point here is lost on anyone, the sour grapes however, simply can't stand being exposed to the truth.

It's painful, I know it is! A BC member pointed out something very thought provoking. Protests now are going off without the riot cop - we hate you element, which means that the new administration isn't as fearful of the populace and probably not as willing to oppress popular dissent the way he Bush administration did. That's progress right there!

Lisleman - thanks for stopping in - I hope you found some humor in the post :)

Sylvie - I've foun dthat most o fthem operate like a schoolyard bully or teacher's pet. They gloat and revel in their power and position until they are dethroned or punched squarely in the nose.

Then it's "No fair!!!" and crying because someone did to them exactly what they've been doing to others.

When did everyone forget the golden rule?

Anok said...

I just wanted to post a response to another blog - a blog which I am not allowed to comment on, so I'll comment here, instead.

From the Redstate blogYou found a handful of offensive material from the thousands of protest held over the last 8 years, and you're mad because....the offensive signs from the conservatives are being pointed out to you?

What? you guys are above criticism? The "Left" (which consisted of various groups of the years) heard all about their offensive signs, and opinions. We heard for YEARS about how we hated America, how we were "cheese eating surrender monkeys" dirty commies, hippies (I see a few old stereotypes resurfacing right herein the comments, ironically enough the insults were thrown out, then a complaint about how the left mocks and insults what they don't understand. Pot? Meet kettle.).

We've heard about how you don't protest you democratically elected leader. We heard about how REAL Americans support their president through thick and thin. We heard all ab out it for years. We were told that we deserved to be shot (Glen Beck, Mike Savage), we deserved to be profiled (Savage again) how we deserved to be categorized as the America hating terrorist sympathizers we were.

But when conservatives protest...it's a whole different story! Protesting your government isn't America hating stuff when it's a conservative doing it. Now it's "Patriotic".

Can you guys honestly not see the irony in your own actions? You get to be called the same names we were! Hooray! Get used it! Support your president or leave the country dirty traitors!

Or, perhaps now that the shoe is on the other foot - maybe you guys will follow the golden rule so heavily outlined but rarely followed by the conservative's favorite religion.

Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

Don' t get mad at the left when it's your own reflection that causing you the headache. If that's what the left was when we marched, then that's what you are now that you're marching.

You're not above criticism just 'coz you're Republicans, or because you feel *your* cause is more worthy than the causes you disagree with.

Hypocrisy, my friends, is an ugly, yet funny thing.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff !

Dave Dubya said...

Anok, What you and the commenters have said makes me feel a warm glow of contented agreement.

Except for that one clueless twit above...

myundiary@gmail.com said...

I'm with you girl. I have been threatened and hated on for my points of views. Just because I don't agree with Bush or Bush-like administration doesn't mean that I am not for the U.S. I am not the enemy.

Anonymous said...

As an atheist I tend to get the shaft from people regularly. I also agree with you regarding the hypocrisy. However, that is what makes this country what it is (for better or worse) our ability to agree and disagree and act stupid while doing it!

Again well written bro- wheres the next one?

StillThinking said...

I am so with you on this. I lived through the past 8 years being called every name in the book: irrational commie, America hater, terrorist sympathizer, flaming liberal, idiot Democrat. You name it. I heard it. I heard it so much that I actually broke off relationships with people who were conservative Republicans. By the time the presidential election rolled around, I was so angry in my hatred of everything the Bush administration stood for, I volunteered for a presidential campaign for the first time in my life.

I was irritated by the all the tax protesters out on the street because most of them had no clue as to what they were actually protesting. Most were just protesting that they lost the presidential election. How many times did I hear someone call Obama a fascist on TV? Seriously people. Fascists are conservatives. Right wing, left wing. These people have their heads stuck so far up their own asses, they refuse to see the truth about the world around them. People like this president. People want to believe in America again. People are sick of the paranoia and the government overreaching themselves in the name of homeland security. People are tired of religious BS dictating public health policy.

Ugh, now I am all worked up. good article Anok.

kdawg68 said...

So are you going to be my date to the tea party or what, Anok? :-)

Anok said...

I'm so glad to hear that others see the blatant hypocrisy of this whole thing ;)

Kevin - I'll go with you if you'll let me start a riot LOL!

OR if you attend wearing a balaclava ;)

Mike said...

I hate to say it but the left is just as vile as the right. Too many
change the world liberals I have come in conversation and contact with
spew more hate then i can care to take.

I think both spectrum's are flawed and even more so that people would invest so much into political agenda and not heal their own battlefield first.

politics in general consume to much of our lives
it's like a fashion statement a bad caricature at best.

How can the broken ever fix or change anything?

I have no political affiliation.

And capitalism is not evil: people are selfish. Democracks used to be the same as Refucklikins and corupunism is just as bad.

Anarchy will never work past the commune farm and field trips to the city to sell art and zines to get food.

So the real issue is disconnected people, we eat and breath rubish to avoid ourselves.